Millionaire needed. 

Recently I made the mistake of stopping by the shelter (to drop off a food donation), so the kiddo and I went back to see the kitties and pups. *Sigh* I don’t know why I do this to myself. There were so many bullys. It sucks. I just hate it. There is no other way to describe it. My heart sinks more & more, as I walk by each kennel and see another blocky head staring up at me, tail thumping, tongue sticking through the metal gate, just craving attention and love.

I have said many times before, if I could have an entire farm of Oscar’s, I would. I don’t understand why there are SO many dogs that look exactly like him. I rarely see dogs that look that similar to Lucy. But there are DOZENS of Oscar look-alikes.

who me? No one iz lookz like me, maz!
who me? No one iz lookz like me, maz!

Right now, there are at least two dogs at the Tallahassee shelter who look like Oscar…act like Oscar…LOVE like Oscar.

WHY can’t I have them all? I would love them. And squeeze them. And hold them tight. Forever and ever and ever.


So, if you know of a millionaire looking for a wife, send him my way. Because I’m single and ready to mingle…with millionaires!

Until then though…I guess I will have to keep sharing and networking and begging for other people to go adopt these guys. Please please please share a dog in need today! It might seem silly or pointless to you. But I PROMISE you, the more “views” that dog gets, the better he/she has of getting out of that shelter and into a cozy forever home. So, go ahead & click that share button now!!!

Tallahassee Shelter’s adoptable pets:

Last Hope Rescue’s adoptable pets:


Editing fun!

I’ve been having fun with PicMonkey, editing some pics of the pups & kiddo. So, I thought I’d share…

Oscar3 JayandLucy JayandOscar Jayden Tooley2b Oscar2



My previous foster, Hambone, and current foster, Tooley!
My previous foster, Hambone, and current foster, Tooley!

We’re heading out on our family vacation tomorrow, which means I’ll be away from my puppers for a whole week! Thankfully, I have a great pet sitter who comes and stays at the house, sends me lots of pictures, and has vet tech experience, so that at least helps with having to leave them. I’ll probably post a time or two while we are away, if I get some good pictures of the wild animals that we’re hoping to see. So, stay tuned for animal-but-not-dog related posts!

Bye Friends! 


Adopt, Adopt, Adopt!!

If you are in Tallahassee, you probably have heard about the big cat rescue that happened. Due to the shelter getting custody of over 80 cats, they are having an emergency cat adoption event this weekend. All cats are updated on vaccines, fixed, and micro-chipped…and FREE!

Here’s the news story if you’re interested: read here.

So I went in to the shelter, to help for a couple of hours. Of course, I love the dogs, and many of the volunteers were focused on the cats and customer service, so I spent most off time with the pups. Though, I did meet some of the kitties, and they are pretty precious too!

Here are the pups I met today. Remember they are all in need of homes, so please share!!









Click HERE to check out all of the available animals at the shelter!

If you have any questions about the pups in this post, let me know. And PLEASE SHARE!!!!

Have a great weekend, friends!


I love weekends.

My sweetness, Oscar, has been having a rough time with those bum legs of his. Ever since Tooley as arrived, it has just been too much for him. I can’t let him outside with her to play, because she is a rough and tumble girl! Oscar is still ok to play with Lucy because she really only plays with her paws. She doesn’t wrestle around, and plow into him at full speed like Tooley. His left shoulder seems to be the main issue, and some days it is worse than others. This means there has been very little skills practice (did I ever mention that he is in an advanced training class?!), and no doggie daycare, and no walks. He keeps going to his leash and pawing at the wall, giving me those sad “Mama, why can’t we go for walkies” eyes.

So anyway, Saturday it was a gorgeous day and Oscar was filled with energy. I figured I’d pull out the kiddie pool and hose, and let him play! This way it was at least controlled, and just 15 minutes or so usually wears him out. The dogs also usually play independently with the water, so there wouldn’t be an wrestling or anything. Of course, this all didn’t matter and his leg was sore once again after play time…but, at least he had a great time!? Here are some pictures from our fun weekend. 🙂

April 2014 069 April 2014 072 April 2014 075 April 2014 076 April 2014 084 April 2014 085 April 2014 152April 2014 088 April 2014 148  April 2014 213April 2014 215


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook (Tails of a Foster Mom), and Twitter (@FosterMomTails).

