Lucky #17

Most of you probably know by now, but Roxy has been adopted!! I couldn’t be happier with the family she’s gone too! I’ve received a few updates from them, and everyone is in love with each other. Roxy bonded to them instantly (just like a Black Mouth Cur, adoring her humans), and her people are smitten with the pup that she is! Another life saved, my friends!



Oscar & Lucy had about a week or so to relax and remember what life is like in a 2-dog household.



But as usual, it wasn’t long before a puppy was at risk and the rescue was being asked to help. So, meet lucky #17, Mia!



We saved her and her sister, Ellie, from the Chipley shelter. They arrived on Saturday, and then I took Ellie to her foster Sunday morning. Mia is a precious pup, with lots of fattening up to do! She is VERY sweet and just loves to be held! She adores the dogs..although neither of them are exactly smitten with her quite yet. They aren’t exactly sure what to do with her puppy energy! Oscar is much more tolerant of her than Lucy, but I know they’ll all be great friends in just a few days!

IMG_2209 IMG_2169 IMG_2137 IMG_2197


Mia is adoptable through Last Hope Rescue. She will be up to date on vaccines prior to adoption, and spayed if she is old enough…but hopefully she is adopted by then! She will be a GREAT family companion!!

Stop by Tails of a Foster Mom to watch her grow, and follow her foster-to-adoption story!

Have a great week, friends!






A Letter to my Foster Dog

Sweet Lady Symone,

It’s hard to believe you were in my life for only 4 months. Sometimes it felt like you had always been a part of our family. Yet now as I have to say goodbye, I find myself thinking it hasn’t been long enough. I wish I had known you as a puppy, when you were young and healthy. I am sure you were a spunky pesky girl, causing trouble whenever you could. I wish I met your many puppies. I bet you were the best doggie mama to those baby bullies.

You fit right in with us from day one, bossing Oscar around, but understanding that Lucy was the top dog. You expected butt scratches on demand, and the excitement you have for walks is like no other dog. Your silly sideways tongue always makes us giggle. Jayden loves to touch it when you’re sleeping, when it’s sticking out, all dry and scratchy. We are really going to miss your goofy quirks.

There are some things I won’t miss. Like your slobber. Oh, the slobber. Everywhere. And you’re hair. How do you shed so much hair?!? Your snoring rocks the house and causes earthquakes in far off lands. I won’t miss having to turn the tv up just to hear it over your snoring. The number one thing I won’t miss…G-A-S. Lady Symone, the flatulence that comes out of you is…there are just no words to describe it.

But my sweet girl, I would take all of these things, a million times over, to have more time with you.

 I wish I could find all of the humans who have failed you. To yell at them, and tell them they didn’t deserve to have you in their lives. I hope that you have felt loved and cherished over the last few months, since you came into our home. I hope you somehow have understood, every time we wrapped our arms around your big ol’ neck, just how much we have adored you.

I don’t know what Heaven is, or what it consists of. I can only hope, that when we say goodbye, that you go to Heaven’s pearly gates, and you are greeted by your best friend. I’ve always known how much you’ve missed him, and how confused you must have been after his passing. I hope that my own bulldog, Basti, is there to greet you and show you around, along with a few other fellow canine buddies we’ve lost along the way.

Our time is coming to an end, my sweet bulldog. In such a short time, you’ve wiggled that brindle butt right into our hearts, and we will miss you dearly. I hope as we spend our last night together tonight, that you will be comfortable and have a full belly…I am giving you meatloaf for dinner, after all! I promise to be by your side tomorrow, as we say goodbye, but until then…Snore, slobber, and fart ’til your heart’s content, my friend.

Love always,

Your foster, forever mama



Full of Bull(dog)!

Meet Symone! My newest foster!

June 2014 030

So, she came to Last Hope Rescue a few years ago, after being being used for breeding. Then she was adopted out about two years ago, by a husband & wife couple. Unfortunately the husband very unexpectedly passed away, and Symone was his best buddy. The wife felt that it was too much for her to handle, so she decided to return Symone.

June 2014 017

Well, if you remember my bucket list, having an English Bulldog has always been a dream of mine! Knowing that I will not be tempted to adopt her (because two is the limit for perma-dogs in this home), I begged to foster her, since I knew this might be my only chance of having one! Anywho, she arrived on Sunday, and is settling in just fine. The first two days, she seemed confused, maybe a little sad, and stressed. I mean, who wouldn’t be, given her situation? Her dad died; her mom gave her up; and now she’s in a stranger’s house, with a motley crew of dogs, and a little human. She has handled it very well so far though, and today she seems to be getting more comfortable.

