Flowers & Bugs, Oh My.

Poor Tulip has some health issues going on! It all happened in the last 24 hours, although I’m sure it’s been going on inside of her, for much longer.


Basically she was having some bowel issues, that I won’t bother going into detail about, which I noticed yesterday. A vet appointment was made for this morning, for her to get checked out.


When I went to pick her up, I found out what was going on with her. Poor girl has ear mites, hook worms, and a yeast infection. She was given meds for all of it, including one to help her tummy troubles. The vet also noticed a small mass near her front left elbow, which is believed to be a BB pellet. Yup, another hunting dog, dumped in the woods, starved and shot at. There are just no words.


Tooley already seems to feel better after one dose of the meds, and her playful personality has never wavered!

If you would like to donate towards Tooley’s care, or if you’d like to add her to your family, please email us at!

Goodnight friends!



Wordless Wednesday (umm, sorta!)

Seriously…is she not the cutest thing ever?! I can’t understand why Stella has not been adopted yet, or why we haven’t at least gotten more inquiries on her. She has a gorgeous brindle coloring; she’s sweet, smart, and goofy. She is well behaved, and loves dogs, cats, and kids. What more could you want in a puppy?!



Please share Stella with anyone you know who might be looking for a new furry friend! Contact Last Hope Rescue at, to adopt!



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Today I am going to shamelessly plug my blog…but, I will also promote a few other things that I like, just so that it isn’t ALL about me!

Charlie-Big beautiful boy, looking for a new home
Charlie-Big beautiful boy, looking for a new home


So, first things first, my blog…I started this blog to share my foster experiences. I wanted to be able to get my foster dog’s face out there. I mean, how amazing would it be if someone adopted a dog because they saw him/her on MY blog! Of course, I also talk about my own dogs, and things going on with them. The thing is, if I don’t have followers, and people sharing, then what’s the point of writing? I genuinely enjoy this blog, more than I thought I would actually. I try to write about things that other dog lovers would be interested in, while promoting fostering and adopting. But, I need people to respond when I ask for advice; I need people to share, when I’m posting an adoptable dog; I need people to get something out of what I write.  The biggest compliment for a blogger is their posts being shared, especially if it is in another blogger’s post. So, today I am asking you to please share me! You can look through my posts and share a specific one, or you can just share the main link: If you get this through email, then you can just forward it to some fellow dog-lovin friends. You could say something like “Hey! I have this fab friend that writes a blog. Check it out & follow her!” Or if you know of anyone looking for a new furry friend, you can say “Hey! Check out Tails of a Foster Mom. It’s a blog, and features adoptable dogs!” If you are a fellow blogger, you could link to my page. Maybe something like “Hey readers, I am awesome, therefore I have awesome blogger friends, here is one in particular…” And if you are on facebook, you can easily hit the “Share” button & then you are sharing it with the 3,457 friends you have! You get the point, right? I have 68 followers now, so just imagine how many I could have if each one of you shared my blog just one time! So please, please, please share my blog with someone today! I would be forever grateful!

Spot-still in search of a loving, forever home
Spot-still in search of a loving, forever home

Ok, now for some things I like…

Another blogger friend, Dream Big, Bark Loudly, does these posts on Wednesdays called “We Want it Wednesdays.” (Super cute idea!) She recently did a post about this website, Pop Doggie, that has THE cutest magnets (and other products)! For example, the magnet I really want to get has a pit bull and says “Aggressive cuddler”…sounds like my Oscar, that’s for sure! You can also get custom made prints of your own dog. Another great feature is that you can go directly to your breed, and see all of the things they have! They really have some cute stuff, so you should check them out!

Wrangler. How could you give up on that face?!
Wrangler. How could you give up on that face?!


Last Hope Rescue: I have been fostering for a year now, and have learned SO much about the rescue business. I have helped with events, done home visits, checked adoption applications, and even helped with tax stuff. I have learned why things are done the way they are, and why certain dogs are pulled for rescue vs the million others that are out there. I truly believe in Last Hope Rescue. It is a great organization, with an amazing group of volunteers, all working together for the best interest of the dogs. I can’t say enough good things about them!


Hope-a stray bulldog, rescued and being nursed back to 100% health! (I helped named her!) :)
Hope-a stray bulldog, rescued and being nursed back to 100% health! (I helped name her!) 🙂


And my most favorite bulldog picture that I have found online yet! It cracks me up every time…and it kind of goes with the whole “share me!” theme….




*All dogs shown in this post are available for adoption through Last Hope Rescue. Contact me if you would like to make one of them a part of your family!

And don’t forget to share!!!!!!!!! 🙂





Have you seen my mind, because I seem to have lost it….


I am going to start out by venting…but stick with me, I promise I won’t be whining the whole time!