Goodnight, Friends!


You are what you eat…

Ever since I adopted Oscar, I’ve been working on getting him as healthy and strong as he can be. I’ve done all sorts of research about foods, vegetables, supplements, vitamins…the list goes on. Of course, for me, money is a factor. I wanted to give the dogs a good decent food, but didn’t want to break the bank either! I wanted to help Oscar and Lucy’s joints, while making their coats shiny and soft. I also want to give them anything that can keep away the dreaded “C” word, that so many dogs pass away from.

iPhone pictures 027

Lucy has random dry flaky bumps. It seems to possibly be allergy related, but not bad enough to do testing on her. Oscar has a flaky dull coat, thanks to his past malnutrition. So, I have been adding veggies and fruits to their diet on a regular basis. I have a juicer, which is a great way to get these foods chopped up! I also like to freeze fruits, especially blueberries and strawberries. These are great treats for them on hot days, and they are filled with antioxidants, and supposedly might help fight off cancer. I give them carrots too, which is great for getting tartar off of their teeth and freshening their breath!

Jan2014 031

Here’s a good list of 10 Human Foods Dogs Can Eat:

I also heard that Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) works wonders for dogs. Actually it has major benefits for humans, too! I spoke to a few people about this, including a local pet store, all of whom highly recommended ACV. Specifically, it has to be the Apple Cider Vinegar Organic with the “mother.” (That’s the dark colored substance within the cider. Apparently that is what has a lot of the nutrients!) ACV helps with dandruff, yeast infections (think skin, people), eases arthritis, clears up urinary tract infections, and it is a natural flea repellent…those are just a few of the benefits! I researched this online as well, finding many websites that recommended ACV. As with all things, there are also people that don’t believe in the benefits, but I didn’t find anything that said it could be harmful.

iPhone pictures 107

So, I changed their food to Taste of the Wild’s Pacific Salmon, and I began using the ACV. (I actually wish I would have started them separately to prove the positive benefits, but…I didn’t, so oh well!) After about two weeks, I noticed a definite difference in Oscar’s coat. It is shiny, less flaky (although not completely free of flakes but a major improvement), and he is all in all less itchy!

March 2014 145

I have also noticed that Lucy no longer has any of those dry flaky bumps! In fact, I accidentally ran out of their food, so I used some left over won’t-be-named-brand, just for one day, and they both experienced some itchiness and bumps, which I can only assume was from that food. In general, the benefits of the ACV are within their bodies, but seeing this wonderful change in their skin and fur, has me convinced that this is a great combo for them! I have also started giving Tooley the ACV, since she needs all the help she can get, after starving out in the woods. Interestingly, all of the dogs seem to really love it! I thought, at least Lucy, would turn up her nose because of the smell, but she literally licks her bowl to get every last drop! (Oscar does too, but he’d eat ANY thing!) So, there ya go!

Jan2014 036

Do you give your dogs fruits and veggies? Supplements? ACV? Please share your experiences. I’d love to hear them!

Goodnight friends, from my pack to yours! 



*Everything stated in this blog is of my own personal opinion. I was not asked or paid to endorse any specific products. You know your dog best, and you should consult your veterinarian regarding any questions about your pet’s care and well being. I recommend always doing research, and seeking advice from fellow pet professionals, before trying anything new! 

Is a stray a stray?

Have you ever wondered how a stray became a stray? I often wonder this, especially when volunteering at the local animal shelter. The shelter indicates on the kennel card, if the dog was an owner surrender or a stray. I am always interested in the background of a dog, where they came from, what we know about them…but what always gets me the most, is the dogs that come in as full grown adults, but are listed as strays.


