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Oscar the Perfect Pocket Pit!

This weekend I decided to take Oscar on an outing. There was a big event at the local fairgrounds, with pony rides, bounce houses, and lots of adoptable pets (dogs, cats, & horses!). I thought this would be a great place to take Oscar to because there would be plenty of time for him to rest in between us walking around.

We first went by to say hello to our friends at the Last Hope Rescue & Wakulla Shelter booths. Oscar had a great time saying hello to everyone, and he had lots of people “ooo’ing” & “aah’ing” over him!










Then it was off to the bounce houses! Kids were running around, screaming & having fun. Lots of dogs were going by, some interested in Oscar and some not. Oscar took it all in stride! He wagged his tail at every one, and had no fear. There were a few dogs that seemed over stimulated, and tried to take it out on Oscar. He just looked at them like “Dude, what’s your problem? You’re gonna mess up my sweater.” He didn’t bark, he didn’t growl, nothing. He was the perfect little pocket pittie!

Guard of the bounce houses
Guard of the bounce houses



Oscar got lots of pets, and everyone thought he was just as cute as can be. He was great while we waited in line for Jayden to get his face painted, just sat at my feet patiently waiting & watching everyone. He also sat patiently watching as Jayden went on a pony ride.

After this, we decided to call it a day. Apparently it was good timing, because Oscar laid down & refused to walk any further! I had to pick him up & carry him to the car. As I held him, he licked me and wagged his tail like crazy. I swear he was saying “Thank you mama! I had so much fun!”

passed out in the car!
passed out in the car!


He curled up on the couch as soon as we got home, and pretty much slept for the rest of the day!



This was just the first of many adventures we will have, and I am so proud of what a good boy he was. He is going to help show the world that his breed is not so bad after all!

Oscar’s Loving Stares

Oscar is the little disabled pup that I have been fostering. I think I briefly mentioned him before. He was¬†pulled from a shelter on one of his last days. No one was stepping up for him, so I begged & offered to take him. He was clearly¬†severely malnourished as a pup, and maybe abused as well. He is a little pocket pit! He is about a year old, very short and about 30 lbs.¬†He is well behaved, crate & potty trained, and even knows “sit” & “down”. I would assume this means he WAS someone’s pet…so¬†who knows what he’s been through in the first 11¬†months of his life. Since I have had him, he has really come out of¬†his shell. He has¬†no fear of anyone or thing. He loves to play with rope toys, tossing¬†them in the¬†air and chasing after them. Though he does limp, and¬†can’t put much weight on his left front leg, he keeps up with the big dogs. I’ve started taking him for short walks (and by short, I mean¬†like 10 mins long). He¬†does ok on them, but gets tired very quickly.¬†On the way back, I have to coax him along to get back home. He doesn’t show any signs of pain though, so I am hoping it is just endurance that needs to be strengthened. I hate leaving him home when¬†I take Lucy to the park! So anyway,¬†I have¬†said before, I think rescued dogs somehow know that they have been given another chance, and¬†this is still true with Oscar. ¬†He follows me around every where I go, likes to be cuddled up as close as can be…he also lovingly stares. I know he isn’t sleeping because he blinks, and every so often will look away. He does this ALL the time. Here are some pictures of his stares, caught in action!


























here he is staring at Lucy…



and my favorite one, because it looks like he is actually smiling….


So, some of you that read this are also doggie foster moms. Do you believe that the dogs in your life have been thankful for the chance you have given them?