I work from home, so generally I am with the dogs all day long, other than running an errand here and there. Last night I had an educational seminar to go to though. I was gone maybe 3.5 hours. When I came home, I walked in the door to smell that wonderful pungent smell. That one that all of us dog owners know. It was clear, one of the dogs had some sort of bathroom issue.

Now, to take you back a day or two…Oscar has not been feeling well lately. He was pretty much behaving normal, eating fine, etc. But all of a sudden, he was having diarrhea. Because I know that fosters in the past have gotten intestinal parasites from my yard, and knowing how easily contracted they can be, I called the vet to see if I could drop off a fecal sample. I did…they tested it…and yup, Oscar has hook worms. Ugh! He pretty much made it outside every time, but has had an accident or two in the house.

Moving on to the next dog…Shiloh is a nervous pee-er. If I go to put her leash on, she pees. When I bend down to open her crate, she pees. Seriously, she pees all the time. Now, this is a habit that she will grow out of as she matures. But I won’t have her when she matures…I have her now. And I am cleaning up pee. all. the. time. Shiloh’s next issue: she had her spay surgery yesterday. She seemed a little loopy when I first picked her up, but was quickly feeling better by the evening. She took her pain meds fine, and was wiggly and happy as ever. Then came the diarrhea.

Yup….two dogs, one house, lots of poop. (Oh, and now Lucy has soft stools…say a prayer for me…)

So back to last night’s lovely smell…I figured it was Shiloh, since Oscar was feeling better. And, I was right. Shiloh is pretty much potty trained, and she is 100% crate trained..any idea where I am going with this?? Being the good, smart girl that she is, she didn’t want to go potty in her crate. No, of course not! So where did she go? She apparently positioned herself, so that she went outside of the crate…on my carpet…and walls…and baseboards.

I wasn’t mad of course. She can’t help that she isn’t feeling well, and neither can Oscar. But as I sat there cleaning the crate, and my room, my sweet boy Oscar sat there with me..staring. (I wish I had my phone, because he was so cute!) Usually he’d be trying to get into the crate, or he’d be crawling in my lap, licking my face, etc. But he quietly just sat there, with this strange look, waiting for me to be done. He was sharing in my misery. Misery loves company, right? While having this pity party, I thought to myself: Seriously. Can’t I catch a break here. I signed up to do this crap (haha) for my dogs. For better or for worse, I am committed to MY dogs. I will do whatever I can to care for them. But why I am doing this for, essentially, someone else’s dog? Why am I doing the hard part, when someone else will then get to adopt the perfectly precious, potty & crate trained, (mostly) well behaved dog? Why am I on my hands and knees, cleaning yet another potty accident, that is from a dog that is not mine? I don’t get paid for this shit (again, haha). I don’t get a doggie lifetime of love from this particular dog, so…why am I doing this exactly?

And then, I looked over at my Oscar again, and I chuckled to myself…if I weren’t fostering, I would never have come across this adorable, sweet, bratty, loving, sneaky, goofy pocket pit bull. While I can’t know for SURE, I am pretty certain he would no longer be alive, if it weren’t for me (and Last Hope Rescue, of course). We asked, and no one had even inquired about pulling him.


So, I ended my pity party and I got over myself. Fostering saves lives. It is a fact. OscarShilohWickettChelseaSassyLolaTobyPetey. All of these sweet pups are alive because of a rescue group, and because of a foster home. And there are SO many other lives that have been saved, all because someone was willing to open their home to a dog that did not belong to them. A dog that was bound to have some sort of issue. A dog that they would eventually have to say goodbye to.

Why foster

Fostering is not easy. You may have a dog that has an issue, and is high maintenance. Or you may have a dog that is laid back, and easy. You may fall in love, and then you are heart broken to say good bye. You will have to rearrange your personal schedule to make trips to the vet, and for meet and greets. You will have to screen potential adopters. You may even have to clean up poop, and wash sheets and towels a million times. It’s never simple. But, you have just changed the whole world for that dog. And, for that new family too. You have saved a life of a loyal, loving, forgiving, sweet dog. A dog that will remember you forever, and will show it every time she sees you in the future. A dog that will now get to live a full and happy life with a wonderful family….And THAT makes it all worth it.

Awards! Yippee!

Hello friends! It seems I have received an award from my fellow bloggers…twice! That’s right, I received the same award from two different blogger friends! Back when I first started blogging, I got a fun award called The Leibster Blog Award. Ever since then, I’ve wondered how this blogging award thing goes. I’m not sure who starts it, or if there is an “award season” perhaps?! Nevertheless, I have received my second award, and I am so appreciative. Now with blog awards, there comes a few rules, so here they are:

1. Display the award logo on your blog.

Drum roll please….


