Fosters, Adoptables, oh my!

Hey yooooo!

I’ve been sort of MIA lately from the blogosphere. Work has been soooo crazy busy, and by the time the work day is done, I have no urge to get back on the computer to blog. I’m even seriously lacking on reading all of my friends’ blogs, which I hate because I really do love reading all of your posts! Soon, some day, hopefully I will get back to reading on a regular basis. Until then fellow bloggers, know that I do follow you on FB (if I know where you are), and I think of you and your fab pups, often!

Anywho, lots of stuff has been going on here. First of all, Tooley has been adopted!! If you remember, last time I posted about her (here), she was being moved to a new foster home. She did great at his house, and was only there about a week when she went to her potential adopter. She hung out with them for a week so they could really get to know each other. All went well, everyone fell in love with each other, and the rest is history!

Happy Tails, Tooley!
Happy Tails, Tooley!

Lady Symone is still hanging out here in her temporary retirement home. She is honestly the easiest foster dog I’ve ever had. I’ve even been leaving her out of her crate when I leave and at night, and she’s perfectly well behaved! She’s had a few people interested, but they haven’t met our requirements. She did have a meet & greet this week. I was really excited about it because the lady had another senior bulldog, so she has bulldog experience and senior experience. Unfortunately though, she works 12 hour shifts a few times a week, and I just don’t think Symone would adjust to that. Her previous owner worked from home, and I work from home. So going from having a person around constantly, and getting to go out whenever she wants, to a setting where some days she would not go out for over 12 hours, would be a huge change. The lady and her dog were very lovely, but just not the right fit for this bulldog. So, Lady Symone is still in search of that perfect retirement home!


There is also a new foster in the house! Meet Roxy! If you follow me on FB ( then you already know about her. Roxy was in the Wakulla shelter, and as usual they were over crowded so her time was up. Last Hope Rescue was able to pull her, and I picked her up. She was instant friends with everyone in the house. Even Symone doesn’t mind her, although she doesn’t like when Roxy jumps on her back! Roxy is a large breed puppy, around 5-6 months old. I think she is maybe Rhodesian and Shepherd, maybe Whippet too?! I really have no clue. I DO know that she is FULL of energy, and she’s very sweet! She definitely needs to go to someone who is active, and who will be committed to spending time on obedience training. She’s a smart pup, but very…bouncy! She is great with the kid, but I think she’d be too much for small children, until she gets a little more mature and not so jumpy! Roxy is  a great pup though, and will be a fun addition to any family!

Roxy August2014 016

Life with Roxy=constant movement!
Life with Roxy=constant movement!

Lastly, I got to do my favorite part of rescuing today…participate in a freedom ride! It is so rewarding to really feel like you are a part of a dog’s trip to freedom. This guy was coming from Chipley, a rural very high kill shelter, with little to no exposure to the public. His 7 days were up (yes…7 days, and then they’re shipped out to rescues or put down), and luckily we pulled him just in time. We had a new foster join our team, and this all ended up being perfect timing! Sammy was terrified when I pulled him out of the transport van, but he warmed up to us immediately. He crawled across the back seat, and right into Jayden’s lap, resting his head on his shoulder. It was seriously one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen! His little tail started wagging, he gave Jayden some kisses, and then he fell fast asleep! You could almost see the anxiety and tension being released from his tiny little body. He opened up even more as we were introducing him to his new foster family, and within a few minutes, he was sleeping in a shady spot on their deck. This sweet pup is only 10 weeks old, so he’s going to be a big boy for sure. He is in a great foster home, with a Lab to show him the rules of being a cherished pet! Seriously, do you not just LOVE this sweet little face??

Sammy1 Sammy2 Sammy3

If you know of anyone looking for a pup who is filled with love and loyalty, large breed, and friggin adorable, send them our way!! or


Well that’s about it for things going on around this crazy dog town! I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!



Animal Advocates

Animal advocates. What does it mean to be an animal advocate? To me, being an advocate means taking action to help/support/defend. I am a rescue advocate. I am a bully breed advocate. This means I attend rescue events; I promote the rescue whenever I can. I tell people about rescuing, adopting, and fostering. I am a bully breed advocate, mostly through Oscar. I am constantly and consistently working on basic training, to help him be the best dog possible. He is CGC certified, a great foster buddy, and he loves the humans. I want him to prove all the haters doubters wrong, by showing everyone what a good boy he is.

