Fosters, Adoptables, oh my!

Hey yooooo!

I’ve been sort of MIA lately from the blogosphere. Work has been soooo crazy busy, and by the time the work day is done, I have no urge to get back on the computer to blog. I’m even seriously lacking on reading all of my friends’ blogs, which I hate because I really do love reading all of your posts! Soon, some day, hopefully I will get back to reading on a regular basis. Until then fellow bloggers, know that I do follow you on FB (if I know where you are), and I think of you and your fab pups, often!

Anywho, lots of stuff has been going on here. First of all, Tooley has been adopted!! If you remember, last time I posted about her (here), she was being moved to a new foster home. She did great at his house, and was only there about a week when she went to her potential adopter. She hung out with them for a week so they could really get to know each other. All went well, everyone fell in love with each other, and the rest is history!

Happy Tails, Tooley!
Happy Tails, Tooley!

Lady Symone is still hanging out here in her temporary retirement home. She is honestly the easiest foster dog I’ve ever had. I’ve even been leaving her out of her crate when I leave and at night, and she’s perfectly well behaved! She’s had a few people interested, but they haven’t met our requirements. She did have a meet & greet this week. I was really excited about it because the lady had another senior bulldog, so she has bulldog experience and senior experience. Unfortunately though, she works 12 hour shifts a few times a week, and I just don’t think Symone would adjust to that. Her previous owner worked from home, and I work from home. So going from having a person around constantly, and getting to go out whenever she wants, to a setting where some days she would not go out for over 12 hours, would be a huge change. The lady and her dog were very lovely, but just not the right fit for this bulldog. So, Lady Symone is still in search of that perfect retirement home!


There is also a new foster in the house! Meet Roxy! If you follow me on FB ( then you already know about her. Roxy was in the Wakulla shelter, and as usual they were over crowded so her time was up. Last Hope Rescue was able to pull her, and I picked her up. She was instant friends with everyone in the house. Even Symone doesn’t mind her, although she doesn’t like when Roxy jumps on her back! Roxy is a large breed puppy, around 5-6 months old. I think she is maybe Rhodesian and Shepherd, maybe Whippet too?! I really have no clue. I DO know that she is FULL of energy, and she’s very sweet! She definitely needs to go to someone who is active, and who will be committed to spending time on obedience training. She’s a smart pup, but very…bouncy! She is great with the kid, but I think she’d be too much for small children, until she gets a little more mature and not so jumpy! Roxy is  a great pup though, and will be a fun addition to any family!

Roxy August2014 016

Life with Roxy=constant movement!
Life with Roxy=constant movement!

Lastly, I got to do my favorite part of rescuing today…participate in a freedom ride! It is so rewarding to really feel like you are a part of a dog’s trip to freedom. This guy was coming from Chipley, a rural very high kill shelter, with little to no exposure to the public. His 7 days were up (yes…7 days, and then they’re shipped out to rescues or put down), and luckily we pulled him just in time. We had a new foster join our team, and this all ended up being perfect timing! Sammy was terrified when I pulled him out of the transport van, but he warmed up to us immediately. He crawled across the back seat, and right into Jayden’s lap, resting his head on his shoulder. It was seriously one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen! His little tail started wagging, he gave Jayden some kisses, and then he fell fast asleep! You could almost see the anxiety and tension being released from his tiny little body. He opened up even more as we were introducing him to his new foster family, and within a few minutes, he was sleeping in a shady spot on their deck. This sweet pup is only 10 weeks old, so he’s going to be a big boy for sure. He is in a great foster home, with a Lab to show him the rules of being a cherished pet! Seriously, do you not just LOVE this sweet little face??

Sammy1 Sammy2 Sammy3

If you know of anyone looking for a pup who is filled with love and loyalty, large breed, and friggin adorable, send them our way!! or


Well that’s about it for things going on around this crazy dog town! I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!



Hound Dogs and Bulldogs

Hello friends!

So, I have some news. Nothing as exciting as adoptions, but news nonetheless!

First things first, Tooley has gone to a new foster home. It is very very rare that I would ever agree to one of my fosters going to a new foster home, but I truly think this will be a great setting for Tooley. I am going out of town for a week for work, so she would have had to go somewhere while I was gone. There is a guy from the doggie daycare that she goes to, who loves her but can’t adopt, and he asked about fostering her. So, the timing couldn’t have been better. Tooley knows him well, so I knew she’d be ok. He also has a gorgeous male bloodhound, who also goes to daycare, so Tooley knows and loves him too! Tooley has blossomed in my home, and come a long way. However, she is still a bit shy around men. Lord knows there’s no men comin’ around here.  This guy is also very knowledgeable about dogs, so he can continue helping Tooley in a safe, patient manner. It will help her become more comfortable around men, she’ll continue learning how to share and be in new settings. Also, he lives in an apartment, so we can officially find out how she does without a yard! I think she will be fine, because she can’t be trusted in a yard without supervision anyway (darn hound nose!). So, I took her over to his house last night, and everything went well. The bloodhound, Iggy, is so stinking cute, and was very happy to have Tooley there! And, if it fails, she will come back to me, but I really don’t think it will. Also, we have had THREE inquiries on her this week! Hopefully one of these will work out, and she’ll have a forever home soon! And the rescue will have a new foster home to use!

