My Girl

Three years ago today, I adopted this little pup from Best Friends Humane Society in Worth County!

Lucy3 Lucy4

You can check out this post, to read all about the first couple of years with her: Lucy’s Story!

I can’t explain how much I love this dog. She is the best dog I’ve ever known. She was so easy to train. I fully believe I wasted money on the one training class I put her in, because she didn’t need it. She does whatever I tell her to. And best of all, her love for me is obvious and unwavering.

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It doesn’t matter if she just settled in for a nap, or if she’s playing with another dog, if I move, she moves with me. And on the rare occasion that I make it into a room without her behind me, if I say her name, she comes running. My favorite “trick” is telling her that it is bath time. She will stop whatever she is doing, come running to the bathroom, and hops in. NOT because she likes baths, but because she is the ever faithful dog, doing what her mama says to do.

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I never ever have to think about who can watch her if I’m going out of town, because there are plenty of people who love to have her over. I never have to worry about her with other dogs, because while she may be vocal, her sweetness always over rules any attitude she may have! She is pure perfection. It is the only way to accurately describe her.

photo 2 (33) JayandLucy 1891224_10202977240374571_196236663_n photo(1)

Happy Gotcha Day, my sweet Lucy Doo! You are the best, sweetest, most loyal and loving dog. I love you! 


I love weekends.

My sweetness, Oscar, has been having a rough time with those bum legs of his. Ever since Tooley as arrived, it has just been too much for him. I can’t let him outside with her to play, because she is a rough and tumble girl! Oscar is still ok to play with Lucy because she really only plays with her paws. She doesn’t wrestle around, and plow into him at full speed like Tooley. His left shoulder seems to be the main issue, and some days it is worse than others. This means there has been very little skills practice (did I ever mention that he is in an advanced training class?!), and no doggie daycare, and no walks. He keeps going to his leash and pawing at the wall, giving me those sad “Mama, why can’t we go for walkies” eyes.

So anyway, Saturday it was a gorgeous day and Oscar was filled with energy. I figured I’d pull out the kiddie pool and hose, and let him play! This way it was at least controlled, and just 15 minutes or so usually wears him out. The dogs also usually play independently with the water, so there wouldn’t be an wrestling or anything. Of course, this all didn’t matter and his leg was sore once again after play time…but, at least he had a great time!? Here are some pictures from our fun weekend. 🙂

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I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook (Tails of a Foster Mom), and Twitter (@FosterMomTails).

Goodnight, Friends!


Operation Adopt Apollo!!

So I have had Apollo for almost TWO months now. This is pure craziness! I really thought he would be adopted in just a couple weeks, especially after ALL of the inquiries we got when he was originally posted. But unfortunately, nothing has worked out for him….so now, I am starting the Operation Adopt Apollo, and I need your help!

Apollo came from the Wakulla shelter as a very young pup. He was on the urgent list, and luckily I was able to take him in as a foster, so Last Hope Rescue saved him. He is a TOTAL love bug! He always wants to be cuddling in my lap, and loves to play with the human kiddo. Apollo gets along great with dogs, and cats too! He is besties with Oscar, and they love to chase each other, play ball, and chew on their bones together!












Apollo is definitely a Boxer…not sure what else he is mixed with. He has long lanky legs, but small feet. I wouldn’t expect him to get much bigger than maybe 40 or 50 lbs, at the most. He is almost potty trained, with only a few pee accidents here & there. He is fully crate trained, and that is where he eats & sleeps. Apollo knows “sit”, “kennel”, & “treat”, and now we are working on “off” & “down”! He is very treat motivated, and smart, so he is easy to train!


Apollo loves to be outside, running and playing with the dogs, and finding sticks to chew on! He also very much enjoys a kiddie pool, especially if the other dogs are playing in it too!


Apollo seriously loves to watch the TV! It is the weirdest thing, but he will sit on the couch with you, staring at the TV. It even keeps him from falling asleep sometimes, because he is just too interested in whatever he is seeing or hearing! He’s such a goofy pup!

