You are what you eat…

Ever since I adopted Oscar, I’ve been working on getting him as healthy and strong as he can be. I’ve done all sorts of research about foods, vegetables, supplements, vitamins…the list goes on. Of course, for me, money is a factor. I wanted to give the dogs a good decent food, but didn’t want to break the bank either! I wanted to help Oscar and Lucy’s joints, while making their coats shiny and soft. I also want to give them anything that can keep away the dreaded “C” word, that so many dogs pass away from.

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Lucy has random dry flaky bumps. It seems to possibly be allergy related, but not bad enough to do testing on her. Oscar has a flaky dull coat, thanks to his past malnutrition. So, I have been adding veggies and fruits to their diet on a regular basis. I have a juicer, which is a great way to get these foods chopped up! I also like to freeze fruits, especially blueberries and strawberries. These are great treats for them on hot days, and they are filled with antioxidants, and supposedly might help fight off cancer. I give them carrots too, which is great for getting tartar off of their teeth and freshening their breath!

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Here’s a good list of 10 Human Foods Dogs Can Eat:

I also heard that Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) works wonders for dogs. Actually it has major benefits for humans, too! I spoke to a few people about this, including a local pet store, all of whom highly recommended ACV. Specifically, it has to be the Apple Cider Vinegar Organic with the “mother.” (That’s the dark colored substance within the cider. Apparently that is what has a lot of the nutrients!) ACV helps with dandruff, yeast infections (think skin, people), eases arthritis, clears up urinary tract infections, and it is a natural flea repellent…those are just a few of the benefits! I researched this online as well, finding many websites that recommended ACV. As with all things, there are also people that don’t believe in the benefits, but I didn’t find anything that said it could be harmful.

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So, I changed their food to Taste of the Wild’s Pacific Salmon, and I began using the ACV. (I actually wish I would have started them separately to prove the positive benefits, but…I didn’t, so oh well!) After about two weeks, I noticed a definite difference in Oscar’s coat. It is shiny, less flaky (although not completely free of flakes but a major improvement), and he is all in all less itchy!

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I have also noticed that Lucy no longer has any of those dry flaky bumps! In fact, I accidentally ran out of their food, so I used some left over won’t-be-named-brand, just for one day, and they both experienced some itchiness and bumps, which I can only assume was from that food. In general, the benefits of the ACV are within their bodies, but seeing this wonderful change in their skin and fur, has me convinced that this is a great combo for them! I have also started giving Tooley the ACV, since she needs all the help she can get, after starving out in the woods. Interestingly, all of the dogs seem to really love it! I thought, at least Lucy, would turn up her nose because of the smell, but she literally licks her bowl to get every last drop! (Oscar does too, but he’d eat ANY thing!) So, there ya go!

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Do you give your dogs fruits and veggies? Supplements? ACV? Please share your experiences. I’d love to hear them!

Goodnight friends, from my pack to yours! 



*Everything stated in this blog is of my own personal opinion. I was not asked or paid to endorse any specific products. You know your dog best, and you should consult your veterinarian regarding any questions about your pet’s care and well being. I recommend always doing research, and seeking advice from fellow pet professionals, before trying anything new! 

7 thoughts on “You are what you eat…”

  1. We love to use veggies for treats. Our dogs eat spinach, carrots, squash (yellow and zucchini), peas and cukes. Rox likes lettuce too. They both love apples, blueberries and strawberries. We haven’t tried ACV but both are itchy even with Fromm’s grain free so maybe that would help. Thanks for all the research you do. It helps. Becky

  2. How much ACV go you give them? My dogs are 25-30lbs… I give them other supplements too: Ultimate is a powdered vitamin, Digestive Enhancer, Phyto-flex, all from Nature’s Farmacy, also an omega 3 capsule and 250mg vitamin C. Allie, my older girl, gets cranberry supplement because she gets UTIs. I don’t want to add anything more to their meals because of all this, and because I don’t want them to reject their food, which is a really good quality diet. Do you have any suggestions as to another way to offer it, and how much, each day? I already have the correct type of ACV but don’t know how to administer it. Thanks for your post!

    1. I started off very small, with just a 1/2 tsp added to their food, bc I wasn’t sure that they’d like it. Once I saw they did, I slowly increased it and now they get 1 tbsp on their dinner. You can also put it in their water, which seems to take away the smell, but with multiple dogs, you wouldn’t know who is getting the AcV. What about trying their food, with a small amt of the ACV, and just one time, leaving the other vitamins/supplements off. Then you could see if they will refuse it. If they still eat it, then I’d do it the next meal with their regular supplements added. If you just don’t want to add to their food, water has been the only other way I’ve seen to get the inside benefits. For just outer, you can put it in a spray bottle to put on their coats, but I think that is more just to keep fleas away. They really need to ingest it to reap the full benefits.

  3. I can’t get my girls to eat fruits or veggies! My last two dogs ate carrots and broccoli and tomatoes. The one exception: sweet potatoes or yams, which they love, and which are really good for them. I use ACV and water to clean out their ears, but never thought to put it on their food. I do need to get them both on fish oil, and maybe a glusomine/chondroitin supplement.

  4. Never heard of the apple cider vinegar! I think I’ll experiment with adding a bit to Stella and Izzy’s dog food 🙂

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