Princess and the Pibble

Lucy never whines, barks, or scratches to go out. NEVER. She will pee on the floor before she will make a peep that she needs to go.

Oscar will scratch and jump on the door. Obnoxiously. Like, throws himself up against the door, with a loud thump.

I believe that they have now worked out a system together.


Oscar and Lucy are standing at the back door. Oscar scratches. Lucy stands there.

Me: No, Oscar.

Oscar: scratches, bangs into door

Me: No, Oscar.

Oscar: scratches, bangs into door

Me: Oscar! No, I’m in the middle of eating. And it’s raining!

Oscar: scratches, bangs into door, growls

Lucy: stands there, watching

Oscar: scratches, bangs into door

Me: Oh fine! *gets up, opens door*

Oscar: promptly turns around, walks into kennel, goes to sleep

Lucy: prances outside, tail wagging

*shaking my head*

I’m not sure if she was thinking “Thank you brother!” or “Silly minions.” Pretty sure it was the latter!



Do your dogs ever seem to team up? Do you think dogs somehow speak to each other? Share your silly stories with me!


2 thoughts on “Princess and the Pibble”

  1. This made me laugh out loud so hard. Thank god my supervisor is in a meeting. 😉 DEFINITELY “Silly minions.”

    I’m pretty sure that when my girls are playing, they slowly escalate the play, bit by bit, as if they have figured out that I will take them outside to play ball once they start actively banging into the furniture. It goes something like this.

    Lola: Shake the toy harder. Harder! Just a little harder! I’m almost sliding!

    Ya: Just relax your back legs and slide into that chair. Seriously, when it moves you know she’ll get the ball. And we’ll get to go outside and PLAY!

    Lola: Play, play, play! I love to play! Here I go, into the chair!

  2. I have 1 dog that doesn’t bother unless he’s dying then he starts panting. My other 2 will bark and growl (talk) to me.

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