IphoneJuly2014 015

Take the Blackfish Sea World situation. First, yes I saw Blackfish, and yes I think the things Sea World has done are disgusting. However, I think many of these people bashing Sea World are a bit ridiculous…ok, “ridiculous” isn’t the right word, but I can’t think of what is the right one. People jump on the bandwagon, “Take down Sea World! They’re evil! Roar!”…but what are those people actually doing about it? What is the actual point they are trying to make? That Sea World has mistreated these animals, right? So, boycotting Sea World is going to help those animals? No. Let’s assume that the whole country gets behind this idea, and Sea World ends up going bankrupt. What happens to the animals? Wild animals that have been in captivity for years. Some were even born in captivity. It is highly unlikely that they could be released into the wild successfully. So…euthanize them? Set them free and let the other wild animals kill them? What are the advocates doing for these animals? If my opinion mattered at all, if I could speak to the world and get everyone to listen, I think the best move would be to make Sea World into an animal sanctuary. Sea World HAS done some wonderful things, including rescuing wildlife, rehabilitating them, and releasing them. They could continue to do that, and in the case of an animal that can’t be released, then they keep them in the sanctuary. The animals shouldn’t be forced to learn tricks, and do shows, just for the entertainment of tourists. It could be used as a learning facility for future marine biologists, vets, etc. But…what is the likelihood that this will happen? Slim to none, I am sure. I wonder, did anyone ever consider that these same things, the situation people are all of a sudden outraged over, are also the same for animals that are in zoos, aquariums, and circuses? No one is causing an uproar over those poor animals though, because there hasn’t been a documentary released and blasted through news outlets. Humans put these animals in captivity. Advocates would have to not only demand change, but follow through as well, to make a difference for the animals.

May 2014 069

It’s the same with shelters and rescues. Over the last couple of years, I’ve heard “What you’re doing is wonderful”; “poor animals, humans suck”; “I wish there was something I could do”….but there is! Fostering is not for everyone. I wish it were, but I understand that it’s not. But there are plenty of other things you could do. You can volunteer at local adoption events. You can follow a local rescue or shelter on social media, and share an adoptable dog each day, to help network. You can make a monthly donation to a rescue or shelter, monetary or supplies. There are so many ways you can help; so many ways you can be an advocate. These animals, domestic and wild, need people to stand up for them. They need advocates.

July2014 028


When I say the animals need advocates, I mean REAL advocates. Not celebrities who jump on the bandwagon just for a photo shoot. Real advocates, like Kaley Cuoco, who advocates for the bully breeds; Ellen Degeneres, who advocates for holistic treatments for pets; Ian Somerhalder, who advocates for rescues and no-kill shelters. These are people who are doing something for the animals. There are companies that claim to be advocates, but have still done some negative actions. Take PETA for example. PETA stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. But did you know that this group euthanizes over 90% of the animals in their shelters? Of course, they say this is done to alleviate suffering. You mean to tell me that 90% of the animals are suffering that greatly, that they can’t be rehabilitated and adopted out? Did you also know that PETA made a statement that pit bulls should be euthanized because a bad person might adopt them? (Since then, they have obviously back pedaled and reworded what they supposedly meant.) This is not to say that PETA does nothing good for animals. I am just trying to point out that there are good and bad sides to everything. Same with Sea World. Why are we (humans) killing the animals when they aren’t the ones doing wrong? Humans are the ones doing the bad things.

Why do the animals pay for it? Because they can’t speak up for themselves.

Research. Volunteer. Educate. Advocate. 


So, what does being an advocate mean to you? Do you consider yourself an advocate for someone/thing?



Please remember, my opinions are my own. I don’t expect others to agree with everything I say. There are things I believe in whole-heartedly (pit bulls need love too), and other things that I disagree with (Sea World’s treatment of some of their animals). It is important to have a dialog, to be open to hearing what other’s have to say. Please, feel free to voice your polite, respectful opinions in the comment section below. I would love to hear what you have to say! 

Sweet Spanky!