Take Pace, for example. You may remember Pace, as I’ve mentioned him many many times (here, here, here!) He was at the shelter, estimated to be 2 years old, and was listed as a stray. He was a healthy weight, showed no fear towards dogs or humans. He obviously didn’t just appear out of nowhere. He’s too old to have been born and living in the woods. Where did he come from? Was he lost? He didn’t know any obedience, but he adores people, and he’s great in a car…what does his past hold? Pace was in the shelter for a few months, and just when his time was running out and the shelter was over crowded, Last Hope Rescue was able to save him. Now he waits…

photo 2 (21)

This awesome guy is Snowman. He is a GORGEOUS, unbelievably sweet American Bulldog. (Well, the shelter has him as a pit bull, but it is clear to me that he is American Bulldog!) He also happens to be deaf. He is adoptable through the Tallahassee Animal shelter, and he is listed as a stray. A deaf bulldog, estimated to be 3 years old…as a stray? He is also quite skinny, but I’m not really certain how long they have to be fending for themselves before they lose weight. Not long, I am sure. Knowing how cruel and irresponsible people can be, I assume an owner decided that they couldn’t deal with him being deaf, so they dumped him somewhere. That is just my judgmental assumption though. I can not put into words just how sweet this dog is. He is pretty good on a leash, and he likes to walk right next to you, touching your leg. He also already knows “sit” in sign language, AND when you tap him on the nose, he looks right into your eyes, every time. So…then…maybe he did belong to someone, and he’s just lost??

photo 1 (22) photo 3 (14)

Next adorable adoptable….this is Daddy. He is an American Bulldog, adoptable through Last Hope Rescue. He was found in Georgia as a stray, with two female pups who were believed to be his offspring. This dog is SUCH a good boy! He is well behaved, loves car rides. He’s laid back, and just adores humans, kids included. Daddy is happiest when in someone’s lap…yep, he’s a 60 lb lap dog! Again, where did he come from? Were he and his pups dumped?

Daddy IMG_4567




There are hundreds of thousands of dogs around the country, just like these three lovable pups. Dogs that somehow became strays, land in shelters, and then await their fate. Are they lost, with a family missing them? Were they mistreated and neglected, and finally got away from a bad situation, just to end up in a kill shelter? Then there are the dogs that are found by Good Samaritan’s, and kept as a new dog. No collar, no micro chip, no way of being returned to a rightful owner. Thanks to social media, people have a way of listing a lost or found dog, like on this page: Lost and Found Pets of Tallahassee . But what about those that don’t use social media? They don’t see a “Lost” poster any where, no tags or collar, and they like the dog, so they keep it. Can you blame them?


March 2014 145My Oscar was picked up as a stray too. It was clear that he has been mistreated and neglected, but still, how had he become a stray?

I know we will likely never have the answer, but I hope this serves as a reminder for all pet owners. Please, get your pets micro-chipped and keep their tags on and current. You may think your dog will never be lost, will never go away from you. But what if they are stolen? What if they are being watched by a pet sitter, and they get scared and run? Do you really want to take the chance of your pet ending up in a kill shelter? I know I don’t.

Drama in Helping the Homeless

When I joined the rescue world, I started out as just a foster. I attended events and asked the boss ladies lots of questions, in order to learn about the rescue. I started to become more involved, by helping in any way I could. Eventually I was checking adoption applications, helping with home visits, and then I had the opportunity to run the social media for the rescue. Social media is a fascinating thing. It can be a wonderful tool. It’s a way to keep in touch with friends, see pictures of vacations, and kids. You can also follow people that have similar hobbies. I started following local shelters, rescues, any local businesses that had to do with dogs basically. I also quickly unfollowed those sites that like to count down the days until a dog is going to be put down. The ones that use big bold lettering, begging you to save this poor soul from death. I understand why they do it. I appreciate their urgency. But, for me, I just can’t take it. I have learned how bad it is out there. I know that I will never be able to help every dog in need. I will never  understand why people abuse helpless animals. I don’t need the sad, sweet faces of urgent dogs shoved down my social media throat. That is one great reason to follow rescues. In general, rescues don’t use those dramatic techniques to obtain adoptions. Usually, once a dog is in a rescue, they are safe, so while they might be in need of adoptions, the pups aren’t urgent like they are in shelters. (I’m not saying that you shouldn’t follow or network for shelters. There are just certain ones that are too hard for me, personally, to follow.)

