A Year in Pictures

It’s almost been a whole year since “Half Pint” officially went from unwanted shelter dog, to my beloved “Oscar”! Just over a year ago, I had a cluster of dogs! Lola was about to go to her new forever home. Petey had been returned to the rescue. And then Sassy was returned to the rescue as well. Since Petey & Sassy had both been in my home, I thought it was only right that I be the one to take them back. Then of course, I also had my one perma-pup, Lucy. It was my first experience of having FOUR dogs, but I must say, it was actually pretty easy! The three girls got along perfectly, and Petey was just happy to be back by Jayden’s side! After several days, I officially said goodbye to Lola, then a few weeks later, Sassy’s forever mom began the process of adopting her. And that was going to leave just Petey and Lucy. But then, came this guy…


I can’t explain just how much I love this dog, or how proud I am of him for how far he has come. More on that soon though! For now, I hope you enjoy the pictures of his first year in his forever home!

  Sassy & OscarOscarsTricks7Oscar1 1 82 4 5 697

  0172 photo 3 (1)photo 420131106-200823.jpgDogs6



5 thoughts on “A Year in Pictures”

    1. He misses him, I am sure. He was good with Bailey, but he definitely never played or cuddled with her like he did with Apollo. It’s funny how they each have their one foster that they get attached to. For Lucy, it was Petey. For Oscar, it was Apollo.

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