New Year, New Challenges #PGSG #52Snapshots

Sweet! A fun new challenge to start the year off! I am definitely going to participate! Here is the info…and my picture of the week is below! 🙂

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“Are you interested in improving your photography or just joining a fun challenge? The Lazy Pit bull has started a new challenge, and is welcoming everyone to join in! You don’t have to be a pet blogger, or any blogger for that matter! All you need is a social media platform to share your wonderful photographs. When you post, just make sure you use #PBSG and #52Snapshots so we can all see your wonderful submissions!”

52 Snapshots of Life-large


So, here is week 1: New: 

I met some new doggie friends yesterday! These two pups are in the rescue, and needed some new pictures. So I popped over to their foster mom’s house to say hello and take some photos of them! Both Sarah, an itty bitty pibble, & Odie, a Lab Golden mix, are adoptable through Last Hope Rescue!

Sarah Odie2


Happy New Year, friends! 


Foster Updates!

I haven’t written about my adopted fosters lately, so I thought I would give you guys an update on some of my past babies!

First I will start off with Petey, since I got to see him today! He is doing great, and is loved and adored by his family. Unfortunately Petey has been having some issues with allergies, and it turns out he is allergic to cats….which there are 7 of in his home! But, luckily his Mom & Dad are committed to him, and they’ve worked with their vet to get him on a medication that relieves his symptoms. He is happy and healthy, and loving life! It’s a wonderful thing when you meet new people, and you get to form new friendships. Petey’s family includes a little boy who is just about a year younger than my son, and now the boys have become friends! This is fantastic because we get to keep in touch with the family, and Jayden has a new friend. Here are the boys, with Petey!


Next up is my sweet lil Sassy, now named Kali. This girl is just about as spoiled and loved as a dog can be! Her mama is a wonderfully sweet, giving lady and she truly loves Kali to pieces. Kali has lots of doggie siblings/cousins/friends, and thanks to social media, I get to keep up with all of their adventures! Here is a picture of a recent visit to their lake house.


Hambone the Hound is next on the list! He is also doing very well, lovin’ life with his Mom, Dad, and many doggie siblings! Hammy gets to go to work with Mom every day, since she manages Mojo’s Backyard (a doggie daycare and boarding facility). What’s really awesome about that, is that Oscar still gets to see his foster brother from time to time, because he goes to Mojo’s too! This type of lifestyle is exactly what Hammy needed. He had been found as an abandoned hunting dog, and it was quickly clear to us that he’d never been an inside dog. He had no idea about toys, and comfy beds. He also didn’t know that he wasn’t supposed to lift his leg and pee wherever he wanted! He learned though, and he’s even become CGC certified thanks to his dedicated mama! Here is a picture of Oscar & Hammy hanging out together at Mojo’s!



Hmm, let’s see…Oh, how about Apollo?! Well, his name is actually Buster now. I can’t help but call them by the names they had when I was their mama though. That’s how I knew them, and remember them! Anyway, this adorable guy has gotten so big! His lovely family sent me a “Happy Valentine’s Day” email, with a picture attached of Apollo and his sister Lou. (I think my current foster, Stella, looks a lot like Lou!)



Well, I could go on and on, but if I updated you on every one of my previous pups, this would be a loooooong post! I am beyond happy and blessed to keep in touch with the majority of the adopters. There really is a portion of my heart reserved just for these dogs. I think of each of them, on a regular basis, wondering how they are doing, missing their unique personalities, sending them love across the air waves. I love each and every one of my foster dogs, and I adore their families for loving them too.

From the cutest adoptables around, Lilly & Stella, say

“Good night friends!” 



A Brindle Babe

Jan2014 062

So, as I previously mentioned here, Piper found her forever home and my new foster arrived! Piper is absolutely loved, adored, and cherished by the wonderful couple that adopted her! She is spoiled already, and I’ve seen pictures of her passed out in the couch, as well as sleeping on a recliner in her new Dad’s arms. They weren’t concerned about her legs, and they just want to love her forever. I couldn’t be happier! I have to admit, I felt a bit of guilt when it came to her. I was the one that brought her into the rescue, but I didn’t know about her legs. There was a few hefty vet bills for her, but the outcome of not needing surgery, and a happy ever after was all worth it! Happy tails, my little Golden Goddess!

Piper and her Forever Dad!

When I got back into town from Piper’s adoption (and visiting with family), I was set to pick up my new foster the next day! That is where this Brindle Babe comes in!

Stella1Stella is super sweet, yet a little feisty! I cuddle her, and love her, and hug her…and then she growls at me, all while wagging her tail. It’s pretty funny! She was shy at first, but she has really opened up in the last few days. She loves both Lucy & Oscar, and plays very well with both of them.

