Sammy’s Search…

Friends! Sammy is still here, waiting, wishing, wondering where his family is! Adoptions for the rescue have been pretty slow. I think because of the holidays, people are traveling, etc so adoptions aren’t booming. That being said, Sammy has gotten very little interest, and I have no idea why! (Well, he’s had a couple people inquire, however they didn’t fit his needs.)


So, I thought I’d share his adorable goofy face, along with a list of what he’s looking for, while begging YOU to share this post, in hopes of finally finding his perfect match!

Sammy’s Singles Ad


I am a young stud muffin (of course, the true essence of my studliness has been removed). I am a caramel color, with golden brown eyes, with which I will look deep into your soul. I will keep any pesky beings out of your yard, by prancing around the yard in all my glory, barking when necessary (which is often)! If you like to sing, I will be happy to sing with you. You’ll learn quickly that I have a lovely howling singing voice. I am the KING of cuddling, so be sure you don’t mind sharing your couch. Seriously, I’m the full package so choose me before someone else does!!


Sammy’s Must Haves…

-another medium to large dog in the home for confidence building

-non-dominant canine friend who won’t get jealous when he leans in for some smooches from his friends (human or 4-legged!)

-patient parents, who are willing to give him the time and training he needs

-squirrels to chase (but not catch)

-have multiple bed options. Sammy is a bed and couch hog! If someone is in the bed he wants, he will wander around and whine, until he gets his way or finally gives up!

If you or anyone you know is looking for a really sweet pup, please send them our way! Better yet, forward this on to everyone you know and ask them to do the same!

Sammy6 Sammy4 &


 Good night friends! 





New Year Resolutions

It’s that time again…time when many people begin to make resolutions. Choosing things they want to accomplish over the next year.

I could say the typical things, like lose weight & save money…which ARE on the list, but I also thought I’d share some other things on my list…


-sign up to volunteer on the Animal Rescue Team for the Humane Society-this means I’d get to deploy on their missions when they have a need

-continue working on Oscar’s training. I want him to be the best pibble around of course! I really want to get him to stop licking on command, and to stay put in the kitchen until I release him to visit friends.

-teach the dogs to ring a bell when they want to go out. They’ve already ruined one set of curtains by scratching them too much when they want to go out!


-I’d also like to try out making some doggie treats at home. They are so much healthier!

-Walk Oscar more in public places. This really goes along with his training, but he needs more practice in walking by people and dogs without reacting (whether it be barking, or just wanting to cover them in slobbery kisses!)

Those are just a few of the things I’d like to accomplish in the coming year. What about you? What are your goals for 2015, dog related or not?

IMG_2583 IMG_2571

Goodnight friends! 



Meet Sammy!

Say hello to my 18th foster! This guy is Sammy.


He has been in the rescue for a few months. His previous foster has to travel multiple times over the next several months, so we had to place Sammy in a new foster home. There was nowhere for him to go, so he joined Crazy Doglandia to become a part of my pack!


The first 3 days were hell rough. He was very confused, stressed, and vocal. He likes to share his discontentment with the neighborhood, by whining and barking and whining and barking. Did I mention he whined and barked a lot?!

Because of his nervous energy, I took dog introductions VERY slow. For the first time ever, Oscar was not the first dog to welcome our foster. Instead, I let Mia meet Sammy first. I knew she’d be great since she is confident, social, happy and submissive. They were friends immediately. Sammy knew there were other friends for him to meet though, and he kept on whining. So the next day, I introduced Lucy. Although she can be vocal, she too is confident and social, so I knew she wouldn’t be affected by Sammy’s nervous energy. All the while, Oscar and Sammy had met several times, I just wasn’t allowing full play yet.

After a few days, Sammy settled in a bit, so then came Oscar’s turn. My word for Oscar is “easy”, when he is allowed to play but has to be gentle. So, I finally took just the two boys out, telling Oscar “easy” several times, and they started to play. As usual, Oscar made me proud and was a total rock star with Sammy!

Now that Sammy had officially made friends with everyone individually, it was time to have multiple dog play time! First I allowed Mia, Lucy, and Sammy to play together. They did fabulously! Then I let Oscar take Lucy’s place, and they too did great together. Finally, all four dogs were allowed to play at the same time…holy dog herd! They all love to run and chase each other, and have a blast together. Sammy definitely thrives around dogs, so his forever home MUST have at least one other medium-large dog for him to pal around with!



