Sweet Spanky!

Spanky 005

Meet our super special boy, Spanky! He is about 6-7 months old, and as you will see in the pictures, he is recovering from a severe case of demodex mange. This poor pup was chained up in someone’s backyard for his whole short life, almost dying from this sweltering heat. His skin was so bad that his face and feet were swollen to twice their size, and he could hardly even stand up. Thankfully he was confiscated, and the shelter began to nurse him back to health. Then, Last Hope Rescue was able to take him in, to continue getting him healthy, and to show him what life as a dog should really be! He is happy and thriving in his wonderful foster home now! Today, I had the joy of spending some time with him, and it was oh so much fun! 

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After spending just a few minutes with him, I realized just how precious and sweet he is!! I am pretty certain he is a Boxer mix. He is maybe 35-40lbs now, and I wouldn’t think he’ll get much bigger. He has a lot of boxer characteristics: loves people, plays with his paws, jumps, and has lots and lots of licks for humans! He is very eager to please, that is for sure! It is honestly so amazing to see his love for humans, after how he was treated. He loves to give kisses, just like my Lucy! He would definitely benefit from an obedience class once he’s adopted, and would do amazingly well, as he seems very smart.

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So, we went to a breakfast place, a plant nursery, Home Depot, Petsmart, and a local park. He was an angel! He never barked at strangers. He didn’t jump on a single person. He wasn’t afraid of the loud ambulance that went by. Multiple people commented on how sweet he was! One lady asked if her toddler could pet him, the kiddo was maybe 2, and Spanky very gently gave him a big slobbery kiss on the face! We also met a cat, and Spanky was more afraid of it than anything. Silly pup!

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He loves to explore & people watch!

Spanky 020  Spanky 017Spanky 012 Spanky 011 Spanky 019Spanky 009


I think he will be the kind of dog who would like to go everywhere with his human, wherever dogs are welcome! I was really amazed at how he kept looking to me for direction, everywhere we went. The whole time, he wanted to be near us, seeing where we were going, and where we wanted him to go. He is really such a good boy! He definitely loves to be near his people. If you sit down, he comes right over to be close to you. He is perfect in the car too, very well behaved, and lays right down to go to sleep! He is a wonderful dog, and will make a great addition to a family!


Spanky 037


The rescue was so happy to be able to save this sweet boy, and to be the bridge for him from a sad tortured life, to a glorious one filled with love! Spanky is the type of dog who will show his family pure love and loyalty, in appreciation of being saved.

Please consider making a donation via the Last Hope Rescue PayPal link, in honor of sweet Spanky!

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