Piper’s Prognosis

Hi Friends!
Dec 2013 103
As you all know, Piper had her ortho appointment today. The doctor did extra x-rays ($cha-ching$), and he determined that Piper’s elbows were in fact broken. How does a dog break her two front legs, with no signs of injury to any other part of her body?? I can only speculate, and assume what is probably true, but that won’t get us anywhere. The good thing is that Piper’s legs are still healing. Though they aren’t exactly in the right place, she has decent range of motion, and shows no sign of pain. She is to have minimal exercise over the next 4 weeks as her bones continue to heal. The doctor believes that as long as the bones are able to continue healing, the only treatment needed will be pain and weight management, as needed. As she continues to grow and age, joint supplements may be needed, as directed by a vet. The great news is that the doctor doesn’t feel that surgery is needed.
Piper is truly a wonderful pup. She is very sweet, loving, and adores everyone she meets (dogs included)! She is a little restless, meaning she goes from toy to toy to toy, checking things out in the house, etc..but I think that is just the puppy in her! If allowed on the couch though, she will cuddle up close to you and go right to sleep. She walks great on a leash, and has mastered “sit.” She is working on potty training…I’d even say she is fully potty trained, but then I might jinx it! She’s gotten really good at whining when she needs to go out, so she definitely understands the concept. She absolutely LOVES humans! She wants me or my son to go outside when she needs to go potty, and wants to be in one of our laps whenever she can! Piper is just really a great pup all around! How someone could hurt her, I just don’t know.
And now for the really, really exciting news!!!!!!!!!! Piper officially has an adoption pending, AND it is a couple that happens to live about four minutes from my parents’ house! They are aware of Piper’s needs, and they are so excited to give her the love and care she obviously did not get elsewhere. So, that’s that!

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