The Golden Goddess Speaks!

Heeeey ya’llzzzz!! If you follow my foster mama on Facebook, then you probably know me already. But just in case, let me introduce myself. My name is Piper! Or, as my foster mom often calls me, The Golden Goddess. I don’t knowz why she calls me that, but she alwayz says something about all girls wanting to be called a goddess.

Dec 2013 006

So, here’s my story! I was pulled from the Alachua shelter (where my foster brother, Oscar came from). I was listed as a 6 month old Lab/Rottweiler mix, but my momz swearz I don’t have any Rottweiler in me, whatever that meanz anyway.  I was an owner surrender, too. I don’t know what I did wrong for those other peoplez to take me to the shelter, but that’s okay because I love my foster mama already!

Dec 2013 107


I had a spay surgery last Friday, and then I was off to meet my foster mom. I was a little woozy and woobly, so she didn’t see what was wrong at first. After getting me home, and seeing me walk though, my foster mama saw there is somethin’ wrong with my front legs. So she took care of me, and has been lovin on me. Then I went to the doggie dogtor (aka vet) on Wednesday. They had to take these weird picture thingys, and turns out now I have to see a super special ortho surgeon. The dogtors  thinks my elbows might have been broken and not repaired. I don’t knowz about that, but I do know that I LOVE to play with my foster brother and sister!

Dec 2013 060 Dec 2013 065


But now my momz tells me that I can’t play too much with themz! The doggie dogtor said I have to be really careful right now, because of my elbowz but ALSO because of that dang surgery I just had. Something is wrong with the incizzzion, and I am at risk of getting a hernia or sometinz like that. Ugh! I just wantz to play, and run, and stuff guyz! You get what I meanz?!

I thought if I bez really sweet, and put on my saddest puppy dog face, my momz might let me play…

Dec 2013 020

But nooooo! She just keeps telling me that I haz to rest and relax. I say Booo to that! Today she let me play with some doggie puzzles, and we practiced “sit”, and I got tonz of treats, so that was fun at least.


I really, really just love everybodiez, for realz! And my momz keeps telling me that I iz so sweet, and smart, and loving, and specialz, and even though I might rack up a big dogtor bill, she knowz I bez worth it. I AM a Golden Goddess afterall, and Goddesses are never cheap!

So, I see that special dogtor next Monday, and then hopefully I can start the search for my forever home! And I have a secret…but don’t tell anyone….there is already somebody interested in me, and they know about my weird elbowz, and they still thinks I’m pretty! Isn’t that PAWSOME?! Well keep your paws crossed for me, friends!

PS-You know, my foster mom has had a looooot of foster doggies, but none of them have taken over her bloggy thing before! I mean, seriously, aren’t I the BEST Golden Goddess everzzzz! Night night, ya’ll!


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