Stare Down.

Oscar & Lucy LOVE cow hooves.

Oscar ALWAYS finishes his first.

Oscar KNOWS he is not allowed to take Lucy’s. This always amazes me, because if it was a regular toy or bone, he just pounces on her and takes what he wants. He never tries to take her cow hoof though.

He does however let her know that he’d be happy to take it if she’d like him too, by giving her the STARE DOWN.




PS-Thank you so much to everyone who has commented about Symone. It was difficult, and we miss her, but I know it was the right decision because she was suffering. All of your kind words have provided me with comfort, and I truly appreciate all of you!

Happy Friday, friends!


2 thoughts on “Stare Down.”

  1. That second picture says it all. Oscar knows she has the upper hand. Lucy is grinning because she has the upper hand. She gets to enjoy the treat AND taunt him, too. This is played out in my house with rawhides. Yagé loves to chew on anything and devours bone, treat, etc. very quickly. She’s not picky. Lola can take or leave a rawhide. Except, of course, to keep it away from her sister. I am certain one day we’ll be planting something in the yard and find a secret stash of Lola’s half-chewed rawhides. We move the furniture about once a week to sweep, otherwise Lola would have a pile of them under the couches.

    Now the chicken-liver-filled rawhides are a different story. No one is hoarding them. Gobble gobble.

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