Hound Dogs and Bulldogs

Hello friends!

So, I have some news. Nothing as exciting as adoptions, but news nonetheless!

First things first, Tooley has gone to a new foster home. It is very very rare that I would ever agree to one of my fosters going to a new foster home, but I truly think this will be a great setting for Tooley. I am going out of town for a week for work, so she would have had to go somewhere while I was gone. There is a guy from the doggie daycare that she goes to, who loves her but can’t adopt, and he asked about fostering her. So, the timing couldn’t have been better. Tooley knows him well, so I knew she’d be ok. He also has a gorgeous male bloodhound, who also goes to daycare, so Tooley knows and loves him too! Tooley has blossomed in my home, and come a long way. However, she is still a bit shy around men. Lord knows there’s no men comin’ around here.  This guy is also very knowledgeable about dogs, so he can continue helping Tooley in a safe, patient manner. It will help her become more comfortable around men, she’ll continue learning how to share and be in new settings. Also, he lives in an apartment, so we can officially find out how she does without a yard! I think she will be fine, because she can’t be trusted in a yard without supervision anyway (darn hound nose!). So, I took her over to his house last night, and everything went well. The bloodhound, Iggy, is so stinking cute, and was very happy to have Tooley there! And, if it fails, she will come back to me, but I really don’t think it will. Also, we have had THREE inquiries on her this week! Hopefully one of these will work out, and she’ll have a forever home soon! And the rescue will have a new foster home to use!

July 010

Now on to my other foster pup, Symone. She had another “episode” yesterday. I have done some research, contacted her previous owner, and asked some various experts. It seems that she is having head tremors. Her owner said that she has had them before, only 3-4 times in the couple of years that they had her. I also asked Adopt-a-Bull Rescue, who shared a great article with me, and said that tremors are very common in English Bulldogs. I also asked a vet, who’s opinion I trust whole-heartedly, and he said it sounds like petit mal seizures. Soooo…..I don’t know! I obviously am not a vet. It seems like she is having head tremors, not seizures, because during the episodes she can walk, has no distress, breathes normal, and they last almost 15 minutes exactly. In fact, yesterday she literally fell asleep while having the tremors. Unfortunately, there is not all that much info out there regarding tremors, and the way to diagnose it is by ruling out everything else. Symone is considered a senior, so putting her through all kinds of testing is not recommended. So basically, as I said before, the treatment is to monitor her closely, track when they happen & how often. It is concerning that she’s had two w/in a few weeks, unlike when she was with her adopter. Especially since she has adjusted and settled in so well here. Hopefully she still has a happy future, with no pain, being her silly lovable bulldog self!


Well, that’s all of the news from this corner of the world! I have to get Symone over to one of our foster’s house, also a wonderful friend of mine, where she will hang for the week that I am gone.

Have a great weekend, friends! 



PS: Don’t forget! Lucy & Oscar are in the Garden & Gun Magazine 2014 Good Dog Photo contest. Please take a moment to click on the links below, and vote for each of them! You can vote every day, if you feel inclined! Thank you!

Lucy: http://bit.ly/1r1iSxX

Oscar: http://bit.ly/1qrnHNc

Updates Galore!

Hello friends! I thought this would be a good time to update you on some things!

First update…I recently got an email from Shiloh’s mom! It was short & sweet about their first trip to the beach. She said Shiloh had an absolute blast! Updates like this will never get old!


Next update…Petey is back. As previously mentioned here, he was having some issues since being adopted by my brother, and it was determined that he wasn’t the right home for Petey. They arrived on Sunday, and we went straight to a local park so that Oscar could meet Petey while getting his energy out. I’ve learned what Oscar needs when being introduced to new dogs, and the initial meeting went great! We took a walk in the blistering sticky humid heat, and tired the dogs out. Oscar has made Petey his new BFF…I’m not sure sure Petey agrees, but they’ve all been great together!



On to some exciting news! I am officially a Last Hope Rescue board member! This basically means that I have to attend their meetings, vote on things, help with ideas on how to promote our dogs and get fosters, etc. I consider it an honor, and I am happy to help in anyway!!

Hope is adoptable through LHR!
Hope is adoptable through LHR!


Next up! Hambone has been adopted!! (Well, technically he won’t be adopted until this weekend when I go do his adoption, but it’s basically a done deal!) His new foster mom completely fell in love with him and just couldn’t say goodbye. This is truly the perfect home for Hammy, as he gets to have 4 doggie siblings and he’ll go to work with his mama every day!  Hambone’s brother, Sal, has his own FB page where you can see a fab video of them playing! Check it out here!

Hammy & his new brother, Sal
Hammy & his new brother, Sal


Two final things about my Oscar! I told you guys about a contest that Oscar is in. If he is one of the winners, he will get to be in a calendar! So, please take a second to “like” his picture HERE.



and the last thing about him…starting in September, we will be doing obedience classes! I am really excited about this because the trainer comes highly recommended. Plus, dogs adopted through Last Hope get an awesome discount, which is always good! I’ve been practicing basic skills with Oscar for awhile now, and he’s great at “focus”, “sit”, “down”….but there is so much more to perfect. He will also get to test for the Canine Good Citizen test at the end of training, which was a goal of mine when I adopted him!

Ok, that’s all for tonight! Kinda boring, I know, but things that I felt I should update you on!  Thanks for reading!