Crazy Town.

My sweet Stella is STILL waiting around for her forever home! I am baffled and shocked. I have never had a puppy, that has had such little interest. I have only checked ONE application on her, and unfortunately they weren’t a right fit for Stella. This is pure craziness. We are living in Crazy Town. I am the Mayor. And Stella is the resident.

Feb2014 166
Cray cray eyes!


Am I the only one that thinks she is beautiful? Adorable? Insanely cute? Seriously, with Apollo, I actually had to keep a list of the potential adopters, because we had so many people wanting him. I wanted him to go to a family with another dog as well as kids, so it took awhile to find that, and now he is in a wonderful home. I have no problem being patient. I mean, I was willing to keep ol’ man Petey until the end of his days, if that is what was needed. But I always feel bad for the puppies. I am sad that they are growing up in my home, with my kid, and my dogs, thinking we are their family.

Feb2014 165


Maybe it’s the seesaw of life or whatever that crap is…my last few fosters, Bailey, Piper, and Cleo, all were adopted very quickly. Maybe it’s just time that I have one for awhile…but I hate that Stella is missing out on a family. She should be bonding with her people…so where are they??? Maybe THEY are in Crazy Town, and they can’t get out!

“You bez Crazy, Foster Mom!”


Sweet Stella is a 5-6 month old mixed breed. Possibly Lab (because her sister looks like a yellow Lab), maybe Plott Hound (because that’s what I think she looks like). She is smart, and easy to train. She adores dogs, and loves humans. She is even good with cats! 1962646_545653688876065_1629542236_n

Stella is up to date on vaccines, and micro-chipped. Adoption fee is $125, and transport within Florida can be arranged. I prefer her to go to someone who has another dog, since she loves them so much. However, we’ll consider anyone that has an approved application, and can show us that Stella will have the loving forever home she deserves. Please consider sharing her on social media! You never know who might fall in love!

Nighty night, friends! 


6 thoughts on “Crazy Town.”

  1. Stella is a KNOCK OUT! This puppy is beautiful inside and out. I have her mother (Rosette), who is also looking for a home. Her mother is sweet, smart and beautiful. I have tons of ‘puppy’ photos and video of this darlin…when she finds her FOREVER home, her humans will be VERY lucky! Good luck sweet girl.

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