Letting Go of the Past

A couple of months ago I wrote a post about dogs and religion. (Read it here, if you missed it!) Today, I am writing on a similar topic.

Our pastor of Emerge Church started a series yesterday, on “From Here to There.” Basically, it is about how we can let go of our past, be mindful of the present, and work towards the future. While our past can mold us, it can also hold us back (wise words from Pastor Wade!). Many times, when things are happening to us, we find someone or something to blame it on…”well, he did that to me so now I can’t do this…” or “she lied and hurt me, so now I can’t trust…” This is holding you back from moving on. You are so focused on the past, that 1-you are missing out on the present, and 2-you aren’t moving on for the future. How will you ever get to a better place, whether it be financially, relationships, friendships, career, etc, if you aren’t working on improving, and getting past the past?! We are supposed to live and learn, right?

Spot-ditched and neglected, yet loving, loyal, and sweet
Spot-ditched and neglected, yet loving, loyal, and sweet!

This sermon of course, got me thinking about dogs. (These days, I swear I’m ALWAYS thinking of dogs!) Dogs are amazing. They love unconditionally; they are loyal, comforting, and entertaining. If you have ever had the privilege of fostering/owning a rescue dog, you know that there is something even MORE special about these particular dogs. I am positive that somehow they know that they’ve been given another chance at life. I don’t know to what extent they understand, or how they know, but they do.

Daddy-living life in a kennel, yet still sweet and playful!

Like Pastor Wade said, it’s all about letting go of the past. And dogs are extraordinarily good at this. They’ve been dumped, ditched, bruised, neglected. Yet somehow they get past this, and they can still be loving, sweet, loyal companions. Sure, sometimes it takes them a little while to get over the hurt they’ve been through…just as it does for us. We put up walls, avoid getting close to others, don’t take chances at promotions, all because of things we’ve been through. Dogs do the same. The difference is that they DO get over it. They truly forgive and forget.

Keller-dumped and moved around, yet playful and fun!


So why can’t we always do the same? Maybe because we are emotional creatures…although, it has been reported on more than one occasion, that a dog has passed away of a broken heart. They often console their owner, sensing when they are sad and in need of a loving touch. But maybe it’s because they don’t process emotions like we do? They don’t have the same thought process as us?


Paulie-ditched and starved, yet sweet and so loving!


This concept is something I need to work on. I am sensitive, and as much as I hate to admit it, I do hold grudges. I get my feelings hurt, and I don’t forget about it. Especially if the hurt is by a friend. The ones you love the most, can definitely hurt you the worst. The things Pastor Wade said really hit home for me, and that is what led me to thinking about rescue dogs. I want to live my life more like a dog…forgiving and forgetting, happy go lucky, loving, and loyal. I am going to try to start being in the present, and moving towards the future. And in the meantime, I will continue opening my home to these amazing beings, and learning lessons that only they can teach.

Hambone-used and abused, yet loval and loving!
Hambone-used and abused, yet loyal and loving!



*All of the dogs in this post are available for adoption through Last Hope Rescue. Please message me if you are interested in giving any of them a fur-ever home!