2. Link back to the person who nominated you.

-I was nominated by two lovely ladies, Mariah & Shalini. They both foster for Last Hope Rescue, and they are both bloggers! Mariah’s blog is funny and light-hearted, as she tells about adventures with her pups, life as a vegan, and everything in between. Check out her blog HERE. Shalini’s blog is all about her adorable lab, and their adventures together! You can follow her blogs HERE. Thanks for the nominations, ladies!!! {{{virtual hugs!}}}

3. Nominate 10 others you see as having an impact on your wordpress experience.

Ok, now on to 10 blogs that impact my wordpress experience:

Temporary Home, Permanent Love: This is the girl that started it all for me! This blog is written by my friend, Morgan. She is a board member for Last Hope Rescue, a foster mom, a newly wed, and (sadly for me) a new resident to Jacksonville, FL. She has a big heart, a love for bully’s, and wants to change the world, one dog at a time! She inspired me to start my blog, too! If you haven’t checked out her blog from the many other times I’ve mentioned her, you should definitely do so now!

Grimm’s Furry Tail: This is my most favorite blog to read! She always has the funniest pictures, and tells of hilarious stories of her doggie adventures. Grimm, Zella, & Rufus are always up to something!

Queen’s Pits: I found this blogger, after she found me! She is a pit lover, and we always seem to have similar stories of the goofy things our dogs do. Stop by her blog to read about her FIVE gorgeous puppers!

Dream Big, Bark Loudly: First of all, just the name alone is fantastic & I’m jealous that I didn’t think of it first! This is a fellow blogger and foster doggie mom. She also used to work at Doggie Dayz, where I’ve taken many of my foster pups!

Wayward Dogs: I came across this blog, because another blogger linked a story to it. This blogger is a foster doggie mom, and she had to make a heart-wrenching decision to put a dog down, after there were several instances of him attempting to bite. Reading her story brought me to tears, and I immediately clicked the “Follow” button, and have been reading ever since! If you would like to read that story, check it out here.

Our Waldo Bungie: This is the blog I mentioned above, that lead me to Wayword Dogs. I can’t remember how I came across this blog, but it is a great one! She currently has the MOST adorable foster pup right now, named Moby. Check out all of his awesome adventures by following her blog!

And Foster Makes Five: In this blog, you can read all about the adorable pittie girl, Georgia, who went from foster pup to beloved perma-dog! As well as her pup-siblings, Tonka & Gaige, too!

Adventures of a Dog Mom: This doggie mom has two of the cutest labs you’ve ever seen! She is always posting adorably sweet pictures of them, as well as some great quotes and general life happenings!

Ok so, I know I’m supposed to do 10…but, that’s a lot, and I wanted to include the blogs that I do actually read and follow, so that’s all for now!

4th & final rule! Let your 10 Family members know you have awarded them.

I hope everyone is having a great week! Oscar has been having such a blast at my parent’s house, getting to run free in the dried up lake, and chase the ducks! We miss our Lucy girl, but I know she is being spoiled at my best friend’s house in Jacksonville! I’ll post pics of our adventures soon! Until then, good night! 🙂

(Almost!) Wordless Wednesday

So, I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers do a Wordless Wednesday post, where they just share a picture(s), and don’t say much. I’ve decided today, on this windy gloomy gray day, I will join in on the weekly tradition. So, here are a few of my favorite pictures from my past foster pups. Enjoy! 🙂












Sassy & Oscar









Oscar’s Loving Stares

Oscar is the little disabled pup that I have been fostering. I think I briefly mentioned him before. He was pulled from a shelter on one of his last days. No one was stepping up for him, so I begged & offered to take him. He was clearly severely malnourished as a pup, and maybe abused as well. He is a little pocket pit! He is about a year old, very short and about 30 lbs. He is well behaved, crate & potty trained, and even knows “sit” & “down”. I would assume this means he WAS someone’s pet…so who knows what he’s been through in the first 11 months of his life. Since I have had him, he has really come out of his shell. He has no fear of anyone or thing. He loves to play with rope toys, tossing them in the air and chasing after them. Though he does limp, and can’t put much weight on his left front leg, he keeps up with the big dogs. I’ve started taking him for short walks (and by short, I mean like 10 mins long). He does ok on them, but gets tired very quickly. On the way back, I have to coax him along to get back home. He doesn’t show any signs of pain though, so I am hoping it is just endurance that needs to be strengthened. I hate leaving him home when I take Lucy to the park! So anyway, I have said before, I think rescued dogs somehow know that they have been given another chance, and this is still true with Oscar.  He follows me around every where I go, likes to be cuddled up as close as can be…he also lovingly stares. I know he isn’t sleeping because he blinks, and every so often will look away. He does this ALL the time. Here are some pictures of his stares, caught in action!


























here he is staring at Lucy…



and my favorite one, because it looks like he is actually smiling….


So, some of you that read this are also doggie foster moms. Do you believe that the dogs in your life have been thankful for the chance you have given them?