Holy Adoptiversaries, man!

So, not only did we recently celebrate Oscar’s adoptiversary, but I also have two foster dogs that were adopted around this time as well!

Cleo, now Zailey, was adopted one year ago! She was the smallest pup I’ve ever fostered! Her and her sister pup, Carly, were rescued from a home where they were left outside in the freezing cold. Cleo craved human attention! Her favorite place to be was perched up on top of her crate, where she could be safe while watching things going on. She was adopted by a wonderful young lady, and is happy, healthy, and loved! Check out the post where she was introduced to the blogosphere: Meet Cleo!

Here is a recent picture of her!




Another pup who was adopted one year ago today, is my sweet Petey!! If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you know the many trials & tribulations that I went through with this guy. If you don’t know about all that he went through, check out some previous posts: Petey’s Problems & Bittersweet but Happy Tails!

Petey with his forever kiddo and his foster kiddo!
Petey with his forever kiddo and his foster kiddo!

Petey is one of the few dogs that I actually cried over having to let go. (That’s NOT to say that I don’t love all of them, but some are just more emotional than others!) I had Petey for a long time, and I honestly thought he would never be adopted. I came to terms with that, and thought of him as my perma-foster dog. He even has his own Christmas ornament here! I was not willing to let him go, just to be returned again, so I had decided in my mind and in my heart, that he would just stay with me for the rest of his years. Then came along a sweet little family of three. The lady, Connie, is someone who knew the rescue president (Angela) pretty well, and she inquired about Petey. Before I even listened to what she had to say, I said “NO.” Angela insisted that I meet them, and at least see how I felt. I still said no. This was nothing against the family whatsoever. I just didn’t want Petey to go through it again. I took Petey to an event that weekend, and Connie and her husband Jim were there. They met Petey, and we chatted. I found out that Connie was home very often, which was one of the biggest concerns for ol’ man Pete. We discussed Petey for a long time, and a few days later, I was bringing Petey for a trial stay. I was brutally honest with them, explaining Petey’s needs, and also telling them what I expected of a new home for Petey. Well, the rest is history…he was adopted, and is completely adored by them! And even better, they only live about a mile away, so I get to see him (and his family) pretty often! Lesson learned: Never say never…expect the unexpected…yada yada! 😉

Here are some of my favorite Petey pictures, in honor of his adoptiversary!

Petey4 Petey Petey120131211-142433.jpg

Dogs6 Cell Phone pics 2012-2013 260 Cell Phone pics 2012-2013 213

Happy livin’ Zailey & Petey!!! 



a “Thank You”

If you are my “real life FB friend” then you already know this story since I shared it last night, but I wanted to share with the rest of my blogosphere friends too!

I volunteered for awhile at the local shelter, but I haven’t been there since April! Before that, I was going every other weekend, usually on Saturday and Sundays. Time just got away from me with being busy with every day life, my own dogs, the rescue….and I just didn’t make it back to the shelter. I had a really hard time never knowing what happened to the dogs that I loved there. As a foster parent with the rescue, I get to choose who my dog goes to. With the shelter, you have no say. I’d walk out each day, never knowing if the dog I spent time with would be adopted, by a good or bad person, or even put down. It was really hard on me, especially because of my love for the bully breed and the shelter always being overcrowded with them. In fact, in the blog post that you’ll see mentioned below, was a dog named Ruby. She is part of the reason I started to volunteer less and less at the shelter. She was so terrified. I never even got to pet her because she wouldn’t move from the corner. I networked for her, and tried so hard to find a rescue that would take her. Then one day I called to check on her, and she had been put down. I was heartbroken and cried my eyes out…for a dog whom I had never even touched.

I still share the shelter dogs from time to time, along with dogs from a few other local rescues. Networking is so important and DOES save lives! Last night, I got proof of just that!

I received the nicest message on my Tails of a Foster Mom FB page, from someone I have never met in person, never talked to, and never even knew she saw my blog. Here is what she said:

“I wanted to tell you thank you. You don’t know me, but you are one of the reasons that I ended up adopting my dog. In June 2013 you posted some pictures on your blog of the dogs from the Tallahassee Animal Shelter and I don’t remember how I came across it exactly, but I ended up looking at a picture of one particular dog who would stick his paws under the kennel door so that people would pet him as they passed. His name was Kail. I had been looking into getting a dog for some time, so I thought I could go look at him. Needless to say we fell in love instantly and he came home with us a day later. A year and a half later and he’s still the best thing ever. His name is now Anaximander (Nax for short) and he has a cat brother and a doggie I think it was fate that I ended up looking at your blog that day and I thank you for taking that picture and posting it for the world to see. Nax is now the happiest dog on earth, and spoiled rotten every day. I just thought you would like to know that you were the reason that a loving dog that was tossed aside got his second chance and is living life again. Thank you so very much, Lindsey and Anaximander”

Picture courtesy of Lindsey and Nax!
Picture courtesy of Lindsey and Nax!