All of the ladies
All of the ladies

Symone is great with Jayden, not phased by him at all. She pretty much just follows either of us around, wherever we are going. She is great with the dogs too! She apparently really loves the male dogs, and since Oscar is the only boy dog around here, she tends to follow him around. With her loud breathing, and bulldog way of playing, she scares him a bit though. So today, I sent Lucy & Tooley off to doggie daycare, and let Symone and Oscar spend the day together. They laid around, relaxed outside, and did a little bit of playing too!


Symone loves to play with balls (maybe that’s why she likes males…hahahahaaaa!), and you’re lucky if you can get the ball back out of her mouth. She is highly treat motivated, and knows “sit” & “shake”. She also really responds to the name Sysy (sounds like Cici), so perhaps her dad called her that. She really loves to get booty rubs too, so an adopter should be prepared to have a brindle bully butt in their face on a regular basis!


Symone is about 8-9 years old, so we are going to be extra particular about who she goes to. Of course, we always want to pick the right home for our dogs…but when you have a senior dog, who has already been through so much, it just really motivates you to do all that you can to find THE one, ya know? And until the perfect person comes around, I am giving her lots of hugs, and telling her what a good girl she is!

June 2014 052

As you can see by these pictures, Tooley is still here as well. I thought I might be losing my mind by bringing in a 4th dog, but to be honest, Symone is SO easy. It really has not been that much more work, except for feeding times…and when you’re already feeding three, what’s one more bowl?!

So, if you know anyone with English bulldog experience, and who has another dog looking for a buddy (perhaps a younger male), well tell them to look our way because Symone is single & ready to mingle!

For more pictures and stories of our adventures, follow us at Tails of a Foster Mom!

How to Catch a Stray

Recently I had to have a stray dog turned in to the shelter. It was a few weeks ago, when Tallahassee had a cold front come through. It was around 9pm, and I heard whining at my door. I went outside, to find a chow chow running down my driveway. I’ve seen this pup several times before, so I knew either he obviously gets out loose all the time; or he’s a stray dog with no home; maybe he’s lost, but if so, he’s been lost for a long time because he randomly roams my neighborhood on a semi-regular basis. He has never come to my door though, and I’ve never seen anyone looking for him. Any time I have ever tried to get him to come to me, he runs the opposite direction, and usually I don’t see him again for a few weeks. This time though, he kept coming back to my door about every 30 mins, and loudly whining. I am sure, even with that thick chow coat, he had to be cold! I tried to coax him to me multiple times, but he wouldn’t get anywhere close to me. So, it was late, I turned off the lights, and went to bed.

The next morning I went to let my dogs out, and they all dashed to one side of the yard, and I caught a glimpse of the chow. Apparently he spent the night on the side of my house, in the bushes. I was so sad for him! He had to have been freezing! I had to get the kid to school, so I decided I’d do something about him when I got home. In the meantime, I put out a bowl of food for him by my front door (which he didn’t touch). As I was on the way home, I saw him cross a very busy street, right in the middle of morning traffic…and he was oblivious to the cars around him. So I called my friend (the president of Last Hope Rescue), and asked her what to do. I explained that just calling animal control was probably not going to help because I doubted they’d be able to catch him, but I also didn’t want to just leave him, and risk him being hit by a car. So, she suggested keeping my dogs inside, opening my side gate that leads to my backyard, and mixing up a bowl of smelly, yummy food that he can’t resist. Then I could trap him in my yard, and that way animal control could definitely get him. I did that, as well as called animal control. They came right out, saw him, but weren’t able to get him, just as I suspected.

So, a couple of hours went by, and then all of a sudden, a big ol red fluffy pup was on my back deck, sniffing out the delicious bowl of scrambled eggs-chicken Parmesan-dog food concoction that I’d made up! I ran around to close the gate behind him, and called animal control to tell them I had him. Surprisingly, he didn’t eat any of the food. He just went and laid down in my yard! I went out to move the food closer to him, and to give him a bowl of water. He just laid there, not moving. Then I was concerned that he was hurt; or deaf; or blind. None of these ended up being the case though. He eventually ate the entire bowl of food. I also ended up getting close to him, and he let me give him scratches. He definitely was dirty, and had some matted fur, tons of ticks on him, and had no collar on. So whoever did own him, obviously wasn’t caring for him very well…meaning, I no longer felt so guilty about possibly turning in someone’s pet to the shelter!



