Doggie Heaven

When my Basti (Ba-she) got sick in the last few months of his life, it was the worst, most dreaded feeling. It was determined that he had a brain tumor, which caused him to have seizures. The vet explained that we could monitor and control the seizures for some time with medication, and we’d just have to go from there. He said he didn’t think the tumor was very big though, and I should have at least another year with my boy. But after just a couple of months, the medication wasn’t helping anymore. Basti was having seizures constantly. Sometimes they were small ones, but it’d make him get stuck. One time he went out to the backyard to sniff around and go potty, and it started drizzling…then he got stuck. I had to go out and carry my 60lb pup inside. So, during one my of many conversations with the vet, I told him, “I can’t make this decision. I can not choose when to say goodbye to him, so please help me.” I often asked Basti to tell me when it was time.  I didn’t want him to be in pain, but I also could not imagine saying goodbye. He was my baby. My first dog as an adult. He moved many times with me. He was by my side through pregnancy, and welcomed Jayden into the family. He was our protector, and best friend. The week between Christmas and New Years, in 2009, I said goodbye to Basti. It is absolutely the hardest thing I have ever done.


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Today, one of my dear friends, is saying goodbye to her beloved Bassett, AJ. Sandy & AJ, and myself & Basti, lived together for years. We got AJ & Basti within just about a month or so of each other. They lived several years of their lives together. Really, we all grew up together, and there are memories I will cherish forever. As my friend told me that it was time to let AJ go, I thought about Basti. I told her that Basti will be there at the bridge, to meet AJ, and they will run and play together, free of painful cancer.


It is no secret how much I love and adore my dogs. I literally cannot think about having to say goodbye to them, because I will get teary eyed. I dread one of them passing away, and the other having to be on their own. All of this, makes me often wonder, what is doggie heaven really like? I imagine it to be happy dogs everywhere, jumping on fluffy clouds, tails wagging, tongues hanging out of their smiling mouths. I imagine the dogs that knew each other, like Basti and AJ, are side by side, never to leave each other again. There are no bad dogs. There are no sick dogs. There are no scared dogs. Just happy, healthy, wonderful dogs. I hope this is true. I hope Basti is up there in Heaven, knowing that today he will be reunited with his puppyhood friend. It is the only sense of peace I find in saying goodbye to our beloved boys, that they will be together, pain free, healthy and happy.



Please keep my friend, Sandy, her husband, and their two little girls in your thoughts today.

To AJ, goodbye my friend. Thank you for the memories, and the good times. I know my Basti will be there to meet you today. He will be by your side now, forever more. Rest in Peace, sweet Basset.

10 thoughts on “Doggie Heaven”

  1. My husband and I are still crying over the decision we had to make for our Lab, Reggie, back in July.
    It was one of the hardest things we ever had to do – made so difficult by the fact that our dogs can’t really say, “It’s time for me to go”, in those words… However, if you look into your dog’s eyes,often enough when they are happy and healthy and glad to be alive, you can also see the looks that say, “I’m not feeling well” and ” I really want to be going on a very long journey”. That’s my relationship with each of my 3 dogs, one that comes from the soul to the heart – not hard for anyone if you really listen.

  2. Thank you my sweet friend! We all read this together, including AJ. I believe this too, and find great comfort in knowing that AJ and Basti will be reunited very soon. We are so blessed for the special love and beautiful memories they have brought us through the years. Heaven is getting a very special angel today. ❤

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