My Sweet Oscar

Ok so I’m a little bit of a bad doggy mom, and realized that I don’t actually know the exact date that Oscar came to live with me. I knew it was in January of 2013, sometime in the beginning of the month. So I decided to start looking through my pictures and my blog posts….and funny enough, TODAY marks exactly one year! One year ago, this little pip squeak of a dog was transported from Gainesville to Tallahassee, to become my foster dog. He was my 5th foster pup, and he was coming to me as a potential forever dog, if he met my many requirements.

Oscar-Adopted! Sassy & OscarOscar9


I quickly found that he did have everything I would want in a second dog, and I decided to make him mine! I officially announced this decision, just in time for Valentine’s Day.



Oscar has come so far in the past year. He was little, with not much muscle, and a puny little tail. He could barely make it to the end of my street, without having to take a break to rest. Now, he can run and play with Lucy, for quite some time before he has to take a break. He loves to go for walks, and adores being off leash to chase his doggie sis!

Oscar8 Running8


I’ve found that he is crazy for water! He loves to cuddle, and he is very smart. He has met every foster that has come through our doors with a happy, wagging tail, including Sassy, Hambone, Shiloh, Wickett, Petey, and Cleo. And of course, let’s not forget his BFF, Apollo!

Petey1 4th2 photo 3 (2)20131106-200848.jpg


Oscar has passed his CGC test, and I have high hopes for him to succeed at other things too. He knows a few skills, like “sit”, “down”, “off”, “up”, “stay”, “shake”, and “spin”. The thing I am most proud of though, is his trust in his family. He looks to me as his mama, his leader, and the boss of the house. He looks to Jayden as his brother. He loves to wake him up every morning by jumping on him, and covering him in slobbery kisses. We can take food and toys away from him at any time, and he trusts us to do so. I love the relationship that Oscar and Lucy have, too. He has learned that he will never be starved again, and will now wait patiently as I feed everyone else before him. He will sit quietly, albiet drooling every where, while I practice skills with Lucy, or give her treats. He will share a spoon with her, when I am giving them a special treat (like peanut butter or yogurt). Oscar also is the typical little brother to Lucy, and will pounce on her if she’s got a toy he wants, or will climb on top of her if he wants to be the one cuddling with me.



Oscar is so sweet, and I couldn’t imagine ever letting him go. I think that he was meant for our family, and I am so happy that one year ago today, he came into our lives! Happy Gotcha Day, you sneaky, naughty, loveable, sweet boy!!

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