Spanky 005

Meet our super special boy, Spanky! He is about 6-7 months old, and as you will see in the pictures, he is recovering from a severe case of demodex mange. This poor pup was chained up in someone’s backyard for his whole short life, almost dying from this sweltering heat. His skin was so bad that his face and feet were swollen to twice their size, and he could hardly even stand up. Thankfully he was confiscated, and the shelter began to nurse him back to health. Then, Last Hope Rescue was able to take him in, to continue getting him healthy, and to show him what life as a dog should really be! He is happy and thriving in his wonderful foster home now! Today, I had the joy of spending some time with him, and it was oh so much fun! 

photo 1 (39)

After spending just a few minutes with him, I realized just how precious and sweet he is!! I am pretty certain he is a Boxer mix. He is maybe 35-40lbs now, and I wouldn’t think he’ll get much bigger. He has a lot of boxer characteristics: loves people, plays with his paws, jumps, and has lots and lots of licks for humans! He is very eager to please, that is for sure! It is honestly so amazing to see his love for humans, after how he was treated. He loves to give kisses, just like my Lucy! He would definitely benefit from an obedience class once he’s adopted, and would do amazingly well, as he seems very smart.

Spanky 026 Spanky 030

So, we went to a breakfast place, a plant nursery, Home Depot, Petsmart, and a local park. He was an angel! He never barked at strangers. He didn’t jump on a single person. He wasn’t afraid of the loud ambulance that went by. Multiple people commented on how sweet he was! One lady asked if her toddler could pet him, the kiddo was maybe 2, and Spanky very gently gave him a big slobbery kiss on the face! We also met a cat, and Spanky was more afraid of it than anything. Silly pup!

photo 3 (26)photo 5 (8) photo 4 (19)photo 2 (37)

He loves to explore & people watch!

Spanky 020  Spanky 017Spanky 012 Spanky 011 Spanky 019Spanky 009


I think he will be the kind of dog who would like to go everywhere with his human, wherever dogs are welcome! I was really amazed at how he kept looking to me for direction, everywhere we went. The whole time, he wanted to be near us, seeing where we were going, and where we wanted him to go. He is really such a good boy! He definitely loves to be near his people. If you sit down, he comes right over to be close to you. He is perfect in the car too, very well behaved, and lays right down to go to sleep! He is a wonderful dog, and will make a great addition to a family!


Spanky 037


The rescue was so happy to be able to save this sweet boy, and to be the bridge for him from a sad tortured life, to a glorious one filled with love! Spanky is the type of dog who will show his family pure love and loyalty, in appreciation of being saved.

Please consider making a donation via the Last Hope Rescue PayPal link, in honor of sweet Spanky!

LHR Donations:

ALSO, I entered Spanky in a contest! Let’s show the world how amazing rescue dogs can be, by sharing his story & votingfor him to win!! If he wins, the rescue will win donations up to $1500, which will help us continue saving dogs just like Spanky!

To vote: Click on this link. You will have to “like” the contest page, but it will NOT use any of your personal info. Please don’t let it stop you from voting! You can vote every 24 hours. PLEASE help us win, help save lives, and help show the world how special rescue dogs are!!!!

Voting Link:

Full of Bull(dog)!

Meet Symone! My newest foster!

June 2014 030

So, she came to Last Hope Rescue a few years ago, after being being used for breeding. Then she was adopted out about two years ago, by a husband & wife couple. Unfortunately the husband very unexpectedly passed away, and Symone was his best buddy. The wife felt that it was too much for her to handle, so she decided to return Symone.

June 2014 017

Well, if you remember my bucket list, having an English Bulldog has always been a dream of mine! Knowing that I will not be tempted to adopt her (because two is the limit for perma-dogs in this home), I begged to foster her, since I knew this might be my only chance of having one! Anywho, she arrived on Sunday, and is settling in just fine. The first two days, she seemed confused, maybe a little sad, and stressed. I mean, who wouldn’t be, given her situation? Her dad died; her mom gave her up; and now she’s in a stranger’s house, with a motley crew of dogs, and a little human. She has handled it very well so far though, and today she seems to be getting more comfortable.

All of the ladies
All of the ladies

Symone is great with Jayden, not phased by him at all. She pretty much just follows either of us around, wherever we are going. She is great with the dogs too! She apparently really loves the male dogs, and since Oscar is the only boy dog around here, she tends to follow him around. With her loud breathing, and bulldog way of playing, she scares him a bit though. So today, I sent Lucy & Tooley off to doggie daycare, and let Symone and Oscar spend the day together. They laid around, relaxed outside, and did a little bit of playing too!


