New Years Resolutions

It’s that time of year when everyone pledges to what they will accomplish in the coming year. We enter the new year feeling positive and hopeful, but are we also setting ourselves up for immediate failure?

The top 10 most commonly broken New Year resolutions:

  • Lose Weight and Get Fit
  • Quit Smoking
  • Learn Something New
  • Eat Healthier and Diet
  • Get Out of Debt and Save Money
  • Spend More Time with Family
  • Travel to New Places
  • Be Less Stressed
  • Volunteer
  • Drink Less

I think the key is to make a resolution that you are passionate about. Something that you truly want to commit to, and that is reasonable for your life. If it is TOO big, or too drastic, is it really attainable? I’m not saying to take the easy way out, or to not push yourself to do and be better. I just think it is important to be honest with yourself.

Last year, my resolution was to reduce my carbon footprint. To do this, I choose a few things that I thought I could accomplish. There are MANY ways we can all reduce our carbon footprint, but here are the ways that I tried: washing clothing in cold water, stop eating beef, use reusable bags wherever possible. Removing beef from my diet was HARD…and while I did do it for a few months, I did not succeed at this one. I am going to try again this year though! I DID however succeed at using reusable snack bags (like these) in place of plastic baggies, and using reusable bags for groceries. I love when the Publix cashiers say “Thank you for using your reusable bags!” I also have almost always used cold water for laundry. The only exception has been when washing dog laundry, because I feel like I really just need that hot water to get rid of the dirt and stink! I feel like my 2019 resolution was pretty successful, and will continue to be successful because these were reasonable, sustainable changes. Here’s a great website for anyone interested in reducing your own carbon footprint:

So for my 2020 resolution, I have had a few ideas. Jayden has had his narrowed down for a few months. His resolution is to blow a bubble with gum. Lol! Hey, it’s doable and something he feels passionate about, so I can’t fault him! I have decided that mine will be a few things, in an effort to improve my self awareness and wellness. By this I mean, I will work on bettering myself in every way possible. I am going to be direct about things I need. Like on The Office “Cocktails” episode, when Pam says she’s going to be more direct about what she wants in life. That is how I feel going into 2020! I am going to try to not hold on to things once they have been resolved (ie. grudge holding). I am going to continue working on my bachelors degree. I am taking FOUR classes this semester. <gasp> This means I will be going to school full time, and working full time, and being a full time single mom. I am excited about these four courses though, so I know I will be motivated to get through them! I am going to make sure Jayden and I have dinner at home, at the kitchen table, as much as possibe. This allows us to have great conversations! For example, tonight we got on the subject of drunk driving (thanks to it being NYE). Jayden said that he just doesn’t understand why people would drink that much. “It might be fun for a minute, but then they throw up, and throwing up is the worst. It seems too scary to me.” #proudmommoment

Then we talked about the importance of having a designated driver, and what that committment means, as well as that at any time, anyone I love could call me and I would go pick them up vs. them risking driving, or getting in the car with someone, after drinking. We talked about the risk that people take after drinking and then getting behind the wheel, that it isn’t just their life they are risking, but also everyone else’s who is on the road. I LOVE these conversations with Jayden! I can only hope that they stick with him, and that he continues to grow and be the smartest kid around, and also that he stays safe forever from the fools out there that aren’t so smart.

So, that is my resolution. It seems broad, but that is sort of the point! I want it to be reasonable and doable. Do I want to lose 50 lbs? Ahh yeah! Do I want to buy a house? Yes please! Do I want to never raise my voice at my child or get a better job? Yep and yep! However, I also don’t want to set myself up for failure, so I think having this broad resolution with a few set goals will help me be successful in the New Year.

What is your resolution? Whatever it is, I wish you luck! Please be safe if you are celebrating, and make sure your puppies are inside, away from those scary fireworks.

Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020!


New Year Resolutions

It’s that time again…time when many people begin to make resolutions. Choosing things they want to accomplish over the next year.

I could say the typical things, like lose weight & save money…which ARE on the list, but I also thought I’d share some other things on my list…


-sign up to volunteer on the Animal Rescue Team for the Humane Society-this means I’d get to deploy on their missions when they have a need

-continue working on Oscar’s training. I want him to be the best pibble around of course! I really want to get him to stop licking on command, and to stay put in the kitchen until I release him to visit friends.

-teach the dogs to ring a bell when they want to go out. They’ve already ruined one set of curtains by scratching them too much when they want to go out!


-I’d also like to try out making some doggie treats at home. They are so much healthier!

-Walk Oscar more in public places. This really goes along with his training, but he needs more practice in walking by people and dogs without reacting (whether it be barking, or just wanting to cover them in slobbery kisses!)

Those are just a few of the things I’d like to accomplish in the coming year. What about you? What are your goals for 2015, dog related or not?

IMG_2583 IMG_2571

Goodnight friends!