July 010

Now on to my other foster pup, Symone. She had another “episode” yesterday. I have done some research, contacted her previous owner, and asked some various experts. It seems that she is having head tremors. Her owner said that she has had them before, only 3-4 times in the couple of years that they had her. I also asked Adopt-a-Bull Rescue, who shared a great article with me, and said that tremors are very common in English Bulldogs. I also asked a vet, who’s opinion I trust whole-heartedly, and he said it sounds like petit mal seizures. Soooo…..I don’t know! I obviously am not a vet. It seems like she is having head tremors, not seizures, because during the episodes she can walk, has no distress, breathes normal, and they last almost 15 minutes exactly. In fact, yesterday she literally fell asleep while having the tremors. Unfortunately, there is not all that much info out there regarding tremors, and the way to diagnose it is by ruling out everything else. Symone is considered a senior, so putting her through all kinds of testing is not recommended. So basically, as I said before, the treatment is to monitor her closely, track when they happen & how often. It is concerning that she’s had two w/in a few weeks, unlike when she was with her adopter. Especially since she has adjusted and settled in so well here. Hopefully she still has a happy future, with no pain, being her silly lovable bulldog self!


Well, that’s all of the news from this corner of the world! I have to get Symone over to one of our foster’s house, also a wonderful friend of mine, where she will hang for the week that I am gone.

Have a great weekend, friends! 



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Black & White Sunday: Singles Ad



“Single hound, female, 1 yr old. Looking for a soul mate. A forever friend. A true love. I like long walks, chasing squirrels, and cuddling. My hound nose may lead me to stray, but I promise to always come back to you. Interested in a meet up? Email me at”

To Crate or Not to Crate….

That is the question!

Let me start off by saying that I believe ALL dogs should be assessed and treated as individuals. Dogs should not be judged because of their age, breed, or history. Just as humans should not be judged by their skin color, age, or family members. We are all different, it is that simple.


I fully believe in crating dogs. Lucy was crated until she turned 1, and then she no longer needed to be crated. She isn’t food or toy aggressive. She doesn’t have any anxiety or fear issues. She isn’t destructive. Therefore once she matured enough to be fully potty trained, and to follow the general house rules, she was allowed to stay out of her crate. On the rare event that we’ve had a foster dog that can’t be crated (Petey & Hambone), Lucy then stays in the kitchen where Oscar is, with the baby gate up, separating her and the foster dog. She still likes the kennel though, and will often go take a nap in it. This is a good thing, because when we travel, I do keep her crated. This is to keep her safe and out of trouble, and to keep me from having to apologize for anything that she might get into!

photo 1

Oscar on the other hand, is crated and will be, always. He is around 2yrs old now, and he still gets into stuff if he’s feeling extra sneaky. He also can be reactive when food is involved…the unfortunate  after-effects of being starved as a pup. Though he has only ever barked (never bitten) at various foster dog’s when they come near his food, and has never ever done that to Lucy, I still would never put him or Lucy in the situation where they’d feel the need to fight or protect themselves. It is my job to know my dogs, to love them unconditionally, to protect them…but above all else, to remember that they ARE animals. Oscar truly seems to love Lucy, and recognizes that she was here first. It’s almost as if he sees her as the older sister, the boss if you will. For example, if they are playing and he accidentally hurts her, he backs off immediately, then goes to her and gives her kisses. It’s too cute!


Anyway, a crate should be introduced during puppy hood, and should be the dog’s private safe cave. It shouldn’t be used as punishment, though can be used for a time out as long as you are gentle about sending Oscar   your dog to a crate during this time. Using a crate can also help with potty training, and I have found with all of the puppies I’ve had, that they quickly learn not to go where they sleep & eat. If you have a dog like Oscar, you can also use the crate as their place for eating. It should be the place where they can go to be safe, and get some space if they need it. As a rescue person, I always promote using a kennel, and I remind the new owner that the dog should be able to use their kennel while adjusting to their new surroundings.

photo 2

Of course, there are times that crates just do not work. Especially if it is an adult dog, and they don’t see the crate as their safe place. Then the dog can feel confined, threatened, and become destructive. (Remember Petey’s feelings towards the kennel?!) 


