(Kind of) Wordless Wednesday

Have you ever thought about what your dog’s theme song should be? I think about this sometimes, especially when I watch Oscar and Apollo together. I think they could have a few, including “Bad Boys” and “I’m Sorry”. ūüėČ I think this one sums them up though, so enjoy a cute song and some adorable pictures of my perma & foster boys!


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Giveaway winners!

It’s time to announce the winners of my Healthy Elements giveaway!!! Thank you to everyone who participated! I read all of the answers for those that answered the question, and I am happy to have new followers on my Facebook and Twitter page!

Now for the two winners: Kat Hambor & Paola Sofia Zuccaro Agresti!! Congrats!!! Please email me at beccajay0319@gmail.com with the address where you would like me to send the treats.

Have a wonderful day everyone, and thank you again for participating!!!

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halloween3 halloween1

A weekend in pictures!

My parents were here for the weekend, and we enjoyed the beautiful weather! Here are some pictures to show the fun we all had!

photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

photo 2 Apollo2Apollo1 Apollo3

photo 3 photo 1

photo 1 photo 5

Remember, Apollo & Petey are both available for adoption through Last Hope Rescue! And don’t forget to enter my giveaway! Tomorrow is the last day!

Foster Pupdates!

Yooooo dudezzz! It’s me, Oscar! My mama has been so buzy with work and stuff, so I thought I’d get on this thingy and tell you abouts my foster brothers!

But first….a picture of me, just becuz I am so dang handsomessss!


Yeah boooooy! Ok, so first there is my little foster brother, Apollo! Mama thought he’d only be with us for a week or two, but it’s been a whole month now, and he’s still here! And that’s ok with me, becuz we are best buddies! Apollo is some kind of boxer, like my sister. But I think he might have some pit¬†in him too, like¬†ME!¬†I mean, you ALL know by¬†now, pitties are the BOMBZ! So Apollo and I love to run, and wrestle, and steal toys from Lucy. He really loves to be outside too. I think that’s ok sometimes, but I¬†have gotten used to the posh life of house livin, so I like to be inside near my mom! My mama¬†got us this round blue thingy that she fills¬†up with that¬†water sprayer, and me and Apollo love to go in and splash around and stuffz! Apollo makes this real funny growl noise when he wants something, and he barks when it’s time for food. Any dog that loves food as much as me has GOT to be a good guy! My mama is always sayin things to him about not knowing where his family is, and not understanding why he hasn’t been adoptedz yet. Doesn’t she know by now? They will come when the time is right, just like when she found me!



Then there is my foster brother Petey. That dudez is laaaaaid back! He just like to sleepz all day, even more than me! And he really loves my people. He whines and barks any time they leave. But I just tellz him, “dude they are coming back! My mom wound never leave me all alone, so don’t be worryin!” Other than that, he is doingz ok. He just hangs out in the kitchen with us when my mom leaves. She doesn’t make him go in a crate anymore. I don’t know WHY he hates his so much. I love mine! See!


Anywayz, Petey is a real good guy. He lovez sleeping in my human brother’s room at nighttime. He likes to go outside with us, and watches us play, but he never joins in. And he hates the water! Crazy! Petey loves car rides too, and he gets all excited and you really have to watch out for that tail of his otherwise it’ll smack ya right across the face! Here’s some pictures of my brothers:


091 Petey & Apollo

My mom says she is pretty sure Petey will be with us fureverz, but just maybe the perfect person will comez along. I sure thought my time was up when my mama found me. At least Petey is in a safe home, and he never has to worry about being in dangerz or anything!

So dudez, that’s about it for now. My mom said I should really just make this about my brothers….but you guys want to know about me too, right?!? Ok, ok just a quick update on ME! I’ve been doing real goodz in my training, and my last class is this week! My mom keeps talking about this Good Dog test or something. I’m not sure if I can pass it becuz it’s pretty tricky, and my leg is really hurting me this week…but I’ll try my hardest. I’ve been having lotz of fun in the blue water thing that my mom got us. My mom says I am bonkerz for water, whatever that means! Other than that, life iz GOOD! Here are a few more pictures of me, just in case you were missing my sweet sweet face!

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Laterzzzz guys!!