I just cannot explain how much this message meant to me! I recognized her pup as soon as I saw his beautiful mug, and am so happy to hear of the wonderful life he is living! Sometimes it feels like it’s pointless, to do all of this rescue work, when there are still so many backyard breeders, abusers, and homeless pets. Thanks to Lindsey’s sweet message though, I feel renewed in my passion to keep trying to make a difference in the lives of these animals.

Thank you to all of you who read my blog, share adoptable dogs, and advocate for these wonderful animals. And a BIG thank you to Lindsey for sharing her story. Happy living, Lindsey & Nax!!!

To see my original post, where Lindsey first saw Nax (previously Kail), click HERE!

Don’t forget to encourage your friends & family to adopt, when they are looking for a new furry friend!

Tallahassee Animal Shelter’s adoptable pets: http://www.talgov.com/animals/onlinekennel.aspx

Last Hope Rescue’s adoptable pets: https://www.facebook.com/LastHopeRescueFL/app_137541772984354

Have a great day, friends! 


My Girl

Three years ago today, I adopted this little pup from Best Friends Humane Society in Worth County!

Lucy3 Lucy4

You can check out this post, to read all about the first couple of years with her: Lucy’s Story!

I can’t explain how much I love this dog. She is the best dog I’ve ever known. She was so easy to train. I fully believe I wasted money on the one training class I put her in, because she didn’t need it. She does whatever I tell her to. And best of all, her love for me is obvious and unwavering.

iPhone pictures 044

It doesn’t matter if she just settled in for a nap, or if she’s playing with another dog, if I move, she moves with me. And on the rare occasion that I make it into a room without her behind me, if I say her name, she comes running. My favorite “trick” is telling her that it is bath time. She will stop whatever she is doing, come running to the bathroom, and hops in. NOT because she likes baths, but because she is the ever faithful dog, doing what her mama says to do.

Dec 2013 104 iPhone pictures 114

I never ever have to think about who can watch her if I’m going out of town, because there are plenty of people who love to have her over. I never have to worry about her with other dogs, because while she may be vocal, her sweetness always over rules any attitude she may have! She is pure perfection. It is the only way to accurately describe her.

photo 2 (33) JayandLucy 1891224_10202977240374571_196236663_n photo(1)

Happy Gotcha Day, my sweet Lucy Doo! You are the best, sweetest, most loyal and loving dog. I love you! 


My Sweet Oscar

Ok so I’m a little bit of a bad doggy mom, and realized that I don’t actually know the exact date that Oscar came to live with me. I knew it was in January of 2013, sometime in the beginning of the month. So I decided to start looking through my pictures and my blog posts….and funny enough, TODAY marks exactly one year! One year ago, this little pip squeak of a dog was transported from Gainesville to Tallahassee, to become my foster dog. He was my 5th foster pup, and he was coming to me as a potential forever dog, if he met my many requirements.

Oscar-Adopted! Sassy & OscarOscar9


I quickly found that he did have everything I would want in a second dog, and I decided to make him mine! I officially announced this decision, just in time for Valentine’s Day.



Oscar has come so far in the past year. He was little, with not much muscle, and a puny little tail. He could barely make it to the end of my street, without having to take a break to rest. Now, he can run and play with Lucy, for quite some time before he has to take a break. He loves to go for walks, and adores being off leash to chase his doggie sis!

Oscar8 Running8


I’ve found that he is crazy for water! He loves to cuddle, and he is very smart. He has met every foster that has come through our doors with a happy, wagging tail, including Sassy, Hambone, Shiloh, Wickett, Petey, and Cleo. And of course, let’s not forget his BFF, Apollo!

Petey1 4th2 photo 3 (2)20131106-200848.jpg


Oscar has passed his CGC test, and I have high hopes for him to succeed at other things too. He knows a few skills, like “sit”, “down”, “off”, “up”, “stay”, “shake”, and “spin”. The thing I am most proud of though, is his trust in his family. He looks to me as his mama, his leader, and the boss of the house. He looks to Jayden as his brother. He loves to wake him up every morning by jumping on him, and covering him in slobbery kisses. We can take food and toys away from him at any time, and he trusts us to do so. I love the relationship that Oscar and Lucy have, too. He has learned that he will never be starved again, and will now wait patiently as I feed everyone else before him. He will sit quietly, albiet drooling every where, while I practice skills with Lucy, or give her treats. He will share a spoon with her, when I am giving them a special treat (like peanut butter or yogurt). Oscar also is the typical little brother to Lucy, and will pounce on her if she’s got a toy he wants, or will climb on top of her if he wants to be the one cuddling with me.



Oscar is so sweet, and I couldn’t imagine ever letting him go. I think that he was meant for our family, and I am so happy that one year ago today, he came into our lives! Happy Gotcha Day, you sneaky, naughty, loveable, sweet boy!!

OscarsTricks3 Oscar 004 Oscar4 Oscar15 4Dec 2013 048 Dec 2013 024 Dec 2013 032 Dec 2013 037

Bittersweet but Happy Tails!

Well never say never, my friends! The thing that I thought might be impossible has happened…….



Petey has an adoption pending!!!! 