I believe that some dogs can be moved out of the crate once they are mature and well behaved, like Lucy. But, there are some dogs that need the crate to keep them out of trouble. The crate should not be seen as an evil thing, like doggy jail or something. For Oscar, the kennel keeps him out of trouble. It is almost guaranteed that he would chew something up if I left the house, leaving him loose & unsupervised. Heck, he does that even if I am home! I would much rather come home, let him out of his kennel, and give him happy hugs and kisses; rather than come home, and have to be upset because he ruined something. Or worse, for him to get into something that could be harmful to him!

So tell me friends, do you crate your dog(s)? Are you for it? Against it? Do you separate your animals when unsupervised, using another method other than crating? I’d love to hear your opinions & experiences, so please share with me!

PS-Don’t forget, Tooley is still searching for her forever home! She is super sweet, and adores kids. She is great with dogs of all ages and sizes, too! Her ideal home would be with an active family, who understands that her hound nose can take her on adventures if not supervised carefully! 😉 Please share in order to help her find the family she deserves.

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One dog home!

Don’t be alarmed, all of the furry children are still in my life! However, Oscar and Tooley both went to doggie daycare today. Oscar only goes for a couple of hours, every now & then, because his leg can’t take too much of the non-stop play. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), his brain doesn’t agree that he is disabled. That, coupled with me returning from a 10-day vacation, has made him super restless and naughty this week!

"Whachyou talkin' bout woman?"
“Whachyou talkin’ bout woman?”

Tooley goes to Mojo’s every Tuesday & Friday. She has really opened up there, and loves other dogs, so it has been a great experience for her! I am really hoping that a staff member, or a Mojo’s customer, will fall in love & adopt her!

Tooley & Oscar love to feel the ears flapping in the wind, and they LOVE going to Mojo's!!
Tooley & Oscar love to feel their ears flapping in the wind, and they LOVE going to Mojo’s!!

This might make you wonder why Lucy gets the shaft. While I’m sure she would love to go to doggie daycare too, I take these days to give her special one-on-one time. She gets extra loving from me. She gets all of the toys and bones to herself, without the pesky pibble pouncing on her. She gets to stretch out on the couch. She gets yummy treats without her drooling brother giving her the evil eye. Basically, she gets to be the pampered spoiled princess that she truly is & deserves to be!


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PSS: Don’t forget, my hound dog foster pup is still waiting for a forever home! She loves dogs and adores children! Her ideal home would be with an active family, who has a fenced in yard where she can run and play until her heart’s content! A doggie sibling would be great too!

photo 2 photo 1


Please consider sharing this post, to help Tooley find the family she’s dreaming of!

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!


Editing fun!

I’ve been having fun with PicMonkey, editing some pics of the pups & kiddo. So, I thought I’d share…

Oscar3 JayandLucy JayandOscar Jayden Tooley2b Oscar2



My previous foster, Hambone, and current foster, Tooley!
My previous foster, Hambone, and current foster, Tooley!

We’re heading out on our family vacation tomorrow, which means I’ll be away from my puppers for a whole week! Thankfully, I have a great pet sitter who comes and stays at the house, sends me lots of pictures, and has vet tech experience, so that at least helps with having to leave them. I’ll probably post a time or two while we are away, if I get some good pictures of the wild animals that we’re hoping to see. So, stay tuned for animal-but-not-dog related posts!

Bye Friends! 


Happy Monday!

Ahh, the only time I like a Monday is when it’s a day off! No where to go, no alarm clock waking me up. Actually, come to think of it, I have the next TWO Monday’s off as well! Yippee for me!! The kid & I are going on a family vacation with my parents & younger brother, to Yellowstone. We are going for a whole week. AND, this Friday is my birthday! This is going to be a good couple of weeks ahead, that is for sure!


I hope you all have a wonderful & fun Memorial Day! Don’t forget what the day is really about. Check out my post that I wrote last year, about my friend & her husband, who lost his life in the military. You can read that HERE.


Keep your pups safe today. Many dogs, even the most fearless confident pups, can be spooked by fireworks! With loud crowds, music, and the hot weather, your dog might prefer to stay home. Consider this when going out today! Be safe, use sunscreen, and don’t drink & drive. Have a great day, friends!


Lucy says “Happy Memorial Day” too, but she hates wearing any kind of decorations, so I didn’t torture her this time! 😉

As always, but especially today, thank you to all those who have served, or are currently serving, our country! And thank you to the friends and family members that support our country’s heroes!


Saturday Blues

Hello Friends.

