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Do you believe this? That dogs have a way of finding the people that need them? I’m not sure what I believe. I have mentioned before that I don’t exactly believe in the concept of “meant to be”. I do however, definitely believe that they can fill an emptiness in your life, whether it was a void that you knew was there or not. I also believe that they can help you realize things, like what you are passionate about. They can teach you things about life, in ways that no human can.



I would love to hear from my readers, about ways that your dogs (whether it be past, current, or fosters) have helped you feel the love! Please share your stories below in the comments, or on the Tails of a Foster Mom Facebook page.

4 thoughts on “Share with me!”

  1. Boomer was a surprise dog for me and one that I needed but not as much as Dottie. After suffering a miscarriage I felt the need to have a little one to take care of and the next thing I knew I was on our local humane society’s website looking at puppies. When I went to the shelter and looked at them I knew Dottie was meant for me because of the way she curled into my arms. My hubby wasn’t about to tell me no and we brought her home. She helped me heal and we gave her a loving home.

    1. I have a friend that had a similar situation. Thank you for sharing! I am so glad that Dottie brought some peace and healing to you, when you needed it most!

  2. My dog, Bay, saved me when I moved to Orlando. I knew no one and she was my rock. We would play every afternoon and go to the dog park once per week. She cuddled in bed, rode with me while setting up for work, and she was a great listener. She has passed on now but she was my best friend ever!

    1. I know the feeling, Jade! My first dog, Sebastian, filled that same void for me. He ended up going through so much with me, including welcoming my son, Jayden, into the world and being Jayden’s very first best friend. Sebastian passed away about 4-5 years ago now, but I still miss him to this day. Thank you so much for sharing!

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