No Judgement Zone

I read a fantastic story today, and I know many of you will appreciate it too! It basically is about a senior dog that was being dumped at a shelter. The person who ended up adopting her, wrote a letter to the original owner. You might think you know where this is heading, but it’s not what you think. It is actually a love letter. A letter to thank the owner, to tell him that she knows how hard it must have been because she was there when he was surrendering the dog.

I think this was such a wonderful idea, and it really reminds us to not judge. This was a dog that was well loved, well taken care of. She had no fear of her owner, and was sad to see him go. In those instances, absolutely we shouldn’t judge. While I can’t imagine that I would ever get to the point of surrendering my dogs to a shelter, I also know that I have an amazing support group. Between family, friends, and the rescue, I know my dogs would be cared for. I know the proper way to find a new home for a pet, without going to a shelter or to Craigslist. I hope that this story will continue to circulate. I hope it will remind us that there are some times things that are unknown, and though we may not be able to understand, we should try to help instead of judge each other. It saddens me when someone comes to me about wanting to rehome their pet, yet I am honored that they would come to me. So I try to educate about how to find a good, safe new home, and I help in any way I can, because if I didn’t…next time, the dog will end up in the shelter, and he/she may not have a happy ending like Buddy.

Check out the story here: Buddy: A Love Letter

Good night, & sleep tight, friends! 

photo (18)
My beloved shelter dog, Oscar. What ever may have happened in his past, I am thankful that it led him to me.

6 thoughts on “No Judgement Zone”

  1. I just read this and loved it. Especially working at a shelter it can be hard not to get angry sometimes but it helps no one – living without judgement is much better for everybody involved. I am actually good friends with the old owner of one of my dogs and I hold no judgement for her for giving him up, it ended up being the best situation for everyone, as the dog is thriving with us in a way he never would have with them just because of their life situation. Rehoming a dog is not the worst thing in the world, and kudos to this writer for recognizing that and also for adopting a sweet senior.

  2. Whoa. Sometimes we get so caught up in our own self righteousness (guilty as charged) it’s easy to forget we can’t know the heartbreak of the impossible choices others sometimes face. Thank you for sharing, thanks for the reminder.

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