Animal Control came and picked him up, and he was taken to the shelter. He had a 7 day hold…but due to the holidays, he actually got a few extra days due to the shelter being closed. We (Last Hope Rescue) put our name on him, just so that we could keep tabs on him. Finally it came time for him to be assessed and checked out by the shelter vet…and by some miracle, other than some parasites, he was healthy! Heartworm negative, not fixed (shocker), no aggression noted. This was great news! He was officially moved out to the adoption floor. And, this was just in time for me to go visit him during my volunteer shift! On the Saturday after Christmas, I spent some time with the chow chow, now named Red. He was complete perfection on the leash, and happy to be out walking! He even wagged his fluffy tail at me! While I was there, two people asked to check him out for possible adoptions…I knew this was a good sign. My shift ended, and I said goodbye to Red.



Since then, guess what?!? He’s been adopted!! Red went to his forever home on NYE!! I have had a lot of guilt about this situation. I obviously considered the pros & cons of turning him in to the shelter. I wondered if he really was someone’s family pet, someone who is missing him and sad over their loss. BUT…then I think about the condition he was in. The freezing cold weather, when he was left outside to fend for himself. He wasn’t micro-chipped, and had no collar. No flyers were ever put up. The shelter never received a call about him. Of course, having the rescue connections to fall back on was a huge relief, but still. The last thing I would ever want to do is take a pet away from a loving, caring family.  On the other hand, at least I knew he was in a safe place, getting food twice a day, with a warm cozy blanket to sleep on. I knew he was getting attention from the shelter staff and volunteers. So if the worst happened, and he ended up being put to sleep because of being aggressive, or sickly, or the shelter is too full, at least it would be in a humane, pain free way…right? It’s easier to say that now that he’s happily in a forever home, and that I did have the rescue to fall back on if all else failed, but still, I think I did the right thing…I think! 😉

Anyway, I met some other really great pups during that shift at the shelter, so I thought I’d share them too, since as of now, they are all still currently in need of homes! Please take a moment to share a homeless dog. Networking saves lives, and you just might end up being a part of their journey to happy ever after!


Penny is an adult, (looks to be a) pure bred boxer. She is sweet, and knows some basic obedience commands. She is good with people, and in true boxer fashion, would be a great family companion!
Penny is an adult, (looks to be a) pure bred boxer. She is sweet, and knows some basic obedience commands. She is good with people, and in true boxer fashion, would be a great family companion!



This beautiful boy is Duncan. He is a big boy, sweet, and well mannered. He knows "sit" & "heel" and probably much more! He has gorgeous golden brown eyes, and I am sure he would make a great family companion!
This beautiful boy is Duncan. He is a big boy, sweet, and well mannered. He knows “sit” & “heel” and probably much more! He has gorgeous golden brown eyes, and I am sure he would make a great family companion!


Angel's pictures just don't show her true beauty. She is smart, and sweet. Loves people, and is happy to go anywhere you want to take her!
Angel’s pictures just don’t show her true beauty. She is smart, and sweet. Loves people, and is happy to go anywhere you want to take her!


Karen is a sweet boxer mix. She walks well on a leash, and she whines to get your attention. She just wants to be loved and cuddled!
Karen is a sweet boxer mix. She walks well on a leash, and she whines to get your attention. She just wants to be loved and cuddled!

Buying vs. Adopting

Let me start off by saying this is not a post written to bash breeders. This is not a post to judge those that have/do buy from breeders. This is my personal blog, where I state my personal opinions, as well as try to promote adopting and fostering. I welcome readers to comment, and share experiences and opinions, as long as it is done in a polite respectful way.


Being a part of a rescue, or volunteering in a shelter, can be a life changing, eye opening experience. You learn about the cruel people out there, who harm helpless beings for unknown reasons. You realize just how many dogs there are in need of homes. You hear the sad, silly, ridiculous, and sometimes understandable, reasons that an owner gets rid of a family pet.


This happy boy, pictured above, is Daddy. He looks to be a pure bred American Bulldog, and he has been in Last Hope Rescue for two years, waiting on a home. He is sweet, smart, well behaved…yet, for some reason, people continue to pass him by, never giving him a second glance. If you have never met an American Bulldog, well you are missing out! They are goofy, and always up to something. They love life, and you will be sure to laugh at them every day. Seriously, go find one and say hello…you’ll be so glad you did! Better yet, adopt one!!