I went to the shelter today to spend a couple of hours with the pups in need. Unfortunately, due to the holiday weekend I assume, I was the only volunteer there (for the dog side). This means there were tons of dogs, loudly displaying their longing for attention, and just little ol’ me to give them the love that they so badly wanted. That, coupled with the fact that it was extremely hot out, I only ended up walking two dogs. Then I decided to just let them take turns in the big runs, so that I could let a couple dogs out at a time. I also had to help people that were there to browse the pups…and saw two pibble pups get adopted by a very sweet family! Nova

This awesome boy is Nova! As you can see…or NOT see…his ears were cropped in true “pit bull” fashion. On the outside, he is made of all muscle. He has a few scars on his face, too. If you just give him the chance though, you will quickly see that he is a total love bug. I sat down in the shade with him, and he sat down in front of me, staring at me, as if to say “Well?” I patted my lap, and he immediately sat on top of me! He was so happy to be loved on. He is strong, but pretty good on the leash, and he knows “sit.” It broke my heart to put him back in his kennel. Dogs like Nova make me think of my Oscar, and what he must have felt when he sat in the shelter for a month before he was lucky enough to be adopted. I hope Nova gets as lucky as Oscar did…

Pebbles 20140517-133254.jpg

This adorable bundle of joy is Pebbles! If you have a tennis ball, you will be her BFF! She LOVES to play! She is interested in the other dogs in a friendly way, so I bet she’d love to have a doggie friend in a forever home. Her playful manner makes her even cuter in person, too! Unfortunately, black dogs are often over looked in shelters, especially if they have the label of a “pit bull.” I hope someone will see the love that Pebbles has to give, and decides to adopt her soon. She deserves a wonderful home!


This guy is Smokey, and he is in desperate need of a good grooming! He’s got a luscious black long coat, with a little bit of gray around his face. He is a 6 year old Cocker, and came in as a stray…strange huh? A 6 year old dog obviously had a home at some point…where are his owners? He is really sweet, and he had a blast running up and down the kennel runs next to one of the other dogs!


Is this not one of the cutest, happiest faces you’ve ever seen? This handsome boy is Romeo! He is a big black Lab, although he’s a bit underweight. He is really good on leash, and he likes to be right next to you when walking. We sat down in the shade, and he plopped down as close to me as he could get. He’s got a very sweet nature, and I bed he’d be a great running buddy!

Chanelle3 Chanelle Chanelle2

The beauty of this dog is unexplainable, and pictures just do not do her justice! She has a really soft golden coloring, and she is SO adorable and playful. She was very happy to get out of her kennel, and had so much fun playing with the squeaky ball! I even filled up a bowl with water and poured it on her, since it was so hot, and she was such a good sport, just standing there while I soaked her down. As you can see, she also has a hilarious long tongue…all the better to cover you in kisses with, of course! Her name is Chanelle, and I am certain the lucky person who adopts her will have a lifetime of love and tail wags from her!

Usually when I leave the shelter, I feel like I’ve done my part for the day. I feel like I’ve done a good job, giving love and attention to these homeless dog, who just want a human of their own. Today though, I didn’t feel like that. Maybe it was because there was hardly anyone there, and I knew their barks and whines were going unnoticed. Maybe because I knew there would be very few adoptions this weekend, with so many people celebrating Memorial Day. If I didn’t have my own dogs to get home to, I think I would have ended up being there all day, trying to get to every dog. It’s not their fault that they’re stuck in that shelter. I hate that I can’t do more for them.

So, I came home and snuggled with my own rescue pups. Of course, Lucy is not a cuddler and doesn’t really like to be hugged on. Oscar though, my lil lovable pibble, was happy to take a nap with me. I’m happy he was saved. That he now will live in a cozy home, where he is cared for and loved until the end of time.

"Why she makez me doz these thingz?"
“Why she makez me doz these thingz?”

Don’t forget, my foster dog Tooley is still available for adoption too! She is very sweet, and LOVES dogs! She’s been going to Mojo’s doggie daycare twice a week, and she makes new friends every time she is there. She is getting better on a leash too!

"Help me out here, guyz. Adopt me already so she doesn't keep putting these scary thingz on my headz!"
“Help me out here, guyz. Adopt me already so she doesn’t keep putting these scary thingz on my headz!”

Please consider sharing this post. Networking saves lives, and there are a lot of dogs that need forever homes! Check out the Tallahassee Animal Service Center  and Last Hope Rescue for more adoptable pets!

PS-Vote for Oscar in his quest to become a magazine cover dog! It’s super easy to do. No “like” or personal info needed! Just click on the link, and then click “vote”! CLICK HERE TO VOTE! 

Good night, Friends!