Long story short, there is a lady who is involved in rescue, and knows Last Hope Rescue very well. She came across Petey’s picture, and felt that she can give him just what he needs. I brought Petey to meet her in person, gave her some basics, and then she and her husband were going to talk about it. This actually ended up being perfect timing because I planned to go out of town for a few days, so they could take Petey for a long meet & greet. So, we heard from them, and they were still interested. We scheduled a time for me to bring Petey over, when they would have time to really sit down and hear me out.

The thing is, I love Petey. But, I do not want to adopt him. That was never the plan. I have heard so many people say “Why don’t you just keep him” or “He’s obviously home, you just need to adopt him” or “Jayden loves him so much, you should just keep Petey”. But that defeats the purpose of fostering. While it would be easy to adopt every dog that comes through my doors, especially ones as easy as Petey, the more dogs I have of my own, the less I would be willing to foster. If I lived on acres, and had endless money, that would be different, but….I don’t. And to be honest, I feel like I’d be failing my foster dog AND my child. The plan was always to find Petey his forever home. I know that, and Jayden knows that. Of course, every now & then there is an exception to the rule….but I’ll write more about that later. So, yes, Petey has been adopted and returned, twice. Yes, he was ditched as a younger dog. Yes, he has some issues. But that never made him un-adoptable. And while I was fine with the idea of him being in my home for the rest of his life if the perfect person never came along, it wasn’t ideal. I truly always wanted him to find his forever home. To finally have his happily ever after. To finally belong and be a part of a permanent family. And finally, I think he just may have found HIS family.


As I sat there with them, I gave them ALL of the details. I explained Petey’s history, the issues he’s had, the anxiety he suffers from. I gave them scenarios of when they might have to rearrange their schedule to meet Petey’s needs. With all of this, they still seemed to understand what a gem Petey is. I have been saying all along, Petey is a wonderful, precious dog. He just needs someone that is home a lot, and who is willing to understand his needs. The perfect thing about this family, is that they need Petey just as much as he needs them. They have gone through loss and heartbreak, and Petey might just be able to bring some peace and love into their lives where they need it most. It’s almost as if it is a match made in Heaven.



I’ve heard from them a few times, and all is going really well! Everyone is totally in love and happy as can be! They’ve even had a couple rainy days, and had to leave him alone, and he’s done great! They truly listened to the things I said, understanding that I know Petey and what needs to be done to make this a success. And what makes them truly wonderful, is how sweet they are about my kiddo and his love for Petey. They’ve invited us over to visit Petey, and said we are welcome any time. Though I always try to keep my distance once my fosters are adopted, because I think it’s only right to let people move on with their lives and get settled with their new additions, I appreciate when the adopters allow me to still be in the pup’s life. I will always have a special place in my heart for each and every one of my foster pups!

Petey and his new friend, Grayson
Petey and his new friend, Grayson

So, only time will tell, but I think this one just might be THE one!

And if it doesn’t work out, for whatever reason, Petey will always be welcomed back into my home. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated! 

PS-My little Cleo has an adoption pending also!!

A Year in Pictures

It’s almost been a whole year since “Half Pint” officially went from unwanted shelter dog, to my beloved “Oscar”! Just over a year ago, I had a cluster of dogs! Lola was about to go to her new forever home. Petey had been returned to the rescue. And then Sassy was returned to the rescue as well. Since Petey & Sassy had both been in my home, I thought it was only right that I be the one to take them back. Then of course, I also had my one perma-pup, Lucy. It was my first experience of having FOUR dogs, but I must say, it was actually pretty easy! The three girls got along perfectly, and Petey was just happy to be back by Jayden’s side! After several days, I officially said goodbye to Lola, then a few weeks later, Sassy’s forever mom began the process of adopting her. And that was going to leave just Petey and Lucy. But then, came this guy…


I can’t explain just how much I love this dog, or how proud I am of him for how far he has come. More on that soon though! For now, I hope you enjoy the pictures of his first year in his forever home!

  Sassy & OscarOscarsTricks7Oscar1 1 82 4 5 697

  0172 photo 3 (1)photo 420131106-200823.jpgDogs6



Well lookie here!

My girl is going to her new home today! Yup, that’s right! Shiloh is being adopted!! So, let me back track and tell you how it happened!

Last weekend Shiloh went to an adoption booth to get some exposure. Someone had previously contacted Last Hope about specifically wanting a female, energetic, playful lab. The lady & her husband have a male lab, who is high energy and needs a forever friend to play with. So, we suggested she go to the adoption booth to meet Shiloh, and her sister Zelda. Long story short, she wasn’t sure which one she wanted. I happened to be available, and live only about 15 mins away, so I brought Shiloh over to meet her dog, and have a play date last Sunday.  As expected, Shiloh was an angel & she fit in perfectly! Next thing you know, Shiloh is being adopted!

She will be with her new, forever family this evening…I’ll try to take some pictures to share…but the dogs are both super playful & high energy, so not sure that I’ll get anything blog-worthy!


Congrats my little Shiloh! May you live a wonderful life, being loved & spoiled, just as you deserve!!!