photo 3 (12)
Sweet Stella

If you ever follow any of these pages, you might have seen the negative comments. And if you haven’t seen them, well you probably just aren’t looking hard enough. For example, there is a page called Taters Time to Shine.
It is run by a young girl, and her adventures as a pittie mama, an animal advocate, as well as a few other positive things. She often shares adorable pictures of her dog, Tater. He is her service dog, and he is a great example of what a pit bull-type dog can be. He is always smiling, running around playing, having a great time! Apparently she has recently experienced social media bullying. I don’t know the specifics, and I do not know this young lady, nor do I know the people involved. I am only stating things that I have read. The things that have been said to her are things like Tater looks vicious in his pictures because his teeth are showing, alluding to the fact that she isn’t a good pit bull advocate because of these pictures. Now, I don’t know about you, but have you ever seen a happy dog smiling withOUT showing their teeth?!? I sure haven’t! She has experienced such meanness lately that she was considering taking her page down.

Bonded hubby & wife, Izzy and Trooper (seriously, they even had puppies together!)

There is a story going around right now about a rescue in California, who refuses to return a dog to it’s owner. Basically, the dog was lost for a short period of time, and while the owner was searching, the pup ended up in the hands of a rescue. The rescue then adopted the dog out. On the same day of the adoption, they were contacted by the original owner, wanting her dog back. The rescue took the stance that they had already completed the adoption, and they didn’t feel the owner tried hard enough, so they were not going to give the dog back. There is a lot of he said/she said involved, and several different opinions about who is right. As I was reading the story on another dog-related site, I started reading the comments. Complete strangers, who have no relation to the people involved, were being so incredibly nasty to each other. Fighting over the points they each were trying (and failing) to make. If someone said they thought the owner should be given the dog back, someone would follow it up by calling them an idiot (with a few other choice words mixed in). I can’t understand this.

(Here’s one of the many articles about this situation: click here.)

Lover boy Pace
Lover boy Pace

As I was scrolling through those comments, just about to move on to something else, I saw a comment that caught my eye. Someone was saying that this behavior was typical of rescues, that they have tried adopting through a rescue before but they asked too many personal questions, like their past pet history. A rescue…adopting out dogs that humans have already failed at least once…asking about the care you provided your previous pets…gasp! Craziness! 

Bootsie, LHR's first Jacksonville adoptable!
Bootsie, LHR’s first Jacksonville adoptable!

I don’t get people who are argumentative just to be mean. People who look for the bad, negative things in all situations. I am not saying don’t be opinionated. It’s ok to be passionate, to be an advocate for whatever you believe in. But why do we treat each other like this? Especially in the rescue business, shouldn’t we be working together? People are often bashing rescues for taking too long to get back to them, for adoption fees being too much, for asking too many questions on an application, or even for declining an adopter. These haters don’t consider the history of the dog, the things we’ve seen, the amount of care, vetting, and love we have put into the dog.

Rosette-This is Stella's mama, and she needs a home too!
Rosette-This is Stella’s mama, and she needs a home too!

Surprisingly, there is drama within the rescue business too, meaning between rescues and within rescues. This is not including Last Hope Rescue. I can honestly say that while of course there are difference of opinions, and people getting stressed out about things, etc. There is really never any drama between the LHR board members. We work well together, we help, we reach out to each other. We have the same passion, and we do what we need to do to continue our rescue efforts. Sadly, this is not the case between other rescues. That kind of drama, whether it is within the rescue or towards people reaching out to the rescue for adoption or assistance, is what spoils people’s opinion of rescuing. As members of the rescue community, we should be putting our judgmental opinions aside, and helping the animals. THAT is what we are supposed to be doing. Helping the animals who have already been failed by someone else. We are their bridge, from hell to happiness. That might mean dealing with a clueless owner, or rude adopters, but we should remain polite and professional. Because if we aren’t, we are ultimately hurting the animals.

We should be educators. We should be helpers. We should be rescuers.


All of the dogs pictured in this post are in need of forever homes. Please contact, if you are interested in adding one of these wonderful pups to your family! 

*Disclaimer: Other than the specific pages or rescues mentioned, I am not speaking of any particular page, rescue, or person. Everything I’ve said is my own opinion, stated in my personal blog. I always welcome comments and opinions, however any negative/rude comments will be immediately removed.