Broken Seashells

We’re all just broken seashells.


I am single. I am curvy (which is really just a pleasant way of saying chunky, right?). I am tired. I hate cooking. Dog hair is EVERY. WHERE. Life can be messy.

I took a walk on the beach this morning, and was thinking about how people ask me often about my time alone when Jayden is with his dad. Aren’t you lonely? Don’t you find you don’t know what to do with your free time? Aren’t you so bored?

No. No. And NO. I’m totally ok being alone. I may not love myself all the time. And sure, I wish I had a partner sometimes to go through life with. It would be nice to have someone say nice things to me, like that I’m pretty, or look nice, or whatever. Someone to make me dinner or take the trash out. There are no men lining up to fill that open position in my life though. So, I don’t have that.

But, you know what I do have? A son who gets annoyed when I say “wait, we can’t go in yet, I have to put on my makeup.” He huffs at me and says “you always tell me not to care what other people think. You’re beautiful just the way you are. You don’t need makeup.” (yes, my teenager really does say this, often.) This always reminds me that I must be doing something right!

You know what else I have? A full time job, which I love most day. I work hard and feel that my knowledge is valued by most. This job supplies me with a laptop, which I use to attend full time school. I have the capability to manage a job, school, a teenager, puppies, the rescue, and I rarely get stressed. I mean, sure, sometimes I feel like I need a few more hours in the day just to breathe and watch a little TV. But I am so thankful that Jayden is active and loves playing sports; that my puppies are completely content at home; that I have my parents around the corner to help take over child taxi duties when I just can’t get there in time. I have two brothers, two sister in laws, two nieces and a nephew, all of whom I love to pieces. I have a fabulous group of friends. And we’re all just trying to make it through life!

So as I walked along the beach this morning, I was thinking about myself. How I wish I would lose weight, how I should clean my house more, or that I’d see my friends more, or that I’d exercise my dogs more. But then I thought, “hey woman. give yourself a break. be kind. you’re getting through life, and raising an amazing kid. that might just be enough for today.” As I was yelling at myself for being mean to myself, I was looking at the seashells that were peppered in the sand around me.

So many broken seashells. Different shapes and sizes and colors. But you know what else I saw? A ton of perfectly whole shells. But they still had groves and marks on them. When I made a point to really look at the shells, instead of just “ugh, so many broken shells, why aren’t there any whole ones”…I saw the beauty in each one. Even with the holes, and jagged edges, they are all still beautiful in their own way. Just like me and you.


Rachel Hollis says, “stop comparing yourself to “her”. stop comparing your weight to “her” weight. stop comparing your kids to “her” kids. stop comparing your life to “her” life.” Meaning, stop comparing yourself to some other seemingly-fabulous woman. Do you. Do what works for YOUR life. (PS-If you don’t know who Rachel Hollis is, look her up. She and her husband are amazing!)

Be a broken seashell, and be proud of it. Those holes and grooves and splintered edges are what makes each of us unique and special. Accept them, embrace them, love them.

To all of the broken seashells in my life, I love you, holes and all!




8 thoughts on “Broken Seashells”

  1. Hi Rebecca, So good to read about you and your humanity. Glad you’ve joined the “ seashell club”, mostly made up of all the world’s broken shells who survive in spite of our cracks and damage.
    After all, that’s what life is. Love to you and Jayden and your puppies!❤️

  2. Loved waking up to this! You are amazing and so is Jayden. What you said about him saying “you’re beautiful, just the way you are and don’t need make up” reminded me of that new Pampers commercial that makes me cry because it’s so true. I am proud of all of the hard work you put in every day, I know that Jayden is proud to have you as him Mom too. Love you!

  3. This is freakin awesome! I mean it, brings tears to my eyes – you are such an amazing daughter, Mom, person – Love you Momxxx


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