52 Snapshots of Life, Week 10: Mischief

I’ve been seriously slacking but trying to get caught up on some things this weekend…the blog being one of those things!

This week’s snapshot challenge is mischief. With a bully in the house, that’s easy…although actually catching his mischief on film is tricky!

Oscar loves towels, blankets, and scarves. If there is one within his reach, he is sure to be found at least once a day, running through the house with one trailing behind him. So, he has been playing with this red scarf that is part of the kiddo’s Elvis costume. This morning he was feeling extra frisky thanks to the chilly weather, and was being extra mischievous!! So, then…this happened…

image image

Yep, that’s what he gets from playing with a scarf! 😉



Oscar has officially been a part of the family for two years! His “Gotcha Day” was on the 11th, but I was in Mexico so he’s forgiven me for celebrating a couple days late! 😉

I just can’t put into words how much I love this dog. He is naughty, silly, goofy, sneaky, smart, and oh so loving! He was the perfect match for our family from day one. I am so glad his picture was sent my way, two years ago, and have loved him every day since then.

Happy Gotcha Day, my sweetness!!! 


In honor of his adoptiversary, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite pictures, as well as a couple of my favorite posts about him…Enjoy!

Oscar2 OscarStare3 Oscar8

A favorite post: Who is Your Valentine? 

Oscar2 Oscar3

Some other favorites: Religion, relationships…and dogs? and We got skillz! 

IMG_3511 photo 4 (16) halloween1

Last but not least, last year’s post about his first adoptiversary:  My Sweet Oscar

1 1869_10200658551968810_1220267478_n 14579_565627810211986_1598464493_n Oscar6


New Year, New Challenges #PGSG #52Snapshots

Sweet! A fun new challenge to start the year off! I am definitely going to participate! Here is the info…and my picture of the week is below! 🙂

Reblogging from It’s Dog or Nothing: http://itsdogornothing.com/new-year-new-challenges/

“Are you interested in improving your photography or just joining a fun challenge? The Lazy Pit bull has started a new challenge, and is welcoming everyone to join in! You don’t have to be a pet blogger, or any blogger for that matter! All you need is a social media platform to share your wonderful photographs. When you post, just make sure you use #PBSG and #52Snapshots so we can all see your wonderful submissions!”

52 Snapshots of Life-large


So, here is week 1: New: 

I met some new doggie friends yesterday! These two pups are in the rescue, and needed some new pictures. So I popped over to their foster mom’s house to say hello and take some photos of them! Both Sarah, an itty bitty pibble, & Odie, a Lab Golden mix, are adoptable through Last Hope Rescue!

Sarah Odie2


Happy New Year, friends!