A Blossoming Flower

Meet Tulip! 

She is my new foster girl, and she needs some lovin! First off, I can’t stand her name…but I am stuck on what else her name should be! I tried a few other names, but nothing feels right. But she sure is cute, and OH so sweet!


We assume she was a hunting dog, left out in the woods to fend for herself. Unfortunately the Wakulla shelter (next town over from Tallahassee) gets a lot of hounds, after they’ve been left by their “owners”. From what I have heard, some hunters take these dogs out on a hunting trip, and when it’s time to return home, if the dog isn’t there, they are left.

Tulip5My guess is that Tulip has never stepped foot in a house, never had a toy to play with, and she definitely has had to fend for her own food…whether that was because she was mistreated, or because she was lost for a long time, one can only guess.

So, first on the list of things to do for Tulip, is fatten this girl up! She is so skinny that her hip bones and ribs stick out. So I feed her twice a day, and then mid-day, she gets a Kong filled with peanut butter, kibble, olive oil, and treats!  I’ll have her at a healthy weight in no time!


Tulip is also learning lots of general manners while here in our house. She most likely lived in a crate (just assuming from things I’ve learned), so she is kennel trained. The only time she whines is if she needs to go potty. She is also fully potty trained. Impressive! She likes to take papers (like Jayden’s school work) from one place, and put it in the middle of the floor. She is also obsessed with the fire place! I’m not sure if it is the reflection of herself, or noises she can hear from the chimney. Tulip is very easy to redirect, and once she is told no, she rarely does it again.


The main thing people should know about this adoptable girl, is that she LOVES humans! She wiggles and wags any time she is spoken too. I don’t think she was used to getting much attention, so she gets scared if you move too fast, or go to pet her too quickly. But she gets over it immediately, and then she wiggles and stares at you until you talk to her or give her some pats!


As usual, I introduced Tulip to Oscar first. They were friends, but she wasn’t quite sure about his excitement to play. So I took it slow, with short visits lasting only 10 minutes at a time. By the end of the next day, they were best buddies! Then I introduced Tulip to Lucy, again slowly. They were friends right away though, and Tulip seems to really like Lucy the best. She follows her around like a shadow. Tulip plays great with Oscar too though, and they like to wrestle around with each other!


All in all, she is a great pup! She has already opened up so much in this first week, and I know with patience and love, she will continue to learn what life is really supposed to be like as a family pet!

If you, or anyone you know, is interested in providing a forever home for Tulip, email the rescue at LastHopeRescueFL@gmail.com! 

Good night, friends!


9 thoughts on “A Blossoming Flower”

  1. Oooooo that face! As the human of a hound mix I sure am a sucker for those sweet hound faces! Also as one dog foster mom to another, isn’t it so satisfying to see them blossom with a little love? She’s a lucky girl and good lucky finding her a family!

    p.s. I think,Tulip is cute, but what about just shortening it to Tuly (too-ly)? Cute, short, sweet and unique.

  2. What a sweet girl… for some reason when I look at her I see a Tallulah. Don’t ask me, it’s one of those weird things that just popped into my head. I’m really glad though that she’s in your care, I just know she’ll gain the weight she needs to and will be in a forever home in no time.

  3. Thank you for saving Tulip! I volunteer at the Wakulla County shelter and I fell in love with this sweet girl the minute I met her. It’s nice to see her happy and well 🙂

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