Oh, to be a Hound dog

This little hound dog.

She is quite the energetic ball of cray cray.

Ok, she doesn’t look all cray cray in that picture. She’s sweet, and innocent, and calm…when she’s sleeping!

It’s not that she is bad. She is just a young hound, who’s never had any kind of training or discipline or structure. She is nuts about the woodland creatures…and trees surround my house. So there are birds, squirrels, raccoons, & bunnies galore! In fact, I spent two long hours on Mother’s Day searching for Tooley, because she found a way out of the fence to go on an adventure.

Unfortunately, because she took herself on an adventure, she now has to stay on an extended leash when outside. She seems to not care too much though, unless there’s a squirrel taunting her from the other side of the yard!

I think Tooley’s ideal home would be someone with fenced in acreage, where she could run and chase creatures, while staying safe. And then she’d get to be inside on a nice comfy cozy bed of course, whenever she pleases. A doggie playmate would be good too, because she adores other dogs! (She actually went to her first day of doggie daycare this week, and will be going a couple times per week from now on!)


Unfortunately, we have yet to get a single inquiry on her. I was really hoping she’d be adopted by the time we go on vacation at the end of the month. I always hate to shuffle my fosters around. But, it is what it is.

She really is a good dog, and sweet as anything! She would make a fantastic running partner, and loves everyone she meets. So if you hear of anyone wanting a new furry friend, send ’em our way!

Night night, from my sweetness!


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