Full of Bull(dog)!

Meet Symone! My newest foster!

June 2014 030

So, she came to Last Hope Rescue a few years ago, after being being used for breeding. Then she was adopted out about two years ago, by a husband & wife couple. Unfortunately the husband very unexpectedly passed away, and Symone was his best buddy. The wife felt that it was too much for her to handle, so she decided to return Symone.

June 2014 017

Well, if you remember my bucket list, having an English Bulldog has always been a dream of mine! Knowing that I will not be tempted to adopt her (because two is the limit for perma-dogs in this home), I begged to foster her, since I knew this might be my only chance of having one! Anywho, she arrived on Sunday, and is settling in just fine. The first two days, she seemed confused, maybe a little sad, and stressed. I mean, who wouldn’t be, given her situation? Her dad died; her mom gave her up; and now she’s in a stranger’s house, with a motley crew of dogs, and a little human. She has handled it very well so far though, and today she seems to be getting more comfortable.

All of the ladies
All of the ladies

Symone is great with Jayden, not phased by him at all. She pretty much just follows either of us around, wherever we are going. She is great with the dogs too! She apparently really loves the male dogs, and since Oscar is the only boy dog around here, she tends to follow him around. With her loud breathing, and bulldog way of playing, she scares him a bit though. So today, I sent Lucy & Tooley off to doggie daycare, and let Symone and Oscar spend the day together. They laid around, relaxed outside, and did a little bit of playing too!


Symone loves to play with balls (maybe that’s why she likes males…hahahahaaaa!), and you’re lucky if you can get the ball back out of her mouth. She is highly treat motivated, and knows “sit” & “shake”. She also really responds to the name Sysy (sounds like Cici), so perhaps her dad called her that. She really loves to get booty rubs too, so an adopter should be prepared to have a brindle bully butt in their face on a regular basis!


Symone is about 8-9 years old, so we are going to be extra particular about who she goes to. Of course, we always want to pick the right home for our dogs…but when you have a senior dog, who has already been through so much, it just really motivates you to do all that you can to find THE one, ya know? And until the perfect person comes around, I am giving her lots of hugs, and telling her what a good girl she is!

June 2014 052

As you can see by these pictures, Tooley is still here as well. I thought I might be losing my mind by bringing in a 4th dog, but to be honest, Symone is SO easy. It really has not been that much more work, except for feeding times…and when you’re already feeding three, what’s one more bowl?!

So, if you know anyone with English bulldog experience, and who has another dog looking for a buddy (perhaps a younger male), well tell them to look our way because Symone is single & ready to mingle!

For more pictures and stories of our adventures, follow us at Tails of a Foster Mom!

5 thoughts on “Full of Bull(dog)!”

  1. I’m sitting on vacation showing anyone who will listen that I love her. I have always wanted a burley bulldog and in my book, the older the better! Jakes legs are going through a down phase, just need to figure out where he might net out in the next few weeks — he would love to romp with her! Ugh… she haunts me!

  2. I totally do the “I’ll never have this type of dog, so I’ll foster one instead!” thing! It’s one of the perks to fostering =). Good luck finding her furever home- she looks like SUCH a sweetheart!

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