One dog home!

Don’t be alarmed, all of the furry children are still in my life! However, Oscar and Tooley both went to doggie daycare today. Oscar only goes for a couple of hours, every now & then, because his leg can’t take too much of the non-stop play. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), his brain doesn’t agree that he is disabled. That, coupled with me returning from a 10-day vacation, has made him super restless and naughty this week!

"Whachyou talkin' bout woman?"
“Whachyou talkin’ bout woman?”

Tooley goes to Mojo’s every Tuesday & Friday. She has really opened up there, and loves other dogs, so it has been a great experience for her! I am really hoping that a staff member, or a Mojo’s customer, will fall in love & adopt her!

Tooley & Oscar love to feel the ears flapping in the wind, and they LOVE going to Mojo's!!
Tooley & Oscar love to feel their ears flapping in the wind, and they LOVE going to Mojo’s!!

This might make you wonder why Lucy gets the shaft. While I’m sure she would love to go to doggie daycare too, I take these days to give her special one-on-one time. She gets extra loving from me. She gets all of the toys and bones to herself, without the pesky pibble pouncing on her. She gets to stretch out on the couch. She gets yummy treats without her drooling brother giving her the evil eye. Basically, she gets to be the pampered spoiled princess that she truly is & deserves to be!


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PSS: Don’t forget, my hound dog foster pup is still waiting for a forever home! She loves dogs and adores children! Her ideal home would be with an active family, who has a fenced in yard where she can run and play until her heart’s content! A doggie sibling would be great too!

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Have a wonderful weekend, friends!


Editing fun!

I’ve been having fun with PicMonkey, editing some pics of the pups & kiddo. So, I thought I’d share…

Oscar3 JayandLucy JayandOscar Jayden Tooley2b Oscar2



My previous foster, Hambone, and current foster, Tooley!
My previous foster, Hambone, and current foster, Tooley!

We’re heading out on our family vacation tomorrow, which means I’ll be away from my puppers for a whole week! Thankfully, I have a great pet sitter who comes and stays at the house, sends me lots of pictures, and has vet tech experience, so that at least helps with having to leave them. I’ll probably post a time or two while we are away, if I get some good pictures of the wild animals that we’re hoping to see. So, stay tuned for animal-but-not-dog related posts!

Bye Friends! 


Princess and the Pibble

Lucy never whines, barks, or scratches to go out. NEVER. She will pee on the floor before she will make a peep that she needs to go.

Oscar will scratch and jump on the door. Obnoxiously. Like, throws himself up against the door, with a loud thump.

I believe that they have now worked out a system together.


Oscar and Lucy are standing at the back door. Oscar scratches. Lucy stands there.

Me: No, Oscar.

Oscar: scratches, bangs into door

Me: No, Oscar.

Oscar: scratches, bangs into door

Me: Oscar! No, I’m in the middle of eating. And it’s raining!

Oscar: scratches, bangs into door, growls

Lucy: stands there, watching

Oscar: scratches, bangs into door

Me: Oh fine! *gets up, opens door*

Oscar: promptly turns around, walks into kennel, goes to sleep

Lucy: prances outside, tail wagging

*shaking my head*

I’m not sure if she was thinking “Thank you brother!” or “Silly minions.” Pretty sure it was the latter!



Do your dogs ever seem to team up? Do you think dogs somehow speak to each other? Share your silly stories with me!


Tag Teamin’ It!

Hey dudezzzzz! It’s me Oscar…but my sis says I’ve gotten too much time on this blog thingy, so she’s here tooz!

Dec 2013 117


Hey ya’ll, it’s me Princess Lucy! Oscar & I wanted to tell you about some good news…our foster sister, Stella, has been adopted!! A nice young lady contacted Mom last week after seeing a video of Stella. They did the application stuffz and then Mom was going to take Stella out to meet the lady and her dog , and finalize the adoption if all went well. We said our goodbye’s this morning…



Dudezzzz! My mom said Stella was scared in the car, she always shivers and stuff. They had to go about an hour away to get to the lady’s house. Well they were almost there, so Momz took a picture of Stella…and then she threw up ALL over the front seat….Stella that is, not my Mom! BOL! (Bark Out Loud!) Isn’t that funnyzzz?! My mom said she doesn’t think it was funny, but I sure was laughin’ when she told me!

Feb2014 125


Ugh! Excuse my brother! Anyway, Mom said Stella has a new American Bulldog sister, named Izzy, and they were friends right away! So, we look forward to hearing an update soon. There’s isn’t much else going on here. Mom and human brother will be going out of town soon for a few days, so we won’t be getting a new foster until after they get back. Oscar and I are staying home with a pet sitter….how much trouble do you guys think Oscar will get in?!?

Feb2014 094


Oh whatever Dudez! I am the bestest boy ever, and the peoplez love me, Lucy! Mom and I start a new training class tomorrow! This is the advanced class, and it’s geared towards therapy certification. My mom says, because I am a pibble and have a blocky head, I have to work extra hard to show peoplez how awesome I am. That’s cool though, because I get TONS of treats, and it’s special time with just me and my Mom! One thing I am not sure about though…Mom says she is determined to make me and Lola be friends by the end of this class. That Lola girl, man! My mom is obsessed with her…we’ll see if I decide to like her this time. She sure is pretty, but don’t tell anyonez that I said that!

"I'll never admit to thinkin she is prettyz!"
“I’ll never admit to thinkin she is prettyz!”

Well ya’ll, it’s time for us to get some zzz’s! You know I need my beauty sleep. Maybe when Oscar wakes up, he’ll be less bratty!

Oh sister, shhhz! Guys, me and the sis are in a photo contest! Can you pretty pretty please click on this link, and vote for us by clicking “like”? You can vote for me, or Lucy, or both of us, if ya want! If one of us wins, our mom gets a hand painted personal piece of art, which can be of our faces! You knowz my mom would love that, so vote for us!

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Nite nite, friends! 





Wordless Wednesday (Ehh, sorta)

My babies were separated for a few days while I went out of town. I take Oscar with me because he is needy and high maintenance and sneaky. I say that lovingly! Lucy is perfection, easy, and doesn’t care who she’s with as long as they let her sleep on the bed…as all princesses should! So, I leave her with my kiddo’s dad, who has another Boxer, and I take Oscar wherever I’m going. Whenever they get back together, they are so stinkin cute! They give each other lots of kisses, play for a little bit, and then cuddle for the rest of the night, to make up for lost time.

Dec 2013 117