A Letter to my Foster Dog

Sweet Lady Symone,

It’s hard to believe you were in my life for only 4 months. Sometimes it felt like you had always been a part of our family. Yet now as I have to say goodbye, I find myself thinking it hasn’t been long enough. I wish I had known you as a puppy, when you were young and healthy. I am sure you were a spunky pesky girl, causing trouble whenever you could. I wish I met your many puppies. I bet you were the best doggie mama to those baby bullies.

You fit right in with us from day one, bossing Oscar around, but understanding that Lucy was the top dog. You expected butt scratches on demand, and the excitement you have for walks is like no other dog. Your silly sideways tongue always makes us giggle. Jayden loves to touch it when you’re sleeping, when it’s sticking out, all dry and scratchy. We are really going to miss your goofy quirks.

There are some things I won’t miss. Like your slobber. Oh, the slobber. Everywhere. And you’re hair. How do you shed so much hair?!? Your snoring rocks the house and causes earthquakes in far off lands. I won’t miss having to turn the tv up just to hear it over your snoring. The number one thing I won’t miss…G-A-S. Lady Symone, the flatulence that comes out of you is…there are just no words to describe it.

But my sweet girl, I would take all of these things, a million times over, to have more time with you.

 I wish I could find all of the humans who have failed you. To yell at them, and tell them they didn’t deserve to have you in their lives. I hope that you have felt loved and cherished over the last few months, since you came into our home. I hope you somehow have understood, every time we wrapped our arms around your big ol’ neck, just how much we have adored you.

I don’t know what Heaven is, or what it consists of. I can only hope, that when we say goodbye, that you go to Heaven’s pearly gates, and you are greeted by your best friend. I’ve always known how much you’ve missed him, and how confused you must have been after his passing. I hope that my own bulldog, Basti, is there to greet you and show you around, along with a few other fellow canine buddies we’ve lost along the way.

Our time is coming to an end, my sweet bulldog. In such a short time, you’ve wiggled that brindle butt right into our hearts, and we will miss you dearly. I hope as we spend our last night together tonight, that you will be comfortable and have a full belly…I am giving you meatloaf for dinner, after all! I promise to be by your side tomorrow, as we say goodbye, but until then…Snore, slobber, and fart ’til your heart’s content, my friend.

Love always,

Your foster, forever mama



6 thoughts on “A Letter to my Foster Dog”

  1. Thanks to you, Jayden and your dogs, she has had an awesome 4 months, and that is what she will take to the Bridge tomorrow. This post of yours made me cry big tears and giggle once or twice. It also speaks volumes about your love for these forgotten pups. ❤️

  2. Brought tears even to my eyes! Great tribute to Lady Symone. You’ve taken great care of her physically and emotionally.

  3. So beautiful. Will be sending lots of love your way. A hundred times over, you’ve done great things for Lady Symone. I have no doubt that with you as an example your kiddo will grow up to be an amazing person who does good in the worlds. I told Lola and Yagé this morning to send lots of kisses your way all day long.

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