Symone loves to play with balls (maybe that’s why she likes males…hahahahaaaa!), and you’re lucky if you can get the ball back out of her mouth. She is highly treat motivated, and knows “sit” & “shake”. She also really responds to the name Sysy (sounds like Cici), so perhaps her dad called her that. She really loves to get booty rubs too, so an adopter should be prepared to have a brindle bully butt in their face on a regular basis!


Symone is about 8-9 years old, so we are going to be extra particular about who she goes to. Of course, we always want to pick the right home for our dogs…but when you have a senior dog, who has already been through so much, it just really motivates you to do all that you can to find THE one, ya know? And until the perfect person comes around, I am giving her lots of hugs, and telling her what a good girl she is!

June 2014 052

As you can see by these pictures, Tooley is still here as well. I thought I might be losing my mind by bringing in a 4th dog, but to be honest, Symone is SO easy. It really has not been that much more work, except for feeding times…and when you’re already feeding three, what’s one more bowl?!

So, if you know anyone with English bulldog experience, and who has another dog looking for a buddy (perhaps a younger male), well tell them to look our way because Symone is single & ready to mingle!

For more pictures and stories of our adventures, follow us at Tails of a Foster Mom!

One dog home!

Don’t be alarmed, all of the furry children are still in my life! However, Oscar and Tooley both went to doggie daycare today. Oscar only goes for a couple of hours, every now & then, because his leg can’t take too much of the non-stop play. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), his brain doesn’t agree that he is disabled. That, coupled with me returning from a 10-day vacation, has made him super restless and naughty this week!

"Whachyou talkin' bout woman?"
“Whachyou talkin’ bout woman?”

Tooley goes to Mojo’s every Tuesday & Friday. She has really opened up there, and loves other dogs, so it has been a great experience for her! I am really hoping that a staff member, or a Mojo’s customer, will fall in love & adopt her!

Tooley & Oscar love to feel the ears flapping in the wind, and they LOVE going to Mojo's!!
Tooley & Oscar love to feel their ears flapping in the wind, and they LOVE going to Mojo’s!!

This might make you wonder why Lucy gets the shaft. While I’m sure she would love to go to doggie daycare too, I take these days to give her special one-on-one time. She gets extra loving from me. She gets all of the toys and bones to herself, without the pesky pibble pouncing on her. She gets to stretch out on the couch. She gets yummy treats without her drooling brother giving her the evil eye. Basically, she gets to be the pampered spoiled princess that she truly is & deserves to be!


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PSS: Don’t forget, my hound dog foster pup is still waiting for a forever home! She loves dogs and adores children! Her ideal home would be with an active family, who has a fenced in yard where she can run and play until her heart’s content! A doggie sibling would be great too!

photo 2 photo 1


Please consider sharing this post, to help Tooley find the family she’s dreaming of!

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!


Making New Friends, Blog-style!

I was just thinking lately about my friends in the blog world. Some of the blogs that I have been following since I entered the blog world, seem to have disappeared. I go to their pages from time to time to see if I just missed their posts, but nope, nothing new. Bummer! But, on the other hand, there are a few other pages that are still going strong & I genuinely enjoy reading about their pups. I also have made some new blogging friends as well!

One of those new friends, It’s Dog or Nothing, has nominated me for a Leibster Award! Thank so much, pal!


So, as is with all blogger awards, there are a few rules. Here are the rules for the Leibster:

– Nominee posts award on their blog.
– Nominee links back to the nominator’s blog and of course thanks them.
– Nominee answers 11 questions nominator ask of them.
– Nominee then nominates 11 new bloggers they deem worthy with less than 300 followers & make sure to tell them.
– Nominee poses 11 questions for their nominees to answer.

These are the fab bloggers who I nominate (in no particular order)!


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Here are the questions that “It’s Dog or Nothing” asked me to answer:

1. If you could own any animal in the world, what would it be? I think I would have to go with a horse! I mean, I really love dolphins and whales, and orangutans too, but they live in the wild so I really couldn’t ever own one! I love horses, everything about them! My favorite and most cherished childhood memory is riding. So yeah, I’d definitely have to have a horse! 

2. What’s your favorite holiday? Christmas! I love gift giving, thinking about what a person will like and finding something that will really mean something to them. I also have an 8 yr old son, so playing Santa is fun too! 

3. If you could ask your future self one question, what would it be? When did you finally become so rich?! (Hey, I can dream, can’t I!)

