Oscar¬†has officially been a part of the family for two years! His “Gotcha Day” was on the 11th, but I was in Mexico so he’s forgiven me for celebrating a couple days late! ūüėČ

I just can’t put into words how much I love this dog. He is naughty, silly, goofy, sneaky, smart, and oh so loving! He was the perfect match for our family from day one. I am so glad his picture was sent my way, two years ago, and have loved him every day since then.

Happy Gotcha Day, my sweetness!!! 


In honor of his adoptiversary, I thought I’d share a few¬†of my favorite pictures, as well as a couple of my favorite posts about him…Enjoy!

Oscar2 OscarStare3 Oscar8

A favorite post: Who is Your Valentine? 

Oscar2 Oscar3

Some other¬†favorites:¬†Religion, relationships…and dogs?¬†and¬†We got skillz!¬†

IMG_3511 photo 4 (16) halloween1

Last but not least, last year’s post about his first adoptiversary: ¬†My Sweet Oscar

1 1869_10200658551968810_1220267478_n 14579_565627810211986_1598464493_n Oscar6


a “Thank You”

If you are my “real life FB friend” then you already know this story since I shared it last night, but I wanted to share with the rest of my blogosphere friends too!

I volunteered for awhile at the local shelter, but I haven’t been there since April! Before that, I was going every other weekend, usually on Saturday and Sundays. Time just got away from me with being busy with every day life, my own dogs, the rescue….and I just didn’t make it back to the shelter. I had a really hard time never knowing what happened to the dogs that I loved there. As a foster parent with the rescue, I get to choose who my dog goes to. With the shelter, you have no say. I’d walk out each day, never knowing if the dog I spent time with would be adopted, by a good or bad person, or even put down. It was really hard on me, especially because of my love for the bully breed and the shelter always being overcrowded with them. In fact, in the blog post that you’ll see mentioned below, was a dog named Ruby. She is part of the reason I started to volunteer less and less at the shelter. She was so terrified. I never even got to pet her because she wouldn’t move from the corner. I networked for her, and tried so hard to find a rescue that would take her. Then one day I called to check on her, and she had been put down. I was heartbroken and cried my eyes out…for a dog whom I had never even touched.

I still share the shelter dogs from time to time, along with dogs from a few other local rescues. Networking is so important and DOES save lives! Last night, I got proof of just that!

I received the nicest message on my Tails of a Foster Mom FB page, from someone I have never met in person, never talked to, and never even knew she saw my blog. Here is what she said:

“I wanted to tell you thank you. You don’t know me, but you are one of the reasons that I ended up adopting my dog. In June 2013 you posted some pictures on your blog of the dogs from the Tallahassee Animal Shelter and I don’t remember how I came across it exactly, but I ended up looking at a picture of one particular dog who would stick his paws under the kennel door so that people would pet him as they passed. His name was Kail. I had been looking into getting a dog for some time, so I thought I could go look at him. Needless to say we fell in love instantly and he came home with us a day later. A year and a half later and he’s still the best thing ever. His name is now Anaximander (Nax for short) and he has a cat brother and a doggie I think it was fate that I ended up looking at your blog that day and I thank you for taking that picture and posting it for the world to see. Nax is now the happiest dog on earth, and spoiled rotten every day. I just thought you would like to know that you were the reason that a loving dog that was tossed aside got his second chance and is living life again. Thank you so very much, Lindsey and Anaximander”

Picture courtesy of Lindsey and Nax!
Picture courtesy of Lindsey and Nax!


I just cannot explain how much this message meant to me! I recognized her pup as soon as I saw his beautiful¬†mug, and am so happy to hear of the wonderful life he is living! Sometimes it feels like it’s pointless, to do all of this rescue work, when there are still so many backyard breeders, abusers, and homeless pets. Thanks to Lindsey’s sweet message though, I feel renewed in my passion to keep trying to make a difference in the lives of these animals.

Thank you to all of you who read my blog, share adoptable dogs, and advocate for these wonderful animals. And a BIG thank you to Lindsey for sharing her story. Happy living, Lindsey & Nax!!!

To see my original post, where Lindsey first saw Nax (previously Kail), click HERE!

Don’t forget to encourage your friends & family to adopt, when they are looking for a new furry friend!

Tallahassee Animal Shelter’s adoptable pets:¬†http://www.talgov.com/animals/onlinekennel.aspx

Last Hope Rescue’s adoptable pets:¬†https://www.facebook.com/LastHopeRescueFL/app_137541772984354

Have a great day, friends! 


Black & White Sunday

I’ve noticed a new thing (to me anyway) going on in the blog world, called Black & White Sunday. It’s as simple as it sounds…you post a picture(s) in black and white. I love black and white photos, and it’s an easy post to end the week with, so…here goes my first “Black & White Sunday!”¬†




Hope you all have had a great weekend. Good night, friends!


Flowers & Bugs, Oh My.

Poor Tulip has some health issues going on! It all happened in the last 24 hours, although I’m sure it’s been going on inside of her, for much longer.


Basically she was having some bowel issues, that I won’t bother going into detail about, which I noticed yesterday. A vet appointment was made for this morning, for her to get checked out.


When I went to pick her up, I found out what was going on with her. Poor girl has ear mites, hook worms, and a yeast infection. She was given meds for all of it, including one to help her tummy troubles. The vet also noticed a small mass near her front left elbow, which is believed to be a BB pellet. Yup, another hunting dog, dumped in the woods, starved and shot at. There are just no words.


