My dogs rule

I found myself thinking today, that I have the best dogs ever.

The last few days have been filled with pretty nice weather, so I’ve been leaving the sliding glass door open for bits of time.

Sometimes I think Lucy would stay outside all day, especially when it’s coolish-warmish (aka Fall in FL) weather. She just lays around, getting up every now & then to survey the yard, making sure no squirrels or lizards have gotten by her. She never digs, rarely barks, and never looks for a way out. She is content to just be. And I love her for it.


Oscar has also been loving this weather. He LOVES to sunbathe, and if he spots a sunny area on the deck, he is sure to be knocking on the door until I let him out. So, leaving the door open is ideal for him. He sunbathes for awhile, comes in to check that I’m not eating any food he might be missing out on, goes back out to howl at random things, etc. He loves being able to go back & forth as he pleases!


Mia is one of the easiest pups I’ve ever fostered. She reminds me a lot of Lucy when she was a pup, &/or of my previous foster pup Apollo. Mia LOVES the dogs, and she goes wherever they go. She has learned her place in the hierarchy of dogs, and is content being the pesky lil sis to Lucy & Oscar. She has learned how to appropriately play, and now loves to chase and tumble with the big dogs! Mia never looks for ways out of the yard, and she comes running any time I call her name. She really loves having the door open, because she seems to think it’s a game to bring toys outside, and have me chase her to bring them back in! She’s such a great pup, and oh so stinkin cute.


So, this is all to say, I love my dogs. Also, I obviously need a doggie door!

3 thoughts on “My dogs rule”

  1. I can really recommend a doggie door, and can answer questions you have about them if you get more serious about it someday. We’ve had several different kinds. You can get a really nice one with a locking slide panel to secure the door when you are out of town (or when you’ve just given the dogs a bath and don’t want them outside).

    I have a friend who says she could never have a doggie door cause she’d worry too much about her dogs. But after our house fire, when the dogs escaped through the door, I’m pretty much a believer.

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