Feb2014 034 Feb2014 028Jan2014 061

She is about 10-12 weeks old. She is a Lab mix…I think she might have Plott Hound in her too, but that is a total guess and really, who cares! Stella is a smart girl, and I’ve already taught her “sit” and “kennel.” She is fully crate trained. She eats, sleeps, and never goes potty, in her kennel! Stella really is such a great puppy, and any family will be lucky to have her! She also gets along with cats, and loves people of all ages! Feb2014 030

Stella is currently micro-chipped, and up to date on vaccines. The adoption fee is $125, and transport within Florida can be arranged. Because she is so young, any adopter should be prepared to continue the puppy vaccines as well as be ready to schedule the spay surgery when she turns 6 months old. This is something that the rescue requires, and follows up on!

If you are interested in this awesome pup, please message me or email us at! If you can’t adopt, please help Stella find her forever home by sharing this post! While I love her to pieces, I really hope she will find her family soon, so she can settle in and grow up where she is meant to be!

Jan2014 054Night night, friends! 


How to Catch a Stray

Recently I had to have a stray dog turned in to the shelter. It was a few weeks ago, when Tallahassee had a cold front come through. It was around 9pm, and I heard whining at my door. I went outside, to find a chow chow running down my driveway. I’ve seen this pup several times before, so I knew either he obviously gets out loose all the time; or he’s a stray dog with no home; maybe he’s lost, but if so, he’s been lost for a long time because he randomly roams my neighborhood on a semi-regular basis. He has never come to my door though, and I’ve never seen anyone looking for him. Any time I have ever tried to get him to come to me, he runs the opposite direction, and usually I don’t see him again for a few weeks. This time though, he kept coming back to my door about every 30 mins, and loudly whining. I am sure, even with that thick chow coat, he had to be cold! I tried to coax him to me multiple times, but he wouldn’t get anywhere close to me. So, it was late, I turned off the lights, and went to bed.

The next morning I went to let my dogs out, and they all dashed to one side of the yard, and I caught a glimpse of the chow. Apparently he spent the night on the side of my house, in the bushes. I was so sad for him! He had to have been freezing! I had to get the kid to school, so I decided I’d do something about him when I got home. In the meantime, I put out a bowl of food for him by my front door (which he didn’t touch). As I was on the way home, I saw him cross a very busy street, right in the middle of morning traffic…and he was oblivious to the cars around him. So I called my friend (the president of Last Hope Rescue), and asked her what to do. I explained that just calling animal control was probably not going to help because I doubted they’d be able to catch him, but I also didn’t want to just leave him, and risk him being hit by a car. So, she suggested keeping my dogs inside, opening my side gate that leads to my backyard, and mixing up a bowl of smelly, yummy food that he can’t resist. Then I could trap him in my yard, and that way animal control could definitely get him. I did that, as well as called animal control. They came right out, saw him, but weren’t able to get him, just as I suspected.

So, a couple of hours went by, and then all of a sudden, a big ol red fluffy pup was on my back deck, sniffing out the delicious bowl of scrambled eggs-chicken Parmesan-dog food concoction that I’d made up! I ran around to close the gate behind him, and called animal control to tell them I had him. Surprisingly, he didn’t eat any of the food. He just went and laid down in my yard! I went out to move the food closer to him, and to give him a bowl of water. He just laid there, not moving. Then I was concerned that he was hurt; or deaf; or blind. None of these ended up being the case though. He eventually ate the entire bowl of food. I also ended up getting close to him, and he let me give him scratches. He definitely was dirty, and had some matted fur, tons of ticks on him, and had no collar on. So whoever did own him, obviously wasn’t caring for him very well…meaning, I no longer felt so guilty about possibly turning in someone’s pet to the shelter!



Animal Control came and picked him up, and he was taken to the shelter. He had a 7 day hold…but due to the holidays, he actually got a few extra days due to the shelter being closed. We (Last Hope Rescue) put our name on him, just so that we could keep tabs on him. Finally it came time for him to be assessed and checked out by the shelter vet…and by some miracle, other than some parasites, he was healthy! Heartworm negative, not fixed (shocker), no aggression noted. This was great news! He was officially moved out to the adoption floor. And, this was just in time for me to go visit him during my volunteer shift! On the Saturday after Christmas, I spent some time with the chow chow, now named Red. He was complete perfection on the leash, and happy to be out walking! He even wagged his fluffy tail at me! While I was there, two people asked to check him out for possible adoptions…I knew this was a good sign. My shift ended, and I said goodbye to Red.