Sammy is only about 6-7 months old, and has long lanky legs. I think he is a Belgian Malinois mix. He has the black muzzle, black-tipped fur, and has a lot of their traits: Watchful, Protective, Alert, Friendly, Hard-working, Confident, Stubborn, Active..ok, he’s not confident, but everything else pretty much describes Sammy to a T! He also has a lot of “working dog” qualities. For example, when he is chasing the dogs, he nips at their butts, which is very typical of a herding/working dog. I also think that is why he whines when there is nothing for him to do, and it takes him longer to settle down, unlike my couch potato dogs! He is a really sweet pup, and smart too. He is house and crate trained. Sammy needs LOTS of work on the leash, so that will be the top priority as far as what needs to be worked on!









On other news, Mia has an adoption pending!!! I won’t say any more until it’s a done deal…but I’m excited to share the news, once everything is official!!

Have a great day, friends!


Lucky #17

Most of you probably know by now, but Roxy has been adopted!! I couldn’t be happier with the family she’s gone too! I’ve received a few updates from them, and everyone is in love with each other. Roxy bonded to them instantly (just like a Black Mouth Cur, adoring her humans), and her people are smitten with the pup that she is! Another life saved, my friends!



Oscar & Lucy had about a week or so to relax and remember what life is like in a 2-dog household.



But as usual, it wasn’t long before a puppy was at risk and the rescue was being asked to help. So, meet lucky #17, Mia!



We saved her and her sister, Ellie, from the Chipley shelter. They arrived on Saturday, and then I took Ellie to her foster Sunday morning. Mia is a precious pup, with lots of fattening up to do! She is VERY sweet and just loves to be held! She adores the dogs..although neither of them are exactly smitten with her quite yet. They aren’t exactly sure what to do with her puppy energy! Oscar is much more tolerant of her than Lucy, but I know they’ll all be great friends in just a few days!

IMG_2209 IMG_2169 IMG_2137 IMG_2197


Mia is adoptable through Last Hope Rescue. She will be up to date on vaccines prior to adoption, and spayed if she is old enough…but hopefully she is adopted by then! She will be a GREAT family companion!!

Stop by Tails of a Foster Mom to watch her grow, and follow her foster-to-adoption story!

Have a great week, friends!






Foster update!

My little lady, Roxy had a meet & greet last night! Finally! I’ve had her for two months now, and she’s had very few inquiries. It’s so hard to figure out what pups will appeal to adopters! Roxy2

Anyway, the couple came over last night to meet her, and it went really well! Roxy was her typical puppy self, jumping all over them, but they were completely understanding. She is a pretty big girl, so sometimes it is hard to remember that she is still a young pup. Roxy was a really good girl though. She showed them that she settles down in just a few minutes, and then she was putty in their hands…or, they were putty in her paws! By the end of the visit, she was laying on her back, in the husband’s lap, falling asleep! They asked all kinds of questions…literally, they had a written list of things they wanted to ask. Being a planner and organized person myself, I loved it! It showed me that they are serious about adopting, and had already put a lot of thought into it.


They are specifically looking for a rescue dog, who can go on all sorts of adventures with them. They are very active, and always took their previous dog wherever they went. So, Roxy would get lots of exercise and have tons of fun! They want to do an overnight next, so Roxy will be going to their house on Sunday morning. Then I will either pick her up on Monday evening, or will be finalizing her adoption…hopefully the latter!


I’ll keep ya updated! Have a wonderful day!

PS-Don’t forget to check out your local shelter or rescue, and share an adoptable dog, today! You might just save a life!!

Adios, Friends! 


A Letter to my Foster Dog

Sweet Lady Symone,

It’s hard to believe you were in my life for only 4 months. Sometimes it felt like you had always been a part of our family. Yet now as I have to say goodbye, I find myself thinking it hasn’t been long enough. I wish I had known you as a puppy, when you were young and healthy. I am sure you were a spunky pesky girl, causing trouble whenever you could. I wish I met your many puppies. I bet you were the best doggie mama to those baby bullies.

