I love weekends.

My sweetness, Oscar, has been having a rough time with those bum legs of his. Ever since Tooley as arrived, it has just been too much for him. I can’t let him outside with her to play, because she is a rough and tumble girl! Oscar is still ok to play with Lucy because she really only plays with her paws. She doesn’t wrestle around, and plow into him at full speed like Tooley. His left shoulder seems to be the main issue, and some days it is worse than others. This means there has been very little skills practice (did I ever mention that he is in an advanced training class?!), and no doggie daycare, and no walks. He keeps going to his leash and pawing at the wall, giving me those sad “Mama, why can’t we go for walkies” eyes.

So anyway, Saturday it was a gorgeous day and Oscar was filled with energy. I figured I’d pull out the kiddie pool and hose, and let him play! This way it was at least controlled, and just 15 minutes or so usually wears him out. The dogs also usually play independently with the water, so there wouldn’t be an wrestling or anything. Of course, this all didn’t matter and his leg was sore once again after play time…but, at least he had a great time!? Here are some pictures from our fun weekend. 🙂

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I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook (Tails of a Foster Mom), and Twitter (@FosterMomTails).

Goodnight, Friends!


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