David Rose is my Spirit Animal.

I know I’m a little late to the game, but I have recently binged Schitt’s Creek and now I. AM. OBSESSED.

Like, for real obsessed.

I LOVE this show. So much so that I’ve spent way too much time on Etsy and Amazon looking at all of the Schitt’s Creek-related things you can buy. There’s so many good things, like blankets and coffee mugs, shirts and laptop stickers. I NEED all the things, people!

***SPOILER ALERT*** If you are watching, or want to watch, Schitt’s Creek, and you don’t want to have anything spoiled, I recommend you stop reading. I am going to say things about my love for this show that may sort of give some things away about the characters. You have been warned!

So when I start to love a show or a character or a person of any kind really, I like to research them. I look up interviews, and their history, things they do and say and stand for. I want to know all about them. When I started watching Schitt’s Creek, I knew nothing about it other than it had won a lot of Emmy’s in its last season. I decided to check it out, but wasn’t hooked from the first episode. It was good enough though that I kept going, and I decided that I wasn’t going to do deep dives on the show or actors because I didn’t want to accidentally see any spoilers.

Somewhere along the way, I realized that David Rose is my spirit animal. He’s honest and straightforward, dark but funny, loves hard but has been hurt. His sarcastic witty responses are EVERYTHING. His friendship with Stevie is so perfect and genuine, I just love them! And then, he meets Patrick.

Patrick and David. SWOON! I love them so so much! They are sweet and innocent and pure, and they just love each other so honestly. Season 3, Episode 8, “Motel Review,” this is when we first meet Patrick, and this is when I started to truly fall in love with the show.

The way David makes mistakes or does ridiculous things, and Patrick is there for him, to show him that it’s still ok, and that his love is unfaltering. The smiles and smirks they are constantly giving each other. The way we get to see them both realizing how amazing their love is. I love that the show positively reflects a love between two men, without making it a big deal or making it overly dramatic or making you see them go through terrible experiences. Even though there are small mentions to each of their pasts, you get to see their present and future, and how filled with hope and love it is. They just are two people in love, navigating a relationship and life in a small town with a crazy family and hilarious locals. Their families and town embrace them like they do any other couple. THIS is the kind of acceptance that the world needs.

Since my obsession has begun, my son asked me why I love it so much. His exact words, “I’ve never seen you like a show as much as you like The Office” until this one!” So I started really thinking about what it is that I love so much. I mean yes, the characters are amazing. I always appreciate dark, sarcastic people, and the show is filled with love and laughter, but it’s deeper than that.

As a parent, we want our children to be able to be free and true to themselves, right? We want them to live their lives without being bullied or judged. We want them to love and be loved. My son has anxiety, as well as some other things, and while this may not bring on the level of judgement that the queer community deals with, it still resonates in my heart. Jayden has been judged for being overly fearful of things. He’s been considered a jerk, bratty, a pain in the butt, because when being flooded with anxiety this sometimes manifests as anger, unreasonable and reactive behaviors. There have been times in his 14 years that I wish I could protect him from those who don’t understand him. And this is what I love about Schitt’s Creek, and specifically David & Patrick. As David’s mom says when she is telling him to celebrate Patrick and their love, “he sees you for all that you are.” That is what we all want for our kids. For the world to see them as they are, and to love them for it. That is why I adore Schitt’s Creek so much, because it is a show that seems like it is just a comedy about this over the top, ridiculous family, but they are subtly showing the world what acceptance and inclusivity should look like.

Ok, so now that I’ve gone on and on about this show, I feel the need to share my favorite episodes (in no particular order). Not because I think anyone cares, but you know, just in case Dan Levy wants my opinion! I am sharing the “behind the episode” for each one, because again, I love the history and the extra details. Enjoy, and if you are a Schitt’s Creek fan, tell me what your favorite episode and characters are!

And if you aren’t a Schitt’s Creek fan, well then as David Rose would say, I’m very uninterested in that opinion!

#1: The Olive Branch

#2: Open Mic

#3: Meet the Parents

#4: Start Spreading the News

#5: The Jazzaguy

I hope you enjoyed my obsessive, unsolicited review of Schitt’s Creek! Stay safe, healthy & enjoy the holidays!


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