A Dog’s Age

When I adopted Oscar from the shelter, his paperwork said he was around 11 months old, ย that his growth was stunted due to being severely malnourished, and that he’d always have a puppy-look to him. It’s been a year since that day, and many friends lately have been commenting on how much bigger he’s gotten. A good friend of mine even suggested that perhaps he actually was younger than I thought, and maybe he was more of a puppy when I first got him.

OscarsTricks7 Oscar 004 Oscar 014


Dogs change so much between the ages of 6 months to a year. When Oscar arrived, he was fully house and crate trained. He knew “sit”, and he was great on a leash. Obviously he had been someone’s pet…but he also had a broken leg that was never repaired. He was scrawny, and had a dull flaky coat. He has never shown any fear or aggression towards people, but he definitely eats as if he thinks every meal is his last. So, was he only 7-8 months when I got him? Has he just grown and gotten stronger because he is now well cared for and healthy?

Oscar1 Oscar5


Do you think he’s gotten bigger? Does he look any different from the pictures above, which were in the earlier parts of the year that I’ve had him, versus these ones below which are very recent?

Dec 2013 048 Dec 2013 037 Feb2014 125 Jan2014 031 Dec 2013 082


I never really saw the changes. I mean, I obviously knew he was stronger and healthier. But I never realized the changes in his size and the puppy-ness, until now.

It is different with Lucy, because I adopted her as a 8-10 week old puppy. The whole litter was at the humane society, and so her age was known. With my first dog, Sebastian, I also got him as a young puppy (from a backyard breeder, no less! Gasp!) It’s a weird feeling to not know the true age of one of my “kids”!

When I started wondering about all of this, I googled researched how a dog’s age is guessed. It’s pretty interesting, so I attached the link below if you’d like to check it out for yourself!


Have you wondered about your adopted dog’s age? Do you know what your dog’s past holds? What do you think about Oscar’s growth? Tell me!

11 thoughts on “A Dog’s Age”

  1. I can see a difference in Oscar. His face is not as puppy-like. His posture is more adult. He is still compact and cute as a button.

    My rescue baby is between 3-4 yrs, I was told. She and her littermates were found on the side of the road, in a box, with a bag of food sitting “outside” the box. DUH!! They were starving. They were very young pups. Her growth was stunted as well because of that issue. Which is fine, because I am also adopted and my growth was stunted.

    We were meant to be together ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I think he looks more mature – but it is possible that he was indeed 11 months and just slow to mature. There can be a major chance in a dog between one and two years, and even after that. I know the ages of Jeni and Bauer (Jeni was a rehome from a breeder, Bauer was born in a shelter), but Snoopy is a wild guess. We think he is about nine though based on what the shelter said when we got him.

  3. Definitely has a more mature look to him now.

    I adopted Blueberry 2 years ago when she was guessed to be 5, so that makes her around 7 now yet people are still surprised when I tell them how old she is because I guess she has a very puppyish look to her.

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