I often hear from the parents of my previous foster pups, and it’s always amusing when they tell me stories of how their dog(s) behave…many times, having similar behaviors that my dogs have.

Many of the foster dogs I have had, have been in puppyhood, ranging from 14 weeks to a year old. These are usually the dogs that my two make an impression on the most.

Take Lola for example. Her mom always tells me that Lola is a supreme lizard hunter, a skill that Lucy is a pro at and I feel certain she taught Lola well!

The Lizard Hunters taking a moment to cuddle and discuss their next plan of attack!
The Lizard Hunters taking a moment to cuddle and discuss their next plan of attack!

Lucy is also great in teaching foster dogs to be confident. We have had many dogs come in as scared, nervous pups, but Lucy helps show them how to be confident in their doggy awesomeness! Chelsea was definitely one of those cases. She was VERY shy and timid, but around dogs, she completely came out of her shell. Tooley was another one who learned from Lucy, and followed her every move. Wherever Lucy went, Tooley was sure to follow. She, also, learned how to hunt lizards!

photo 1 (35)
I believe Lucy is saying “Guys! Lizards! Don’t you see them! Must. Hunt. Lizards. And. Squirrels.”



Oscar is good at teaching dogs his naughty tricks. For example, he loves to take the magnets off of the refrigerator…and what did I find Mia with today? Yep. A magnet. He also teaches the foster pups that there are plenty of tree roots in the yard to go around, and everyone should try to dig them up! Oscar, being the king of comfort, also teaches dogs how to C-H-I-L-L!

20140507-200553.jpg 1891224_10202977240374571_196236663_n Stella4 photo 2 (4) photo 1


He also showed them all how to wear accessories like a BOSS!

July 014July 002 July 010It’s always interesting and fun to see how my dogs rub off on a foster dog! Has your dog taught another pup friend anything?

Mia is STILL on the search for a family! Available through Last Hope Rescue FL!!!



3 thoughts on “Teachers.”

  1. Loved your post and smiled about how right you are. It’s funny to watch dogs learn from each other. When my youngest boy, Noah, came here as a puppy, he would always carry a stuffed toy out of his crate in the morning. He’d take it downstairs and outside, put it down to do his business, pick it up and come inside for breakfast. Lately my older boy, Ace, has been doing exactly the same thing. It ‘s funny to watch Ace imitate Noah!

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