Symone Update

Hello blog-o-sphere.

I have some sad news.

Lady Symone has declined.  Again. More. Too much.

She is having cluster seizures on a regular basis. She has no spunk left. The vet has tried different medication concoctions, and nothing has worked. In fact, her seizures and behaviors have only gotten worse. It is believed that there is something much worse underlying the seizures, but due to her age and lack of funding, the insanely expensive testing can not be done.

To look at her, is to know that she is miserable. She is definitely not herself. She has many bad days, with half of a good day thrown in every now and then.

This is the part of being a pet parent that sucks. A lot. You have to determine when they’ve had enough. You have to determine when trying more meds, and how many meds, is too much. Symone is now taking 8 1/2 pills, twice a day. And she still has the symptoms. So, enough is enough…right?

I don’t have a specific date yet of when we will say goodbye, though it will be within the next few days. I wanted to bring her back home for a couple days, love on her, and spoil her, while she is still able to get relief from the pain meds. She got to eat a cheesburger, fries, and a donut today…hey, a dog on hospice can do what they want…and trust me, this bulldog will love food until…well, you know.

July 002

Goodnight, Friends. 


10 thoughts on “Symone Update”

  1. But you will be there for her/with her and to know that she is loved on, – well, you have my thoughts my dear daughterxx

  2. You guys have done everything you can to make her last days wonderful. Sounds like she is ready to go and be reunited with her Dad. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help support you guys. Until then I will send lots of prayers for you all.

  3. The truest love we show to them, is at the end. There is no love more pure than knowing and then letting them ‘run free’. That she knew love at the end, that she is not alone, that is everything. You have done amazing with her.

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