You can see more pictures of Apollo here, on the Tails of a Foster Mom Facebook Page!

Apollo is around 5 months old, up to date on vaccines, and micro-chipped. He is currently located in Tallahassee, FL, and the adoption fee is $125. Transport can be arranged within the state of Florida. If he is adopted prior to 6 months old, the adopter is responsible for the neuter surgery, and Last Hope Rescue will refund $50 of the adoption fee.  Adopters must be 21 yrs or older.

Apollo’s perfect forever home would be with an active person. Someone who has another dog as a companion, or a family with young children. He would make a great running partner, and will excel in training classes.

So, this is where YOU come in! Please share this post, in hopes of finding Apollo the family he deserves. While we love him very much, I hate to see him growing up in a temporary home. He is such a wonderful dog, and any family would be lucky to have him! Please share on Facebook, Twitter, email, re-blog, etc. Even if you are not in Florida, or are not interested in adopting, just share! You never know who might have a spot in their heart for this little guy! And if you know or hear of anyone being interested in Apollo, please have them contact me at, or Last Hope Rescue at

Apollo says, “Thank you for helping me find a FUR ever home!!!”


Happy Gotcha Day!

If you are in the rescue business, or if you have adopted a dog, you may have heard about celebrating the “Gotcha Day”. Usually if the dog has come from a shelter, or was a stray, the exact date of birth is unknown, so the day that the dog was adopted is celebrated instead….the “Gotcha Day”….like “I gotcha on this day!”

On this day, two years ago, after just moving to Tallahassee the day before, I traveled to a shelter in Georgia, in the pouring rain, and adopted this girl…

Lucy, on the way home from the shelter
Lucy, on the way home from the shelter
instant best buddies!
instant best buddies!













She was about 8 weeks old, and had been at the shelter with her litter mates. They said she was a boxer/American bulldog mix. My previous dog had been a bulldog mix, and they were my favorite, so that is exactly what I was looking for…funny that now, I don’t think she has ANY bully breed in her! (I think she is a Pug & Boxer mix…a Poxer…or a Bug, if you will!)

Lucy was a good dog from day one! She took to her crate right away, and loved to play and snuggle. She was quite the biter, and even drew blood on Jayden’s unmentionables one time! (Ouch!) She was also a nervous pee-er, and would tinkle any time someone paid her any attention. Lucy quickly learned the rules of the house though, and I really never had any major problems with her.



I quickly found that she would always be by my side! I could let her off her leash, and she would never stray far. I could open the door of the apartment, and she would go downstairs to go to the bathroom and then come right back up. Considering my last dog would bolt the second the door was opened, this was a huge thing to me! We also attended obedience training, and she passed…even though she was still jumping like a kangaroo at the sight of people!

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Over the last two years, I’ve found that she loves car rides, the beach, and chasing lizards. She has NEVER met a stranger, two-legged or four-legged. She has been a perfect angel with every single foster that has come and gone through our home, making them feel comfortable and loved and welcomed.

sassy and lucyCell Phone pics 2012-2013 260










Lucy is the BEST dog I have ever known. She is sweet and loving, goofy and quirky! She never barks, unless it’s at a weird shadow. She will never react to an aggressive dog, because she JUST wants to be BFF’s! She has silky soft fur, and the prettiest little face. She is confident, and submissive, and well behaved. Sure, she jumps like crazy, and that can be annoying, but if that is her ONLY “bad” trait…I’ll take it!

So, to my Princess Lucy, my Ducy girl, my Lucy Duce….Happy Gotcha Day!!! I am so happy you became a part of our little family, and we will cherish you for the rest of your days! Here’s to MANY more years with you! We love you!!!

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“For me a house or an apartment becomes a home when you add one set of four legs, a happy tail, and that indescribable measure of love that we call a dog.” –Roger Caras