Bittersweet but Happy Tails!

Well never say never, my friends! The thing that I thought might be impossible has happened…….



Petey has an adoption pending!!!! 

Long story short, there is a lady who is involved in rescue, and knows Last Hope Rescue very well. She came across Petey’s picture, and felt that she can give him just what he needs. I brought Petey to meet her in person, gave her some basics, and then she and her husband were going to talk about it. This actually ended up being perfect timing because I planned to go out of town for a few days, so they could take Petey for a long meet & greet. So, we heard from them, and they were still interested. We scheduled a time for me to bring Petey over, when they would have time to really sit down and hear me out.

The thing is, I love Petey. But, I do not want to adopt him. That was never the plan. I have heard so many people say “Why don’t you just keep him” or “He’s obviously home, you just need to adopt him” or “Jayden loves him so much, you should just keep Petey”. But that defeats the purpose of fostering. While it would be easy to adopt every dog that comes through my doors, especially ones as easy as Petey, the more dogs I have of my own, the less I would be willing to foster. If I lived on acres, and had endless money, that would be different, but….I don’t. And to be honest, I feel like I’d be failing my foster dog AND my child. The plan was always to find Petey his forever home. I know that, and Jayden knows that. Of course, every now & then there is an exception to the rule….but I’ll write more about that later. So, yes, Petey has been adopted and returned, twice. Yes, he was ditched as a younger dog. Yes, he has some issues. But that never made him un-adoptable. And while I was fine with the idea of him being in my home for the rest of his life if the perfect person never came along, it wasn’t ideal. I truly always wanted him to find his forever home. To finally have his happily ever after. To finally belong and be a part of a permanent family. And finally, I think he just may have found HIS family.


As I sat there with them, I gave them ALL of the details. I explained Petey’s history, the issues he’s had, the anxiety he suffers from. I gave them scenarios of when they might have to rearrange their schedule to meet Petey’s needs. With all of this, they still seemed to understand what a gem Petey is. I have been saying all along, Petey is a wonderful, precious dog. He just needs someone that is home a lot, and who is willing to understand his needs. The perfect thing about this family, is that they need Petey just as much as he needs them. They have gone through loss and heartbreak, and Petey might just be able to bring some peace and love into their lives where they need it most. It’s almost as if it is a match made in Heaven.



I’ve heard from them a few times, and all is going really well! Everyone is totally in love and happy as can be! They’ve even had a couple rainy days, and had to leave him alone, and he’s done great! They truly listened to the things I said, understanding that I know Petey and what needs to be done to make this a success. And what makes them truly wonderful, is how sweet they are about my kiddo and his love for Petey. They’ve invited us over to visit Petey, and said we are welcome any time. Though I always try to keep my distance once my fosters are adopted, because I think it’s only right to let people move on with their lives and get settled with their new additions, I appreciate when the adopters allow me to still be in the pup’s life. I will always have a special place in my heart for each and every one of my foster pups!

Petey and his new friend, Grayson
Petey and his new friend, Grayson

So, only time will tell, but I think this one just might be THE one!

And if it doesn’t work out, for whatever reason, Petey will always be welcomed back into my home. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated! 

PS-My little Cleo has an adoption pending also!!

6 thoughts on “Bittersweet but Happy Tails!”

  1. As a fellow foster, I can completely relate to what you said about finding fosters forever homes. My last foster pup was returned twice, too, and the first time the adopter actually had the nerve to drop the little 12-week old puppy at the shelter claiming she was aggressive….it was fortunate she wasn’t euthanized. When we find that perfect match, it makes all the heartache worth it. Congratulations on finding this family. They are dear friends, and I have no doubt that Petey will be loved forever regardless of how imperfect he may be. I’m so happy for all involved!

  2. I’m glad he found a forever home! I also foster and people often give me a hard time about not keeping the animals, but they don’t understand that I’m able to help out multiple animals vs. just one. I’m glad to hear that you go through the same thing, too!

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