Tooley already seems to feel better after one dose of the meds, and her playful personality has never wavered!

If you would like to donate towards Tooley’s care, or if you’d like to add her to your family, please email us at LastHopeRescueFL@gmail.com!

Goodnight friends!



Giveaway Time!!!

Drum roll please! It’s time for my first giveaway!! Yaaayyy!!

The lovely folks at Healthy Elements were kind enough to send me some treats for the pups to try out. But not only did they send me one bag of treats, they sent me THREE! So, I thought I would share the wealth, and turn it into a giveaway! First, here are my thoughts…

Treats1 Treats2 Treats3

“Give us the treats, woman!”

OscarsReady1 PeteysReady1

What I really like about this company is that everything is healthy and natural. I personally think there are so many chemicals and added stuff to our dog’s foods, and that has a very negative effect on their health. I love that this company uses veggies and fruits, with no artificial colors or flavors.

Treats4Healthy Elements has dry dog food, wet dog food, as well as crunchy and soft snacks. We were sent two bags of crunchy snacks, “Whitefish & Blueberries”¬†and “Lamb & Apple”, as well as one bag of soft snacks, “Chicken & Carrots.” I decided to have my pups try the Lamb & Apple, so the other two bags will be the giveaway prizes!

“Noms noms noms…”

LucysReady1 OscarsReady2 PeteysReady2

Well the reviews are in, and they are GOOD! First of all, you can smell the apples on the treats, which I figure must be a good sign that they are yummy healthy snacks! And the dogs loved them! Which is actually pretty impressive, because both Lucy & Petey have been known to turn up their noses at treats. Oscar will eat anything, but he especially loves veggies and fruits! So these treats are definitely a winner!

¬†So now, I’m going to let your dog try some Health Element treats, too! There are a few ways to enter, with the giveaway starting today, and ending on Tuesday, 10.15.13. Click below for the details, and don’t forget to tell your friends too!

CLICK TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY: a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Disclaimer: The opinions in this post are solely my own, (and my dogs’), after reading about this company, and trying their products out, for free. We did/will not receive any compensation for this post.*

We got skillz!

Hey dudezzzz! It’s me, Oscar!! My mom has been super busy with work and something about my human brother starting somethin’ called schewl I think. Anyway, I thought since she’s so bizzzy, I would take over her blog thingy!

Look at me. Aren’t I the most cutest pittie you’ve ever seen?!


Lately my mom’s been talking about this training thing that she signed me up for, and how we have to practice some basic skillz. Something about¬†wanting me to have a leg up on the other dogs….what’s my legs gots to do with it?! Anyway, I have seriously perfected the “sit”, and I’m pretty good at “down.” My mom thinks I have a hard time laying down sometimes because of my leg, but it’s really just because I’m being sneaky! Shh, don’t tell her!



Here’s one where we were supposed to lay down, but I wanted to be sure I was seen in the picture, duh! Look how scared my sissy looks. She’s so weird!


I’m having a hard time with the whole “stay” thing. I just wants that treat my mom haz! Why does she torture me by makin’ me stayz far away?!

My mom also tries to be naughty sometimes, getting me to practice with NO treatz in sight! I do not like that, so sometimes I refuse to do what she wants…at least for a little while. Then she promises to give me a carrot or a frozen asparaguthingy, and then I do’z it for her.

A fun thing about this training stuff, is my mom always lets us have fun out in the yard before she starts making me practice! I sure do LOVE to chase my sister around!


Anywayz, I better get going now. I’ve got some napping & sunbathing¬†to do! 010



Oscar Speaks!

Hey dudezzzz! It’s me Oscar! That’s right…sneaky as always, I got on my mama’s comp-thingy and here I amz! Let me just tellz you what Iz been up to this week!

We had to go out of town, something about my momz working. I don’t get it because usually she iz home with me all day, but now I’ve been having to wait around all day for her at my grandmaz and grandpaz house. AND…the worst thing ever…my sissy isn’t even here! My mom clearly didn’t get it the last time she split us up. I do NOT like being away from my Lucy!

But anywayz, the most funnest thing about being here is the big giant field with water! I was runninz, and chasin ducks, and gettinz allllllll muddy! It iz SO Much fun guyz!! This dumb ol storm came though and it’s been ruining my outside fun!

Other things have been happeninz too. I got ONE pesky flea on me, and had a pretty bad allergic reaction to it. Iz been itchin soooo much. But thanks to a quick vet visit, and some medicinez, I iz startin to feel betterz, so don’t worry!

Also,¬†I know my grandma was all worried I was going to be mean to her dogs, but Oh My Dog they are much meaner than I am! I have been perfectly perfect with them…az always, thank you very much!

Well my mama has been taking lots of pictures, so here are a few that I’ll share with you.

Herez me runninz around by the lake!
Herez me runninz around by the lake!


I even went swimminz for the first time ever!
I even went swimminz for the first time ever!
I got to go to my mamaz worky place too! Everyone loved me. Of course.
I got to go to my mamaz worky place too! Everyone loved me. Of course.
I am still tryin to figure out why my grandma put this water bowl up so high!
I am still tryin to figure out why my grandma put this water bowl up so high!
Ok, she doesn't look mean here...but she iz! I swearz it!
Ok, she doesn’t look mean here…but she iz! I swearz it!


PS-I get to see my sissy tonight! I can not wait! I know she iz missing me too, I just knowz it. Bye dudez!!