You fit right in with us from day one, bossing Oscar around, but understanding that Lucy was the top dog. You expected butt scratches on demand, and the excitement you have for walks is like no other dog. Your silly sideways tongue always makes us giggle. Jayden loves to touch it when you’re sleeping, when it’s sticking out, all dry and scratchy. We are really going to miss your goofy quirks.

There are some things I won’t miss. Like your slobber. Oh, the slobber. Everywhere. And you’re hair. How do you shed so much hair?!? Your snoring rocks the house and causes earthquakes in far off lands. I won’t miss having to turn the tv up just to hear it over your snoring. The number one thing I won’t miss…G-A-S. Lady Symone, the flatulence that comes out of you is…there are just no words to describe it.

But my sweet girl, I would take all of these things, a million times over, to have more time with you.

 I wish I could find all of the humans who have failed you. To yell at them, and tell them they didn’t deserve to have you in their lives. I hope that you have felt loved and cherished over the last few months, since you came into our home. I hope you somehow have understood, every time we wrapped our arms around your big ol’ neck, just how much we have adored you.

I don’t know what Heaven is, or what it consists of. I can only hope, that when we say goodbye, that you go to Heaven’s pearly gates, and you are greeted by your best friend. I’ve always known how much you’ve missed him, and how confused you must have been after his passing. I hope that my own bulldog, Basti, is there to greet you and show you around, along with a few other fellow canine buddies we’ve lost along the way.

Our time is coming to an end, my sweet bulldog. In such a short time, you’ve wiggled that brindle butt right into our hearts, and we will miss you dearly. I hope as we spend our last night together tonight, that you will be comfortable and have a full belly…I am giving you meatloaf for dinner, after all! I promise to be by your side tomorrow, as we say goodbye, but until then…Snore, slobber, and fart ’til your heart’s content, my friend.

Love always,

Your foster, forever mama



Preventing Tragedies

As we are coming to the end of the summer (haha wishful thinking for us Floridians!), I am glad I will have another year before seeing daily posts about “Don’t leave your pets in the car”! It is nonsense to me that we even have to spread this information around. I know some people don’t have common sense, but this seems like something everyone should just KNOW. I mean, think how you complain about how hot your car is after it’s been sitting for awhile; or how touching the steering wheel burns your hand; and how you blast the a/c to try to cool off. We do all of this, while we are sweating, which is our body’s way of cooling us off. So how do you think our pet feels in that said car, when they don’t have the ability to cool off by sweating? Doesn’t everyone know this? Ok, sorry, got off on a rant there….so anywho, these posts always get me thinking, how do I keep my pups safe?

There are the obvious ways, like giving them monthly heartworm prevention, taking them in for their annual vet check up. But how else do you make sure they stay safe?

These are some ways that I protect my pups:

-I crate Oscar. This is 100% for his safety. He is curious and sneaky. I KNOW he will get into things if I leave him out unsupervised. If there is food, he will find it and eat it. I would also never want him and Lucy to get in a fight over something, so crating keeps them protected. Lucy doesn’t get into anything. She doesn’t bark. She has no separation anxiety. She is as good as gold. So, she gets to be loose in the house, while Oscar is crated. This is not a punishment to Oscar. He doesn’t know any different. He has always been crated, and as you can see below, he obviously doesn’t mind it! I have heard TOO many horror stories about dogs who have grown up together, being left out loose, getting in a fight, and an owner comes home to find one of the dogs has been killed. Why would I ever, EVER risk that? I wouldn’t. So, Oscar will always be crated.

As you can see, he's perfectly comfortable in his crate!
As you can see, he’s perfectly comfortable in his crate!

-I don’t buy stuffed toys. Both Lucy & Oscar rip up stuffed toys in minutes. Lucy likes to shred them. Oscar likes to de-stuff them. The stuffing can cause lots of problems if eaten though, including surgery if it gets clogged in their system. The only time I make an exception is right after Christmas. I go to a local pet store & buy a handful of toys from clearance. I go for the absolute cheapest, since I know that they are going in the trash within a few minutes. I go home, get the dogs all excited, dump the toys, and watch them go blissfully crazy! Then, I clean everything up, and it all goes in the trash! Other than that though, I use treat puzzles, balls, kongs, and any sort of kong-made rubber toy. I really love the Planet Dog toys, because they are durable and they smell minty!

