Puppies galore!

As promised, I have lots of news to share, so I’ll just jump right in!

Saturday was the Kia Dog Wash event, and there was a great turn out! Thankfully it warmed up a LOT, and it was a beautiful day! There were a ton of Kia employees that volunteered their time to wash dogs, as well as BBQ food for everyone. And, this brings me to the first bit of news…..

We are officially back in the foster business! 3 new puppies, rescued by a good Samaritan, came to Last Hope on Saturday. The puppies and their fosters all met at the Kia dog wash event. The lady who brought them to us was SO generous! She took wonderful care of the pups before bringing them to the rescue, and included a big gift bag full of puppy goodies for each dog!











Wickett is the one that came home with me. We think maybe they are daschund and lab mixes?! Who really knows! Wickett is doing great with my two dogs! He is on his way to being fully potty & crate trained. He loves toys, and is happy all the time! He also LOVES to chase Lucy around. He constantly chases her off the deck…which is impressive, considering his tiny size! Oscar is more gentle with Wickett, usually laying down, letting Wickett crawl all over him.

Oscar & Wickett
Oscar & Wickett


I am pretty certain he will be adopted quickly, as most puppies are! I will keep you updated on all things Wickett related! 🙂

Moving on…Sunday, Oscar & I attended a pack walk with Tallahassee Walkabulls.



I was all excited to bring him, just knowing that he would be the best behaved, most perfect pittie there…boy was I wrong! He went a little crazy, barking and pulling. He even tried to eat Maggie’s face off. (Ok, maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration, but still!) Once we started walking though, he relaxed a bit. Surprisingly, he also made it through the whole walk, which is an accomplishment for him!

Also, there was a very large group for this pack walk, and guess who was there?!?!?

Nathaniel, Yage, Kym, & Lola
Nathaniel, Yage, Kym, & Lola


My previous (& favorite) foster, Lola, and her family! Of course, she WAS the well behaved perfect pittie that she is, as was her sister! Thanks to my friend Morgan (who I stole all of these pictures from), she took Oscar so that I could have a proper smooch fest with Lola! She was happy as always, giving me a big pittie grin and lots of slobbery kisses. It is always so nice to see her!!

Oscar & I will definitely be attending again, since I learned that he seems to be a bit leash reactive. I have also suggested Chelsea & her family come too, because it would be a great setting for her! So hopefully I’ll see them & will get to post a picture of her soon!

That’s all of the news for today. I hope you are all having a lovely week so far! Here are some adorably cute pictures of Wickett….


Wickett 036 Wickett 059

Lucy, Wickett, & Oscar
Lucy, Wickett, & Oscar


PS-All of the really nice looking pictures are from my good friend Morgan (& Maggie’s foster mama!). If you haven’t already, you should definitely check out her blog, Temporary Home, Permanent Love! 🙂





Parks in Tallahassee

I am always looking up parks in the area, because I like to try out new places. Someone asked me about parks in the area (shout out! thanks for the idea Kat!) This list is provided on the city of Tallahassee’s website, click here for more info. I also added a couple trails that I know about.

A.J. Henry Park -this park is located in the Killearn area. It is a smaller park, with a few trails. It also has a playground, and a lovely boardwalk around a large pond. The park can be quite busy with walkers, especially when it is warmer weather.


Elinor Klapp-Phipps Park-I have not been to this park before. The city describes it as: “Over 600 acres of pristine wetlands and trails in this beautiful park.” There is a park fee required for entrance, and it is located off of North Meridian road. This park is where the Red Hills Horse Trials are, so I’d be willing to bet that you may run into quite a few horses there.

Lafayette Heritage Trail Park- This park is absolutely beautiful! It is located in the Piney Z area. There are lots of different trails, with little outlets for fishing. There is a playground for kiddos. You will see LOTS of bikers, joggers, and dogs. It is a busy parked, so you are likely to not come across any loose dogs. (I mention this because I used to have a dog (my Basti) who was not a fan of other dogs, and it would usually ruin our outing when we ran into unleashed dogs!) If you can make it out to this park, I highly recommend it. It is SO pretty!

Miccosukee Greenway-I mentioned yesterday that I went to this set of trails on Saturday, with Chelsea (check out that post here!) There are a few entrances for this park. I use the one that is off of Fleischmann. These trails are popular with bikers, however I have been a handful of times and have never felt that I was in the way (like I do at Tom Brown!). There is also an open field that is nice (pictured below), with one little bench. The trails are very shaded, which is really nice for the summer!


Tom Brown Park -This is the largest park in Tallahassee, and has all kinds of things to check out! The park has an awesome main playground, as well as another smaller one. The park has many trails, some specifically for bikers. There is a paved path you can also walk/jog along, which runs alongside the train tracks. Of course, there is also the dog park. There is a little small fenced area for the smalls; and a bigger fenced area for the larger dogs (meaning not puppies or chihuahuas). The big part has a small plastic pool, a few benches, and lots of shady area. Just outside the fence is a hose where you can clean your dog off. Very nice since they can get quite dirty!

San Luis Mission Park-This is over on the Tharpe & Ocala St side of town. There is a large fenced in area for the dogs, no smaller area for the little ones though. There are also a few paths you can walk on. If you park near the restrooms, the dog park is just a little up the pathway. I have only been to this park a couple of times, and it was busy every time. I have also noticed loose dogs on the paths.

walk dog

Maclay Gardens-This park is located near the Killearn, Thomasville Rd. area. There is a fee for entrance, including for pedestrians, bikers, and cars. The Gardens are gorgeous, especially in the Spring, as the flowers and trees are blooming. This park does allow horses, and also has a playground and an area for swimming. Dogs are only allowed in specific, designated areas, and must be on leash at all times.

There are definitely other parks and trails, many that I don’t know about yet. I am always looking for new places, especially ones that are much less busy. Lucy LOVES to run, so places where I can let her loose are the most fun for us. If you know of parks or trails in the area, please share!

Also, I highly recommend joining the Tallahassee Walkabulls for their pack walks. It is a good way to let your dog socialize in a positive, organized manner, and they are always trying out new parks!