New Year Resolutions

It’s that time again…time when many people begin to make resolutions. Choosing things they want to accomplish over the next year.

I could say the typical things, like lose weight & save money…which ARE on the list, but I also thought I’d share some other things on my list…


-sign up to volunteer on the Animal Rescue Team for the Humane Society-this means I’d get to deploy on their missions when they have a need

-continue working on Oscar’s training. I want him to be the best pibble around of course! I really want to get him to stop licking on command, and to stay put in the kitchen until I release him to visit friends.

-teach the dogs to ring a bell when they want to go out. They’ve already ruined one set of curtains by scratching them too much when they want to go out!


-I’d also like to try out making some doggie treats at home. They are so much healthier!

-Walk Oscar more in public places. This really goes along with his training, but he needs more practice in walking by people and dogs without reacting (whether it be barking, or just wanting to cover them in slobbery kisses!)

Those are just a few of the things I’d like to accomplish in the coming year. What about you? What are your goals for 2015, dog related or not?

IMG_2583 IMG_2571

Goodnight friends! 



Obedience Training!

Oscar & I started obedience classes last week with Bark Busters, and so far so good!

First he went to Mojo’s Backyard for a half day of doggie daycare. I figured this would help get his energy out, so he’d be good and tired for his first class. I was quite nervous about dropping him off, since I know he can be rude sometimes. But the manager, Megan (also Hambone’s mom!) was absolutely wonderful and took him back to do introductions. Oscar had a FAB time, made a new bestie who also looks like his twin, and he was completely tuckered out!! Mojo’s also sent home a first day report card, as well as an adorable post card with pictures of Oscar! Pawsome!!! 🙂

Oscar & his new BFF, Gracie!
*Picture courtesy of Mojo’s Backyard*


So tired!!
So tired!!

After Oscar took a well needed nap at home, it was time for our first class! The very first people we saw as we pulled up was none other than my favorite past foster, Lola, and her family! I didn’t allow Oscar to say hello to anyone though, and just walked him around a bit. Thanks to being tired out, there was no silliness, no barking, and no pulling from him! Then we saw another past foster, Hambone! Since I know Hambone is as sweet as can be and won’t react to Oscar’s sometimes rude behavior, we went up to say hello. The boys greeted each other in a very friendly manner, so I decided to be next to them, since I couldn’t trust Oscar’s reactions to any of the other dogs.


This first class was all about the history of Bark Busters, as well as everyone introducing ourselves, and stating what we want to get out of the class. My main goals for Oscar are: walking nicely with no pulling, greeting dogs in a friendly manner, and passing the Canine Good Citizen test. To be honest, because Oscar came to me as a puny disabled pup, I have definitely let him get away with some things, and now that he is stronger, healthy, and happy, those habits are an issue…for example, jumping up on people, assuming the couch belongs to him, etc. So all of these things will be worked on too!


Oscar did really well for the entire time, sitting politely and just hanging out. Then at the end, we practiced walking on a leash. The goal is to have the dog right next to you, no pulling, and no going crazy when a dog or person walks by you. Oscar accomplished this, and did an AWESOME job! I was so proud! And everyone else that I saw was doing a great job too! Lola’s sister, Yage, even got to be an example dog in front of everyone, and she was perfection!

My past foster babies, Hambone & Lola!!


Our homework for this week was to read through some paperwork about how to pass the CGC test, and to practice leash walking. Oscar & I have been practicing, and will continue to do so until our next class on Thursday!

Lola1At the end of class, we got close enough to Lola so I could say goodbye, but Oscar was not very polite! I swear he must know how much I love her or something?! So, Lola’s lovely dad offered to take Oscar for a little walk while I got some Lola lovin…seriously, do they not sound like the MOST awesome people?! At the risk of making them feel the need for a restraining order, I will just simply say that it was so wonderful to see her, and having the little Lola Bean cover me in slobbery kisses made for a wonderful end to the night! 🙂

I am looking forward to this week’s class, and I can’t wait to see what Oscar will learn throughout the training!