knock, knock…goodbye 

It’s hard to believe that I haven’t written a post since March! A lot has changed! 

Dog wise…Annie completed her heart worm treatment, was spayed, and then was adopted! Her forever mama works with a lady who adopted one of Annie’s pups, so she gets to see her son often. Annie was honestly the easiest foster I’ve ever had, and she was definitely a hard one to let go. I still miss that sweet scruffy face! 

Before Annie officially moved out, Spike moved in. Spike is a 12 yr old doxie, who came to the rescue as an owner surrender. He was not the right fit for my home though. So he’s moved in with the rescue’s wonderful Vice President, who basically has the sanctuary dogs that are likely with us for the long haul. 

Then I had the sweetest little chocolate Lab mix. Jack was an 8 week old puppy, and he was adopter after only a week of being in my home. 

So, now it’s just the perma-pups…which is good. It’s nice to give them some much deserved  attention!

 Personal wise, things have changed around here too! I left my comfy cozy work-from-home job after 4.5 years, for a management position at a children’s therapy center. It was a scary change, leaving a job I knew so well and walking into the unknown… but I’m 3 months in, and I’m loving it! 

I am still very involved with the rescue, approving applications, finalizing adoptions, running the social media. It’s a little overwhelming sometimes…but I can handle it! 😉 

Then there is that kiddo of mine, always keeping me busy! He turned 9 in March, which still just seems crazy to me. Every day he’s getting more grown up, and my chubby little baby slips further away! He is very into being a man these days, and even told me that holding my hand at school is too embarrassing! Usually this would make a mom sad, but it makes me so happy that he’s showing independence. He is still in counseling for his anxiety. It’s been determined that he has general anxiety disorder, social anxiety and a touch of ocd, along with specific phobias. Some days are better than others. Fourth grade has been pretty rough so far, but his counselor is helping with that. He overcomes one fear or worry, and immediately moves on to another…which is exhausting, for both of us. He gets so frustrated that people don’t understand him; I get frustrated fighting for him. He gets his feelings hurt so easily; I get mad that someone hurt him. It gets old, real fast sometimes. But, we’ll keep working on it…because what else can we do. 

So, this is where I say goodbye to the blog o’sphere. The art of blogging, I think, is being consistent and frequent with your posts, and I just don’t have time to do that anymore. I hope that I’ve taught people some important information, like the importance of  heartworm prevention, the need for fostering and the amazing love of bully breeds. Thank you so much to you all for following along, reading my tales about tails, and sharing your own stories too. 

Good night & good bye! 


6 thoughts on “knock, knock…goodbye ”

  1. Your blogs have allowed us to get to know you, and that has been a gift.
    Sometimes life takes precedence over everything else, understandable.
    Thank you for all you do and continue to do…
    Goodbye- for now,

  2. You do a great job at everything, most especially with that great son of yours. Can’t wait to see you both again xx Momxx >

  3. So happy for your new job and your little man’s progress. Will keep sending the whole family lots of loving energy. And some extra big kisses from Lola.

  4. its never really good bye. you will always have your blog and as long are you doing rescue you will have something to blog about. one year I only posted twice. but its yours and you should keep it!. ebbs and flows, things change life changes. you do what you can when you can and thats enough. thanks for the update we will catch you later whenever later is.

  5. I have enjoyed your posts, your pictures and your pups over the last year or so. Thank you for your sharing; you were an inspiration…Thank you! Linda Riddle

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