Full Hearts

Our friends over at Oh Melvin wrote a fantastic post today, and it inspired me to write one just like it! Check out Melvin & Jake on the blog, as well as their FB pageYou will smile and laugh and cry, and most importantly, you will fall in love with these two dogs!

Today’s Oh Melvin post: http://ohmelvin.com/2014/02/24/the-one/

So, by now, I hope you’ve clicked on that link & read Oh Melvin’s post! And if you did, you know it’s a great one! It is all about the love we have for the many dogs that come into our lives. I loved this so much, and I wanted to give my thoughts on it. What she says is so true….


When you are currently loving a dog, you often think “I love this dog so much.” And when you have to say goodbye, many people say “I could never love another dog like I did him.” I can remember every single thing about the day I said goodbye to Sebastian in December 2009. It has been 4 years, and I still think about him all the time, and miss him so much. He was special to me for many reasons. He was by my side through so much. My love for him, doesn’t waver. It doesn’t affect the love that started on the day I met this girl…


My Princess Lucy. She was a naughty puppy, constantly shredding towels, toys, and blankets. She was quite the little biter, and got Jayden’s family jewels one time with those sharp puppy teeth! Despite these things though, she was also the easiest puppy. She never left my side, and any time I call her, no matter how far she may be, she comes running. She is independent, not a big cuddler, and loves everyone. She is an angel, through and through, and I love her to pieces. I dread the day I will have to make that life decision, but I will love and appreciate her every day for the rest of my life. My unending love for Lucy, does not affect the love I have for this nugget….


This dog. He is sneaky, and naughty, and food obsessed. He is also the most loving, sweetest dog ever. His tail is constantly wagging, and he loves every human he’s ever met. Jayden loves to play “Race to Mommy” with Oscar…basically he lets him out of his kennel, and they both run to me as fast at they can. Oscar has no clue this is a game. It’s just something he does every time, but Jayden gets a kick out of it! I love this dog, more than I can even explain. I often hear “Oh you love Oscar more than Lucy”, but that’s not true. Oscar is needy, and high maintenance. He wants to be next to me all the time, and he follows me around wherever I go. Therefore, I have a lot more pictures of him, and I have a different bond with him. This doesn’t mean I love him more.

basti2 Jan2014 036 Feb2014 125

I love them each differently. Wholeheartedly. Unwavering and unending. I will always love these dogs, just as one day I will love any new dogs that come into our lives. The love we have for our dogs is amazing, and the love they show us in return is just as incredible.

Lucy1 23709_1435729535836_3806376_n (1) halloween1

4 thoughts on “Full Hearts”

  1. Both of these blogs are spot on! I NEVER thought I could love new dogs the way I loved my first two, Cassidy and Querida. But that’s obviously not true, because my pibbles make me goofy with love. GOOFY. Embarrassing. I can’t believe how much I love those grrls. Jeesh.

    My first two were more like beloved roommates. Although they were both fixed, they were like a mated pair, so it was like living with another couple. Cassidy was a teacher and Querida was my bodyguard. We traveled the country together, moved back and forth across the country together. Really, I guess, we grew up together, since I was a pretty young 25 when I adopted Cassidy. Querida came less than a year later.

    I have a totally different relationship with Lola and Yagé. They are my children. They actually chase balls and play like dogs are supposed to! I take them to doggie obedience school. I love them differently, too. Yagé is more sensitive and needy, and has to be shown exactly the same amount of affection as Lola or she will be hurt. So I have make sure she gets that love, and also I have to tell her

  2. she is being silly and that there is more than enough love to go around. With Lola, who came second, and who is the least neediest dog I’ve ever known, I still want to go out of my way to make sure she knows I love her as much as Yagé.

    Maybe dogs are here to show us how much it is possible to love!

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