Harley is another adorable girl, who has been in Last Hope Rescue for way too long. She is spunky and smart, and so deserving of a forever home!

I used to understand the appeal of a pure bred dog, coming from a breeder, but now..not so much. Yes, I know that some breeders are wonderful. They take extremely good care of their dogs, they are committed to finding good forever homes, and they require their dogs to be returned to them, if it ever comes to that. Some people show their dogs in competitions. I get those people needing to purchase pure breeds. Although, dog shows should really start featuring mixed breeds…isn’t life exciting because we are all different from one another?!


This gorgeous boy is Joffy. He’s also been in Last Hope for over two years, being boarded because there aren’t any available foster homes for him, and no adopters to give him a forever home. He is sweet, energetic, and loving.

I have said it so many times before, there ARE pure breds in shelters. There are rescues dedicated to certain breeds. I personally know someone that works with Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida.  This rescue is very strict about which dogs they accept into their program, because they pride themselves on being a Labrador rescue. That is perfect, because it gives people an opportunity to have a pure bred while still rescuing! You can find puppies, young adults, and seniors of all breeds, through various rescues and shelters. If you are patient, and willing to research, you CAN find the dog of your choice.

Rescuing saves lives. It is that simple. If you adopt from a shelter, that is obvious, you have saved that dog’s life. If you adopt from a rescue, you are giving a dog a chance at a family, as well as making room for another dog to be rescued. If all our our foster homes (or kennels) are filled, there is no room for another homeless dog.



I wish that every person who was looking for a new dog, would adopt a homeless pup, through a rescue or a shelter, one that is truly in need of love and patience and kindess. If we all saved just one life, maybe eventually every dog would have a home. Until then, I hope you all will join me in volunteering, fostering, and networking to help those that cannot help themselves.

If you have a moment to do some browsing…Take a look at this site… This is an awesome project by photographer, Mary Shannon Johnston. She started a year long project, taking pictures of these dogs that are located in a shelter by a landfill. They rarely get visitors, and never get any exposure. So she set out to try to help save lives. You will see gorgeous pictures of dogs in need. Ms. Johnston lists all of the necessary information about the adoptable dogs, including the amount of days that the dog has been in the shelter. One of the dogs has been in the shelter for 475 days…

Adorable & adoptable!

A few months ago I did a post about a new pup to the rescue, Hope. She was picked up as a stray, by a Good Samaritan, who was determined to help but couldn’t keep her. Luckily, thanks to a new foster and lots of generous donations, Last Hope Rescue was able to help! At first it was thought that Hope would need immediate surgery due to a prolapsed rectum. She also was heartworm positive, and needed to be spayed.


Since she has come to LHR, it has been determined that she does not need surgery on the prolapsed rectum. It seems that if Hope is kept healthy and has regular vet check ups, she can live with this and be perfectly fine! So, the next step was treating the heartworms. This was no fun for sweet Hope! She is a lover, and adores dogs and people. This made it hard for her to endure TEN weeks of confinement. No playing, no excitement; remaining calm and quiet at all times. If Hope got too excited and worked her heart too much during treatment, it could be fatal. (For more details on heartworms, click here.)

But all of that is passed her now, and Hope has a clean bill of health! The heartworms are completely cured, and have NO lasting or permanent effects. She just needs to be spayed, and Hope will be ready for her forever home!  I have personally met this pup, and she is SO happy, sweet, and ADORABLE!! Her tail seems to always be wagging!


If you think Hope sounds like the perfect dog for your home, please email Last Hope Rescue at! And if you can’t adopt this sweet girl, please share in HOPE’s of finding her fur-ever family! (haha get it…Hope’s = Hope!)

*PS-Hope is a perfect example of why it is so important to keep your dog on monthly heartworm preventative. Please don’t make your dog go through what Hope has had to endure!

(Sort of) Wordless Wednesday

If you remember my Bucket List, then you’ll understand why these pictures and videos make me smile!

Meet Tillman, the skate boarding bulldog!!!!

Tillman Tillman1 Tillman2 Tillman3


Tillman’s Facebook Page:

Videos of Tillman skating (& more!):


*Disclaimer: All of these pictures are from Tillman’s facebook page. I do not take credit for any of them…though, I wish I knew this awesome dog in person! 🙂