I just wanted to say a quick THANK YOU to everyone who has offered advice, support, and shared their experiences, regarding my recent post on anxiety. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, well then check it out HERE! (Click on the word “here” and it will bring you to that post.)

While we are having some struggles, there are also lots of happy times, filled with love and laughter. I am reminding Jayden every day to use his Fear Buster prayers that our church shared with us, to focus on the positive, and live day by day. He is looking forward to his counseling today, and hopefully this will help teach him some ways to cope. I can not express how much I appreciate all of the comments, messages, and texts re: this issue. You all really made me feel better, and I thank you for allowing me to vent and share! You ALL are the! Have a happy Monday! xoxo

Oscar7Sammy4 May 2014 069 Spanky 011 photo 1 JayandOscar  basti3

5 thoughts on “Appreciation!”

  1. Great post about anxiety – very good information and lots of different angles you’re exploring. And love the pics on the follow up post! I always love seeing pics of your babies – perma and foster!

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