I am a Princess. I do not work for food.
I am a Princess. I do not work for food.

-I never leave towels around because Lucy is a shredder. I know Lucy’s one bad habit is that she shreds things. She only does it if she is left alone, and it’s only to towels. So, I know to never leave a towel out. One, because I don’t want my towels to die. Two, because I don’t want her to end up eating any of it.

Why you tellz people these liez about me? I iz perfect princess. You sayz so all the timez.
Why you tellz people these liez about me? I iz perfect princess. You sayz so all the timez.

-I factor in the weather conditions, and allow outside play and exercise accordingly. Do you now how quickly a dog can suffer and die from heat stroke? Within minutes! Did you know that some breeds, like boxers, bulldogs and pugs, are more prone to suffering from heat stroke? This is because of their snout, and their inability to take in enough air. I am super careful with Lady Symone when it comes to this. She loves to sunbathe on the deck, but as soon as I see her panting, I make her come back inside. It’s important to know the signs of heat stroke, and knowing how to quickly react might save your dog’s life! Here’s a great website with some helpful information: PetMD


These are just a few of the things I do to keep my pups safe on a regular basis. What are some things you do, to keep the fur babies free from harm? Please share! I’m sure I will learn some new things, so I look forward to hearing from you!

Goodnight Friends! 


Lady Symone


IphoneJuly2014 295
This bulldog. She is not doing so well. As I mentioned before, she has been having head tremors. They happen about every 10 days, and the episode lasts 15 minutes. Then she goes back to her normal spunky self, and all is well. Something has changed though. She had an episode within 4 days of a previous one, and her “personality” has definitely changed. The only way I can describe it…it’s like she has dementia and depression. photo 1 (37)

She sleeps more, and plays less. She doesn’t have patience for the other dogs when they are playing. She randomly gets up and wanders around the house. When I go see what she is doing, she has a very confused glazed look. So, she went to the vet on Thursday, and the techs and vet noticed that she was different too. Dr. M made a potential diagnosis of GME.

Granulomatous meningoencephalomyelitis (GME) is an inflammatory disease of the central nervous system (CNS) that leads to the formation of granuloma(s) —  a ball-like collection of immune cells formed when the immune system tries to wall off foreign substances — which can be localized, diffused, or involving multiple locations, such as the brain, spinal cord and surrounding membranes (meninges).


  • Blindness
  • Drowsiness -check!
  • Circling -wandering? check!
  • Seizures -check!
  • Behavioral changes -check!
  • Weakness of hind limbs (parapresis) -check!
  • Weakness of all four limbs (tetraparesis)
  • Constant head pressing against objects

Dr. M wasn’t positive though, and testing would include a MRI which is thousands of dollars…something the rescue can’t afford. The partner vet at the practice has had a dog die from GME, so Dr. M asked that I bring Symone back again on Friday, for a second opinion.

July 002

So, Symone spent a second day at the vet today. The other vet, Dr. D actually thought Symone was drugged when she first saw her; that’s how sleepy and glazed she looked. She checked Symone out, and thinks that while GME is possible, it could also just be seizures. Now, what is causing those seizures? Brain tumor? Genetics? GME? We really don’t know right now. So their plan is to start her on a very low dose of seizure meds, and wait two weeks (that’s how long it takes the medication to be at a therapeutic level). If I notice a change, and she is getting more like her old self, then it is likely that it is not GME, and she can be managed with the medication. If there is no change, then the changes are not from the seizures. They will then begin to treat her for GME, which includes lots of steroids. There is no cure for GME, and with her age, it’s not a good diagnosis, that’s for sure. So hopefully it is just the seizures, as dogs can live with them for a long time, and medication can manage them, at least for a little while.

July2014 040

We’ll wait to see how the next two weeks ago, and what the treatment plan is, to decide whether we will continue with looking for a forever home. If it’s seizures that can be managed, then we’ll keep searching for that perfect retirement home! If not, well we’ll deal with that when the time comes. She has a place in my home for as long as she needs it!

So, that’s that. Please keep Lady Symone in your thoughts over the next couple of weeks, and pray for improvements!

Have a great weekend, friends!