4. What prompted you to start your blog? -Fostering! I wanted a way to promote my foster dog, and the rescue. I was learning so much about the rescue world, and dogs in general, so I thought it’d be fun to share the knowledge! 

5. What are your goals for your blog?-Promoting fostering and rescue work is the biggest goal. I also hope to inspire others to volunteer, and to advocate for those that don’t have a voice of their own. 

6. If you become fluent in any language, which would it be? -Spanish, just because it seems to be the most common, around here in Florida anyway.

7. Do you have a good luck charm? -Nope!

8. What’s your favorite social media outlet? -Facebook. Click HERE to follow me! 

9. If there were no limitations and you could do absolutely anything, what would it be? -I would quit my job, move towards the beach, and I’d build, and run, an animal sanctuary for senior dogs. 

10. What magazine can you not resist picking up at the store? I have a harder time passing up books than I do magazines. I do like People though, especially if it’s the “Sexiest Man Alive” edition! 🙂 

11. Do you have a dog? If so, what breed? -Yep! I have two, a pit bull mix named Oscar and a boxer mix named Lucy. 

Here are the questions for my nominees: 

1-What is the goal for your blog?
2-If you could meet anyone (past or present), who would it be?

3-Do you have pets? If so, tell us about them!

4-What is your guilty pleasure?

5-If you won the lottery, what is the first major purchase you would make?

6-What is one simple thing that makes you happy?

7-If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

8-What is the hardest thing about blogging?

9-What is your favorite thing about dogs?

10-What is the last book you read?

11-Who is your favorite musician/band?

I look forward to reading everyone’s answers! And thanks again, It’s Dog or Nothing, for nominating me! Friends, stop by these fellow bloggers & show them some love!!

Have a great day! 


April 2014 068

Foster Updates!

I haven’t written about my adopted fosters lately, so I thought I would give you guys an update on some of my past babies!

First I will start off with Petey, since I got to see him today! He is doing great, and is loved and adored by his family. Unfortunately Petey has been having some issues with allergies, and it turns out he is allergic to cats….which there are 7 of in his home! But, luckily his Mom & Dad are committed to him, and they’ve worked with their vet to get him on a medication that relieves his symptoms. He is happy and healthy, and loving life! It’s a wonderful thing when you meet new people, and you get to form new friendships. Petey’s family includes a little boy who is just about a year younger than my son, and now the boys have become friends! This is fantastic because we get to keep in touch with the family, and Jayden has a new friend. Here are the boys, with Petey!


Next up is my sweet lil Sassy, now named Kali. This girl is just about as spoiled and loved as a dog can be! Her mama is a wonderfully sweet, giving lady and she truly loves Kali to pieces. Kali has lots of doggie siblings/cousins/friends, and thanks to social media, I get to keep up with all of their adventures! Here is a picture of a recent visit to their lake house.


Hambone the Hound is next on the list! He is also doing very well, lovin’ life with his Mom, Dad, and many doggie siblings! Hammy gets to go to work with Mom every day, since she manages Mojo’s Backyard (a doggie daycare and boarding facility). What’s really awesome about that, is that Oscar still gets to see his foster brother from time to time, because he goes to Mojo’s too! This type of lifestyle is exactly what Hammy needed. He had been found as an abandoned hunting dog, and it was quickly clear to us that he’d never been an inside dog. He had no idea about toys, and comfy beds. He also didn’t know that he wasn’t supposed to lift his leg and pee wherever he wanted! He learned though, and he’s even become CGC certified thanks to his dedicated mama! Here is a picture of Oscar & Hammy hanging out together at Mojo’s!



Hmm, let’s see…Oh, how about Apollo?! Well, his name is actually Buster now. I can’t help but call them by the names they had when I was their mama though. That’s how I knew them, and remember them! Anyway, this adorable guy has gotten so big! His lovely family sent me a “Happy Valentine’s Day” email, with a picture attached of Apollo and his sister Lou. (I think my current foster, Stella, looks a lot like Lou!)



Well, I could go on and on, but if I updated you on every one of my previous pups, this would be a loooooong post! I am beyond happy and blessed to keep in touch with the majority of the adopters. There really is a portion of my heart reserved just for these dogs. I think of each of them, on a regular basis, wondering how they are doing, missing their unique personalities, sending them love across the air waves. I love each and every one of my foster dogs, and I adore their families for loving them too.

From the cutest adoptables around, Lilly & Stella, say

“Good night friends!”