Since then, guess what?!? He’s been adopted!! Red went to his forever home on NYE!! I have had a lot of guilt about this situation. I obviously considered the pros & cons of turning him in to the shelter. I wondered if he really was someone’s family pet, someone who is missing him and sad over their loss. BUT…then I think about the condition he was in. The freezing cold weather, when he was left outside to fend for himself. He wasn’t micro-chipped, and had no collar. No flyers were ever put up. The shelter never received a call about him. Of course, having the rescue connections to fall back on was a huge relief, but still. The last thing I would ever want to do is take a pet away from a loving, caring family.  On the other hand, at least I knew he was in a safe place, getting food twice a day, with a warm cozy blanket to sleep on. I knew he was getting attention from the shelter staff and volunteers. So if the worst happened, and he ended up being put to sleep because of being aggressive, or sickly, or the shelter is too full, at least it would be in a humane, pain free way…right? It’s easier to say that now that he’s happily in a forever home, and that I did have the rescue to fall back on if all else failed, but still, I think I did the right thing…I think! 😉

Anyway, I met some other really great pups during that shift at the shelter, so I thought I’d share them too, since as of now, they are all still currently in need of homes! Please take a moment to share a homeless dog. Networking saves lives, and you just might end up being a part of their journey to happy ever after!


Penny is an adult, (looks to be a) pure bred boxer. She is sweet, and knows some basic obedience commands. She is good with people, and in true boxer fashion, would be a great family companion!
Penny is an adult, (looks to be a) pure bred boxer. She is sweet, and knows some basic obedience commands. She is good with people, and in true boxer fashion, would be a great family companion!



This beautiful boy is Duncan. He is a big boy, sweet, and well mannered. He knows "sit" & "heel" and probably much more! He has gorgeous golden brown eyes, and I am sure he would make a great family companion!
This beautiful boy is Duncan. He is a big boy, sweet, and well mannered. He knows “sit” & “heel” and probably much more! He has gorgeous golden brown eyes, and I am sure he would make a great family companion!


Angel's pictures just don't show her true beauty. She is smart, and sweet. Loves people, and is happy to go anywhere you want to take her!
Angel’s pictures just don’t show her true beauty. She is smart, and sweet. Loves people, and is happy to go anywhere you want to take her!


Karen is a sweet boxer mix. She walks well on a leash, and she whines to get your attention. She just wants to be loved and cuddled!
Karen is a sweet boxer mix. She walks well on a leash, and she whines to get your attention. She just wants to be loved and cuddled!

Puppies galore!

As promised, I have lots of news to share, so I’ll just jump right in!

Saturday was the Kia Dog Wash event, and there was a great turn out! Thankfully it warmed up a LOT, and it was a beautiful day! There were a ton of Kia employees that volunteered their time to wash dogs, as well as BBQ food for everyone. And, this brings me to the first bit of news…..

We are officially back in the foster business! 3 new puppies, rescued by a good Samaritan, came to Last Hope on Saturday. The puppies and their fosters all met at the Kia dog wash event. The lady who brought them to us was SO generous! She took wonderful care of the pups before bringing them to the rescue, and included a big gift bag full of puppy goodies for each dog!











Wickett is the one that came home with me. We think maybe they are daschund and lab mixes?! Who really knows! Wickett is doing great with my two dogs! He is on his way to being fully potty & crate trained. He loves toys, and is happy all the time! He also LOVES to chase Lucy around. He constantly chases her off the deck…which is impressive, considering his tiny size! Oscar is more gentle with Wickett, usually laying down, letting Wickett crawl all over him.

Oscar & Wickett
Oscar & Wickett


I am pretty certain he will be adopted quickly, as most puppies are! I will keep you updated on all things Wickett related! 🙂

Moving on…Sunday, Oscar & I attended a pack walk with Tallahassee Walkabulls.



I was all excited to bring him, just knowing that he would be the best behaved, most perfect pittie there…boy was I wrong! He went a little crazy, barking and pulling. He even tried to eat Maggie’s face off. (Ok, maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration, but still!) Once we started walking though, he relaxed a bit. Surprisingly, he also made it through the whole walk, which is an accomplishment for him!

Also, there was a very large group for this pack walk, and guess who was there?!?!?

Nathaniel, Yage, Kym, & Lola
Nathaniel, Yage, Kym, & Lola


My previous (& favorite) foster, Lola, and her family! Of course, she WAS the well behaved perfect pittie that she is, as was her sister! Thanks to my friend Morgan (who I stole all of these pictures from), she took Oscar so that I could have a proper smooch fest with Lola! She was happy as always, giving me a big pittie grin and lots of slobbery kisses. It is always so nice to see her!!

Oscar & I will definitely be attending again, since I learned that he seems to be a bit leash reactive. I have also suggested Chelsea & her family come too, because it would be a great setting for her! So hopefully I’ll see them & will get to post a picture of her soon!

That’s all of the news for today. I hope you are all having a lovely week so far! Here are some adorably cute pictures of Wickett….


Wickett 036 Wickett 059

Lucy, Wickett, & Oscar
Lucy, Wickett, & Oscar


PS-All of the really nice looking pictures are from my good friend Morgan (& Maggie’s foster mama!). If you haven’t already, you should definitely check out her blog, Temporary Home, Permanent Love! 🙂