Mother Nature is Bipolar!

No matter where you are in the US, I think you will probably agree that Mother Nature is angry this year! Here in Tallahassee, FL, we have had a very mild winter….sort of. Usually our winter has a few weeks of 20 degree weather, and the rest of it is in the 40’s and 50’s. This year however, has been pretty warm. Until it wasn’t. The flowers started to bloom because they are confused, and think that it’s Springtime. Oh, no wait, now it’s 30 degrees. Then it’s back to 70’s….oh, wait, it’s in the 20’s. A couple of weeks ago, the kids had a SNOW day. A snow day in Florida! I know we are in the very north part of Florida, but still…a snow day?! Most Tallahassee residents got frozen ice, never actually seeing a snowflake. People in Pensacola got snow. Jacksonville had frozen conditions too. And now, it’s back in the upper 60’s! What the hell, Mother Nature?! I hope this is not an indication that the summer is going to be brutal! In the meantime though, we will enjoy days like today, when it is absolutely gorgeous outside. The Tails of a Foster Mom crew had a blast playing outside and I took lots of pictures, so I thought I’d share. Enjoy!

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PS-Don’t forget, the Brindle Babe Stella is still available for adoption! She is a 3-4 month old, Lab mix puppy. As you can see, she is great with dogs & kids, and she likes cats too! Please share her with anyone you know who is looking for a new furry friend, and contact us at to adopt!! 

One thought on “Mother Nature is Bipolar!”

  1. *squees* you mentioned Tallahassee! Sorry I get like that anytime Tallahassee is mentioned. Yes mother nature is bipolar..its 70 one day 40 the next. Holy heck my allergies and sinuses are flared and clogged. I finally got some Sudafed the other day and I tasted cheerios …actually tasted them this morning..and I could smell my chapstick. I was thrilled. But then again it doesn’t take much. 🙂 looks like everyone was having fun.

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