Preventing Tragedies

As we are coming to the end of the summer (haha wishful thinking for us Floridians!), I am glad I will have another year before seeing daily posts about “Don’t leave your pets in the car”! It is nonsense to me that we even have to spread this information around. I know some people don’t have common sense, but this seems like something everyone should just KNOW. I mean, think how you complain about how hot your car is after it’s been sitting for awhile; or how touching the steering wheel burns your hand; and how you blast the a/c to try to cool off. We do all of this, while we are sweating, which is our body’s way of cooling us off. So how do you think our pet feels in that said car, when they don’t have the ability to cool off by sweating? Doesn’t everyone know this? Ok, sorry, got off on a rant there….so anywho, these posts always get me thinking, how do I keep my pups safe?

There are the obvious ways, like giving them monthly heartworm prevention, taking them in for their annual vet check up. But how else do you make sure they stay safe?

These are some ways that I protect my pups:

-I crate Oscar. This is 100% for his safety. He is curious and sneaky. I KNOW he will get into things if I leave him out unsupervised. If there is food, he will find it and eat it. I would also never want him and Lucy to get in a fight over something, so crating keeps them protected. Lucy doesn’t get into anything. She doesn’t bark. She has no separation anxiety. She is as good as gold. So, she gets to be loose in the house, while Oscar is crated. This is not a punishment to Oscar. He doesn’t know any different. He has always been crated, and as you can see below, he obviously doesn’t mind it! I have heard TOO many horror stories about dogs who have grown up together, being left out loose, getting in a fight, and an owner comes home to find one of the dogs has been killed. Why would I ever, EVER risk that? I wouldn’t. So, Oscar will always be crated.

As you can see, he's perfectly comfortable in his crate!
As you can see, he’s perfectly comfortable in his crate!

-I don’t buy stuffed toys. Both Lucy & Oscar rip up stuffed toys in minutes. Lucy likes to shred them. Oscar likes to de-stuff them. The stuffing can cause lots of problems if eaten though, including surgery if it gets clogged in their system. The only time I make an exception is right after Christmas. I go to a local pet store & buy a handful of toys from clearance. I go for the absolute cheapest, since I know that they are going in the trash within a few minutes. I go home, get the dogs all excited, dump the toys, and watch them go blissfully crazy! Then, I clean everything up, and it all goes in the trash! Other than that though, I use treat puzzles, balls, kongs, and any sort of kong-made rubber toy. I really love the Planet Dog toys, because they are durable and they smell minty!

I am a Princess. I do not work for food.
I am a Princess. I do not work for food.

-I never leave towels around because Lucy is a shredder. I know Lucy’s one bad habit is that she shreds things. She only does it if she is left alone, and it’s only to towels. So, I know to never leave a towel out. One, because I don’t want my towels to die. Two, because I don’t want her to end up eating any of it.

Why you tellz people these liez about me? I iz perfect princess. You sayz so all the timez.
Why you tellz people these liez about me? I iz perfect princess. You sayz so all the timez.

-I factor in the weather conditions, and allow outside play and exercise accordingly. Do you now how quickly a dog can suffer and die from heat stroke? Within minutes! Did you know that some breeds, like boxers, bulldogs and pugs, are more prone to suffering from heat stroke? This is because of their snout, and their inability to take in enough air. I am super careful with Lady Symone when it comes to this. She loves to sunbathe on the deck, but as soon as I see her panting, I make her come back inside. It’s important to know the signs of heat stroke, and knowing how to quickly react might save your dog’s life! Here’s a great website with some helpful information: PetMD


These are just a few of the things I do to keep my pups safe on a regular basis. What are some things you do, to keep the fur babies free from harm? Please share! I’m sure I will learn some new things, so I look forward to hearing from you!

Goodnight Friends!