Foster update!

My little lady, Roxy had a meet & greet last night! Finally! I’ve had her for two months now, and she’s had very few inquiries. It’s so hard to figure out what pups will appeal to adopters! Roxy2

Anyway, the couple came over last night to meet her, and it went really well! Roxy was her typical puppy self, jumping all over them, but they were completely understanding. She is a pretty big girl, so sometimes it is hard to remember that she is still a young pup. Roxy was a really good girl though. She showed them that she settles down in just a few minutes, and then she was putty in their hands…or, they were putty in her paws! By the end of the visit, she was laying on her back, in the husband’s lap, falling asleep! They asked all kinds of questions…literally, they had a written list of things they wanted to ask. Being a planner and organized person myself, I loved it! It showed me that they are serious about adopting, and had already put a lot of thought into it.


They are specifically looking for a rescue dog, who can go on all sorts of adventures with them. They are very active, and always took their previous dog wherever they went. So, Roxy would get lots of exercise and have tons of fun! They want to do an overnight next, so Roxy will be going to their house on Sunday morning. Then I will either pick her up on Monday evening, or will be finalizing her adoption…hopefully the latter!


I’ll keep ya updated! Have a wonderful day!

PS-Don’t forget to check out your local shelter or rescue, and share an adoptable dog, today! You might just save a life!!

Adios, Friends! 


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