Meet Cleo!

Once again, my plans of taking a little break from fostering puppies went awry! As you know, Bailey was adopted a few weeks ago, so I figured I would wait to take in another puppy until I come back from going out of town for several days. But then the co-founder of Last Hope Rescue came across someone who had two young pups. These puppies were living outside, in a small confined area. They stayed outside, no matter the weather, and they only had each other. So I offered to take one of them, and the co-founder was going to take the other.

photo (11)


We were told that they were 6 month old, Cocker Spaniel and possibly Chihuahua mixes. However, the vet said they are 9 months old, and personally, I believe they at least have Dachshund in there somewhere! Now you may be thinking, “Oh my gosh, you split these sisters up, how could you?!” But this was done on purpose, and is best for the pups. Sometimes, when sibling dogs are bonded, and then remain together forever, they don’t know how to live without each other. This can be very hard on them if they ever have to be separated, even if only for a short time. It also can make it hard for them to bond with their humans, and other dogs. Also, especially when they are in a rescue, there is no guarantee that the pups will be adopted together. So, it is for their best interest to split them up, and allow them to learn how to thrive as independent dogs!



Cleo is shy, but warms up quickly to any human that will give her some loving. She and her sister both CRAVE attention from humans. Cleo is a little unsure of my dogs, so I’ve taken introductions VERY slowly. She has met Oscar & Petey face to face, but Lucy is very energetic so I’ve had her keep her distance. Today was the first day Cleo actually played with Oscar, batting him in the face with her tiny paw, rolling around on the floor, tail wagging! It’s pretty amazing to see how much she has opened up in just a few days!



Cleo is adoptable through Last Hope Rescue, available after the 1st of January. Adoption fee is $125. She is up to date on vaccines, and will be spayed prior to adoption. She is crate trained, and working on perfecting potty training. Cleo needs a forever home with someone who will lavish her with the love and attention she craves! Email us at, to adopt!

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